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How Much Does a 3D LED Billboard Cost?

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In the constantly changing world of advertising, 3D billboards have become a visually arresting and attention-grabbing form of advertising. These billboards are intended to create an eye-catching three-dimensional effect that draws in onlookers. They frequently have bright LED displays. But the attraction of this dynamic advertising begs an important question: How much does a 3D billboard cost? This post will go into the details of 3D LED billboard price, looking at what drives costs as well as the parts that make up an 3D led billboard system.

How Real 3D Effect is Achieved?

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Actual 3D billboards create an enthralling optical illusion that defies the limitations of conventional two-dimensional displays thanks to advanced technological techniques. Stereoscopic and autostereoscopic photography are the two main techniques that help to create this immersive experience for the audience.

The basic idea behind stereoscopic 3D is to give each eye a slightly different image. This is similar to how vision naturally occurs in humans, wherein each eye sees a scene from a somewhat different angle, allowing the brain to decipher depth and perspective. When applied to 3D billboards, this method shows additional images to the left and right eyes to give the impression of depth and make objects appear to protrude beyond the billboard’s flat surface.

On the other hand, autostereoscopic displays enhance the experience by doing away with the requirement for special glasses. Lenticular lenses or parallax barriers built into the show are used to accomplish this. While parallax barriers use a series of precisely placed slits to ensure each eye receives a unique view, lenticular lenses create a barrier that directs specific images to each eye. Autostereoscopic displays improve the accessibility and appeal of 3D billboards by enabling viewers to perceive the 3D effect naturally, all without the hassle of donning additional eyewear. The secret to the actual 3D product in 3D billboards is these creative techniques that go beyond the confines of conventional advertising media by utilizing the laws of human vision.

What Are Factors Related to 3D LED Billboard Price?

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The price of a 3D billboard is a complex issue that depends on several variables, each essential in determining the final investment. Businesses and advertisers must comprehend these components to navigate the world of 3D outdoor advertising effectively.

  • Materials and Technology

The technology that makes a 3D billboard come to life lies at its core. The kind and caliber of technology significantly used influence the total cost. Although they cost more, high-resolution LED displays with cutting-edge features like dynamic capabilities and better color reproduction add to the immersive visual experience. The quality of the LED panels, the structural framework, and the protective coatings used in the construction of the billboard are all crucial components. Premium and long-lasting materials guarantee longevity and improve aesthetic appeal, which benefits the promoted brand.

  • Size and Location

Two important factors that affect a 3D billboard cost are its sheer size and location. More materials are naturally needed for more enormous billboards, whether for the LED displays, the structural elements, or the general construction. The project’s complexity directly correlates with the installation’s size, impacting labor and material costs. Furthermore, the billboard’s geographical location is crucial. The higher leasing or permit costs increase the total investment that prime locations in high-traffic or densely populated areas frequently command.

  • Complexity of Design

One creative factor that directly impacts cost is the intricate 3D design and animation. Extensive and complex structures necessitate more creative input and comprehensive programming, which drives up costs. Marketers who want to create a distinctive and unforgettable 3D experience should be aware of the intricacy of the design’s possible financial consequences. This element highlights the point at which financial constraints and creative vision collide in the context of 3D billboard advertising.

  • Maintenance and Support

The costs do not stop with the initial installation but include continuing care and technical assistance. Regular maintenance is essential to guarantee the billboard’s longevity and best performance. Advertisers should account for maintenance costs when planning a budget for a 3D LED display solution. It’s also a good idea to ask the manufacturers or technology providers about their available support packages. A thorough support system guarantees that technical problems are resolved quickly, reducing downtime and optimizing return on investment.

The dynamic interaction of technology, size, location, design complexity, and continuing maintenance determines a 3D LED billboard price. In order to effectively manage the associated financial investment and create a visually impactful campaign, advertisers need to carefully navigate these factors. A deep comprehension of these financial aspects is essential for anyone hoping to strategically and significantly enter the field of 3D billboards, which are rapidly changing the outdoor advertising landscape.

What Parts in 3D LED Display Solution You May Need to Pay for?

Advertisers looking to understand the costs involved in implementing 3D billboards must understand the components of a 3D LED display solution. Dissecting these parts reveals the small details that add to the total cost.

  • LED Panels

The central component of any 3D LED display is the LED panels, which serve as the backdrop for the visual extravaganza. Both the billboard’s aesthetic appeal and price are significantly influenced by these panels’ size, resolution, and quality. Because high-resolution panels use better materials and more sophisticated technology, they can produce clear and vibrant images but also come as expensive. The selection of LED panels is crucial in the cost structure since it directly affects the 3D display’s overall impact.

How Much Does a 3D LED Billboard Cost? 1

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Outdoor 3D LED billboard

  • Structural Framework

Acting as the display’s skeleton, the structural framework gives the LED panels the vital support they need to remain stable. The billboard’s size and design determine the materials used as well as the intricacy of the framework. More giant billboards require more muscular structures to withstand various weather and environmental elements, which raises the total cost. The structural framework is functional and plays a critical role in determining how long the display will last and how resilient it will be under various circumstances.

  • Power Supply and Control Systems

A 3D LED display cannot function properly without an efficient power supply and control system. Although they may be more expensive, superior control systems and cutting-edge power supply options are essential to guarantee the billboard’s dependability and durability. Purchasing robust control systems helps ensure that the 3D effects are executed precisely, improving the viewing experience and making the related costs more reasonable.

  • Installation and Labour

To realize the vision, the installation process is a labor-intensive step that calls for qualified specialists. Assembling the structural elements, mounting the LED panels, and connecting the control systems require skilled labor. The intricacy of the installation and the billboard’s location can affect labor costs. More enormous billboards or those placed under challenging areas could need more involved installation procedures, raising labor costs. Not only is proper installation essential to the billboard’s immediate operation, but it also affects its durability and long-term performance.

  • Content Creation and Programming

Creative skill is required to create engrossing 3D content and program the display for maximum visual impact. Advertisers might need to set aside funds for expert content production and programming services to guarantee the success of their 3D billboard campaign. Content creation and programming play a significant role in the overall cost structure due to the complexity of 3D design and animation and the requirement for memorable and captivating content. By hiring qualified experts for this task, you can ensure that the 3D billboard has the desired effect and maximizes the return on investment for the sponsors.

How much does it cost to rent a 3D LED screen?

Renting a 3D LED screen for advertising is a great way to make a big impact without the high upfront costs of purchasing one. If you don’t plan to build a 3D LED screen yourself but just want to rent one for advertising, here are the prices you should know:

Size CategoryApproximate DimensionsEstimated Monthly Cost (USD)Additional Considerations
Small4×4 feet$2,000 – $4,000Ideal for targeted campaigns in small or niche areas.
Medium10×20 feet$10,000 – $30,000Suitable for local businesses in city locations or on highways.
Large20×60 feet$50,000 – $80,000Perfect for high-impact advertising in major urban centers or busy highways.
Extra LargeCustom sizes$100,000+Customized solutions for landmark advertising or unique promotional events.
Standard 16 feet x 12 feetVariesCommon size for smaller, local advertising.
Standard 214 feet x 48 feetVariesWidely used for major roadways and urban areas.
Standard 310 feet x 40 feetVariesFrequent choice for impactful roadside ads.
Standard 412 feet, 3 inches x 24 feet, 6 inchesVariesA versatile size for various locations.
Standard 510 feet, 5 inches x 22 feet, 8 inchesVariesLess common, but effective for specific placements.
Standard 610½ feet x 36 feetVariesOften seen in busy urban or suburban areas.
Standard 716 feet x 60 feetVariesLarge format for maximum visibility in high-traffic locations.

How Much Does A 3D Billboard Cost?

There is a broad range in the 3D LED Billboard price due to the complexity and influence of multiple factors. The estimated cost ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 for simpler, smaller installations, like a ten by 20-foot billboard with standard definition resolution. The price rises to an estimated range of $50,000 to $200,000 as the size and complexity increase, with giant billboards measuring 20 feet by 40 feet or larger and featuring high-definition resolution. Aiming for prime locations in big cities with highly detailed 3D designs, the investment can reach $200,000 and higher.

These cost breakdowns are approximations that offer advertisers and businesses a broad sense of direction. However, the actual costs may differ depending on project-specific requirements, the technological complexities involved, and regional factors that can affect pricing dynamics. In order to ensure a successful 3D billboard campaign, advertisers must balance the necessary financial investment with the intended impact, and they should approach the budgeting process with a clear understanding of their particular project needs.

3D LED display Panel Price

As we have mentioned above, the total cost of a 3D LED display system is composed of 3D LED panels, control systems and 3D animations. The following is the reference price of 3D LED panels:

Pixel Pitch (mm)Pixel ConfigurationBrightness (nits)Cabinet Dimension (mm)Price
P3.9mm 3D LED PanelSMD19215000 / 60001000 x 1000$1,200 – $1,500
4.8mm 3D LED PanelSMD19215000 / 60001000 x 1000$1,100 – $1,400
6.25mm 3D LED PanelSMD27276500 / 90001000 x 1000$1,000 – $1,300
7.8mm 3D LED PanelSMD27276500 / 95001000 x 1000$900 – $1,200
10.4mm 3D LED PanelSMD27276500 / 100001000 x 1000$800 – $1,100


To sum up, companies looking to improve their advertising efforts and leave a long lasting impression on their target audience should consider investing in a 3D billboard as a strategic move. Because 3D billboard cost is complex, it is essential to consider various factors, including technology, materials, size, location, design complexity, and ongoing maintenance.

With the advancement of technology and the growing need for innovative advertising solutions, 3D billboards are expected to become more widely available and readily customized. When experimenting with 3D billboard advertising, advertisers should carefully consider their advertising goals, budgetary restrictions, and target market demographics.

Despite the apparent upfront costs, 3D billboards are a valuable and effective marketing tactic because of the potential return on investment, which can be seen as enhanced brand visibility and increased engagement. 3D billboards are a dynamic and eye-catching medium poised to revolutionize how businesses connect with their audiences in the real world as the advertising landscape changes. The deliberate inclusion of 3D billboards in an advertising campaign is a sign of a forward-thinking strategy that corresponds with the changing demands of a visually focused and tech-savvy consumer base.

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