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Hexagon LED screen

Doitvision is a professional hexagon LED screen manufacturer in China. Hexagon LED screens are part of our customized LED solutions, which can be tailored to meet specific requirements for events, retail displays, and more.
Hexagon LED screen

Hexagon LED Screen

Creative LED Screen

Traditional LED screens are usually rectangular, which is great for versatility but not so great for visual impact. Hexagon LED screens are a different story. They’re eye-catching and can create intricate designs that are perfect for creative installations and dynamic displays.

The LED hexagonal screen can be used in a coffee shop, multi-functional exhibition hall, stage performances, commercial buildings, and large open-air places. Due to its flexiblity, it will help it to fit in with different settings.

Our Hexagon LED Screen Product

Hexagon LED screen

Sky curtain Hexagon LED screen

The Hexagon LED screen is a unique and stylish addition to any ceiling, adding an artistic touch. Enjoy great visibility from all angles with horizontal viewing angles of 160° and vertical angles of 140°, so you’ll have a consistent visual experience throughout the venue.
Hexagon LED screen

Hexagon LED screen For Public Spaces

Our Hexagon LED screens are perfect for public spaces and exhibitions, informative and eye-catching displays. Use them in museums, galleries, airports, and other public venues to deliver content that will really grab the audience’s attention.
Hexagon LED screen

Hexagon LED screen For DJ

With a pixel pitch of 2.5mm and a pixel density of 160,000 dots/㎡, the screens deliver sharp, clear, and vibrant visuals that sync perfectly with your music. It provides a dynamic backdrop that works well with the music and makes the whole experience better.
Hexagon LED screen

Hexagon LED screen For Stage

Transform your event or stage setup with our dynamic Hexagon LED screens. Their unique shape and HD display will make every performance look amazing, whether it’s a concert, a theatrical production, or a corporate presentation.
Hexagon LED screen

Retail and Advertising Hexagon LED screen

Give your retail space or advertising campaign with vibrant Hexagon LED screens. Our Hexagon LED displays really grab people’s attention and get them engaged with their sharp images and rich colors.
Hexagon LED screen

Sphere Hexagon LED screen

The hexagonal LED panels fit together like a puzzle to form a spherical shape. It’ll offer a pretty cool 360-degree viewing experience. They often used in high-profile events, exhibitions, and architectural installations.

Hexagon LED Screen Structure Size

Hexagon LED screen size
Hexagon LED screen size
Hexagon LED screen size
Hexagon LED screen size
Hexagon LED screen size
Hexagon LED screen size

Customized Hexagon LED Screen

To customize a Hexagon LED Screen to meet your specific requirements, We usually use indoor fixed/flexible LED modules to achieve this.
Hexagon LED screen
Hexagon LED screen can show different content on each surface, which makes it more efficient at sharing information and attracting people.
Doitvision makes hexagonal LED screens with some pretty cool patterns. You can use them to show ads, display images, or just show info. We’ve got different solutions for fixed, mobile, or hanging installations.
All our hexagonal LED screens are guaranteed to be certified by international standards, including CE, UL, EMC, FC, RoHS, and more. We also offer custom LED screens with a hexagonal shape that we’ll make to your specs.


It can get people more involved because it can show different content and effects depending on where and how the audience is positioned.
It uses high-definition, high-brightness, and high-contrast LED light beads, which are super visible under any lighting conditions.
It’s also easy to install and maintain because it uses a modular design for quick splicing and replacement.

Hexagon LED screen- Specification

Pixel Pitch2.5 mm3 mm4 mm
LED TypeSMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
Pixel Density160,000 Pixels/㎡111,111 Pixels/㎡62,500 Pixels/㎡
Cabinet Size320×320×58mm576×576×58mm300×300×58mm
Cabinet MaterialIronIronIron
Cabinet Weight8kg12kg4.5kg
Brightness800 nits1000 nits1000 nits
Viewing AngleH: 160°; V: 160°H: 160°; V: 160°H: 160°; V: 160°
Input VoltageAC100-240VAC100-240VAC100-240V
Max. Power550W/㎡550W/㎡550W/㎡
Ave. Power200W/㎡200W/㎡200W/㎡
Working Temperature-20℃~+50℃-20℃~+50℃-20℃~+50℃
Working Humidity10%—90%RH10%—90%RH10%—90%RH

Note: We support more pixel pitches if needed

Our Hexagon LED Screen Project

Get a taste of the future of visual display technology with our Hexagon LED screens. They’re built to meet the demands of creative application with excellence and precision.

Hexagon LED screen
Hexagon LED screen
Hexagon LED screen

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Hexagon LEDisplay Screen FAQs

What is a Hexagon LED Display?

A Hexagon LED Display is a modular lighting display system made up of individual hexagonal-shaped LED panels or tiles. You can connect these panels to make larger, customizable arrays that can display a wide range of colors and patterns. The hexagonal shape makes it easier to arrange the panels in different ways than traditional square or rectangular LED panels.

What are the differences between hexagon LED screens and conventional LED displays?

Apart from the shape, hexagon LED displays are different from conventional LED displays in the following ways:

360° Display: Hexagon LED displays can be put together to make a spherical shape, which lets them show images in 360°. You can create unique and immersive visual experiences that you can’t get with conventional flat LED displays.

One downside is that they don’t support seamless splicing. Hexagon LED displays don’t support seamless splicing like conventional LED displays. When you put together multiple hexagon modules, you might see some gaps or seams between them.

What is the difference between a watermelon skin LED sphere screen and Sphere Hexagon LED screen?

The main difference between the watermelon LED sphere screen and the Sphere Hexagon LED screen is as follow:
How they’re made: The watermelon LED sphere screen is made up of N pieces that are the exact same shape and size as the watermelon rind of the sphere. Since there are N pieces of the same spherical shape and size, it’s only necessary to study one of them. This means we can design the right size for the quadrilateral and triangle PCB splicing.
The Sphere Hexagon LED screen is a whole circle split into six pieces that are all the same shape and size as the quadrilateral-shaped sphere. Since all six spherical pieces are the same, you only need to study the design of one of them to figure out the right size for the quadrilateral PCB splicing on the line.
Video source: The watermelon rind spherical screen uses a video source for the image, which is essentially flat but plays in a three-dimensional spherical way.
Playback effect: The watermelon rind spherical screen has a different playback effect. Its north and south poles can’t normally play the image, which limits how much can be developed in terms of playback. The Sphere Hexagon LED screen can support one to six video sources to play, which gives it more room for development.

Do hexagon LED screens support 3840HZ high refresh rates?

Yes, hexagon LED screens can handle a 3840Hz high refresh rate. The refresh rate of an LED screen, including hexagon-shaped ones, is determined by the control system, driver ICs, and the quality of the components used in the display, not the shape of the LED modules themselves.

Do hexagon LED screens support dual-sided display?

Hexagon LED screens are usually designed as single-sided displays. It’s technically possible to create dual-sided displays with hexagon-shaped modules, but it’s not common because it’s complex and expensive to design and manufacture such screens. You’re more likely to see dual-sided displays in rectangular or square formats, where the structural and electronic design is easier to work with. If you really need a dual-sided display, it might be worth considering other shapes or custom solutions.

Is it easy to disassemble hexagon LED screens?

If you need to take apart a hexagon LED screen that’s been in use, don’t worry. The cabinets of hexagon LED displays are lightweight, so the disassembly process is pretty simple. If your application is pretty straightforward, you can also use them without fixing them.

Can hexagon LED screens be mixed and matched with conventional LED displays?

Sorry, but that’s not possible. Each batch of LED modules is made to the specs. The hexagonal LED modules are different sizes and shapes from the conventional ones, so they can’t be produced at the same time. That means they can’t be spliced together. If you try to splice them into an LED display, you might end up with an incomplete or malfunctioning display.