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LED Screen Tunnel

LED screen tunnel by Doitvision is a cutting-edge visual display solution.It is perfect for creating unforgettable experiences.
LED screen tunnel

LED Screen Tunnel

Indoor Fixed LED display

The tunnel LED display screen is shaped like the tunnel itself. The ground and front of the tunnel are covered with LED display screens. When lit, it gives people an immersive, dreamlike experience.

  • The tunnel LED display screen is made up of three round LED display screens that fit together seamlessly.
  • The wall is made up of high-definition series of small-spaced LED display screens.
  • The ground is equipped with interactive equipment LED floor screens.
  • The tunnel LED display screen can be used to create any kind of scene you can imagine, from the underwater world to the night sky, the universe, the forest, or even a game. When people stand in the center of the tunnel LED display screen, they can experience the illusion of being there.

    Customized Tunnel LED Screen

    To customize a tunnel LED display to meet your specific requirements, We usually use flexible LED display modules to achieve this.
    Flexible led screen

    Design and Structural Features

    Unlike flat panels, these displays require a flexible substrate and LEDs that can bend without compromising performance. Our flexible LED module is achieved through advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, allowing the displays to be shaped into gentle curves or complete circles. Therefore ,it can seamlessly integrate with its surroundings, adding a dimension of depth and engagemen.

    You can customized the basic structure of a tunnel LED screen such as, installation methods, pixel pitch, brightness, contrast ratio, and selection criteria for different application scenarios.

    HD LED Panel

    Doitvision Tunnel LED screens have high-resolution displays from P1.5 to P4, which will deliver stunning visual clarity. Our cutting-edge LED technology ensures vibrant colors and deep blacks, creating highly detailed and engaging visuals.

    Plus, the floor screens are now more interactive, so they respond to viewer movements and actions. The sensors and software that we’ve integrated into the system can trigger content changes, which creates a dynamic and engaging user experience that encourages viewers to stay engaged and interact with the content for longer.

    LED Screen Tunnel – Specification

    Pixel PitchModule Size (mm)Brightness (nits)

    Our LED Screen Tunnel Project

    Doitvision’s Tunnel LED screens are perfect for immersive advertising and visual displays in both commercial and artistic venues,such as:malls, exhibitions, and interactive art installations.

    LED screen tunnel
    LED screen tunnel
    LED screen tunnel

    How Much Does LED Screen Tunnel Cost

    The price of a tunnel LED screen can vary a lot depending on a few different things, like the size, resolution, brightness, durability specs, installation complexity, and the manufacturer. Here are a few general cost things to think about:

    Size and resolution: These are two key factors that affect the cost of a tunnel LED screen. Larger screens with higher resolutions such as:1.5mm, usually cost more because of the extra materials and manufacturing costs.

    Brightness and technical specs: Outdoor LED screens with 4500 nits or tunnel environments usually need to be brighter, so they cost more than indoor screens.

    Durability and weather resistance: Higher ratings LED srenn (IP65 or above for dust and water resistance) usually cost more because they’re built with more specialized materials and construction.

    Installation and Maintenance: Installation costs can vary depending on things like accessibility, mounting requirements, and labor costs. The maintenance requirements can also affect the total cost of ownership over the screen’s lifespan.

    Supplier and Brand: Different suppliers and brands charge different prices for their screens, depending on their reputation, quality, and support services.

    Just to give you a rough idea, basic tunnel LED screens can start from a few thousand dollars for smaller sizes with lower resolutions and brightness levels. If you’re looking for a larger, high-resolution screen that’s suitable for tunnels, you can expect to pay anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, depending on what you need and how much customization you want.

    DOIT VISION Tunnel LED screen solutions typically involve specialized products designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of tunnel environments. Here are some reference Tunnel LED screen moudle price:

    Pixel PitchModule Size (mm)Brightness (nits)Estimated Price /pcs

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    LED Screen Tunnel FAQs

    What is a tunnel LED screen?
    A tunnel LED screen is a special type of display system designed for installation inside tunnels. These screens use LED (light-emitting diode) technology to show drivers and pedestrians in the tunnel what’s going on. They can also send out safety messages and updates in real time.
    What are the components of the Tunnel LED screen system?
    LED modules (containing LEDs, driver ICs, and power supply)
    Control system (processing and sending signals)
    Cabinet (housing modules and providing structural support)
    Frame (supporting and mounting the screen)
    Common Installation Methods:
    Embedded or recessed
    Is technical support available for the Tunnel LED Display Screen?

    Yes,We offer technical support and customer service for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

    How do I purchase a tunnel LED Display Screen?
    Please let us know about what you need and we can give you a detailed quote before you buy. If you have any other questions or concerns about the tunnel LED Display Screen, just let us know!
    What technical parameters do I need to pay attention to when buying tunnel LED screens?
    The main technical parameters you need to consider are:
    Pixel pitch: Determines resolution and viewing distance.
    Brightness: Measured in nits, this affects visibility in various lighting conditions.
    Contrast: Defines the difference between the brightest and darkest colors.
    Refresh rate: Affects the smoothness of motion.
    How can the lifespan of tunnel LED screens be maximized?
    To get the most out of your tunnel LED screens and keep them running smoothly for longer, there are a few things you can do.

    Choose high-quality components.

    Go for LED screens from a reputable manufacturer. They’ll use quality materials and components. High-quality LEDs and electronics are more durable and less likely to fail early.
    Make sure you get the installation right.

    Make sure the screens are installed by someone who knows what they’re doing, and who follows the manufacturer’s instructions and best practices. Proper installation helps to reduce the risk of damage and ensures optimal performance from the start.
    Make sure you have robust environmental protection in place.

    Use screens with high IP ratings (IP65 or higher) to protect against dust, moisture, and other environmental factors commonly found in tunnel environments. This helps to keep the screen in good shape and makes it last longer.
    It’s also important to do regular maintenance and cleaning.

    Set up a routine maintenance schedule to check, clean, and take care of the screens. It’s important to clean the screen regularly to remove dust, dirt, and debris that can build up on the surface and in vents or cooling systems.

    Just a heads-up: avoid overdriving LEDs.

    Keep the brightness and power ratings on the LED screens at the levels recommended by the manufacturer. It’s best to avoid overdriving LEDs, as this can reduce their lifespan and lead to premature failure.

    Make sure there’s enough ventilation and cooling.

    It’s important to make sure the screens have enough ventilation and cooling to prevent overheating, especially in tunnels where the temperature can change a lot.