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Hemispheres LED screen

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LED Sphere Display

Hemisphere LED Screen

Creative LED Screen

A hemisphere LED screen is shaped like a half-sphere, which provides a curved display surface. It usually uses flexible LED panels that can be shaped to fit the curved surface. With a 180-degree view, it’s perfect for application like planetariums and themed exhibits.

  • Pitch 3mm/2.5mm
  • Creative Design Hemisphere shape
  • Front service
  • Indoor Shopping mall, Bar, Club or Stage Use

Our Hemisphere LED Screen Product

Hemispheres LED screen

Hemisphere LED screen for Shopping Mall

By our hemisphere LED screen,you can capture shoppers’ attention with dynamic and engaging advertisements. it can also Provide visitors with important information, such as store directories, promotional events, or interactive maps.

Hemispheres LED screen

Hemisphere LED screen for DJ

You could use the Hemisphere screen for live sports events, music videos, or interactive content to entertain your patrons. You could also display promotions, upcoming events, and special offers to engage customers and encourage repeat visits.



Hemispheres LED screen

Hemisphere LED screen For education

Bringing hemisphere LED screens into educational settings could be a real game-changer for how students learn and engage with content. These screens can really help students grasp concepts better, spark their interest in what they’re learning, and make the whole learning environment more dynamic and effective.

Customized Hemisphere LED Display

To customize a Hemisphere LED Screen to meet your specific requirements, We usually use indoor flexible LED modules to achieve this.

doit flexible LED display

Unmatched Flexibility

Our flexible LED module can bend and conform to various shapes and surfaces, so, you can do creative installations that go beyond traditional flat screens. You can wrap it around columns, curve it along walls, or create unique 3D displays—the possibilities are endless.

Flexible led screen

Easy Installation and Maintenance

With the strong magnets, you can easily put together different creative shapes of LED display using flexible LED display modules. These include LED columns, curve LED displays, concave and convex displays. You can install and maintain it from the front.

Hemispheres LED screen

Versatile Applications

Our Hemisphere LED screens are a great, versatile tool for education, whether you’re in a classroom, museum, or planetarium.

Hemisphere LED screen- Specification

ModelDiameter=5meter (Option 1m/2m/3m/4m/5m/6m+)
Pixel Density1,111,111 pixels/sq.m
Brightness1000 nit
Color Temperature6500 K
Viewing Angle140(-70 ~ +70) degrees
LED Ball Diameter5m
LED Ball Area39.27 sq.m
LED Ball Resolution2560*2560 pixels
LED Ball Structure MaterialSteel + Aluminum
LED Ball Weight1374 kg/sq.m
Install ModeIndoor fixed installation
Service AccessMagnet module front service
Ingress Protection (Front/Rear)IP23
Operating Temperature Range-30 to +60 °C
Humidity Operating10% ~ 90% RH
Pixel Type and Configuration3in1 SMD
Recommended Minimum Viewing Distance2.3m
Recommended Best Viewing Distance1.5 ~ 200m
Colors281 Trillion
Grey Scale (Linear)65,536 levels per color
Brightness Control100 Levels
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Processing Depth16-bit
Video Frame Rate60 Hertz
Display Refresh Rate3840 Hertz
Input Voltage (Nominal)110 or 220 VAC
Input Power Frequency50 to 60 Hertz
Input Power (Max)600 Watts/sq.m
Input Power (Typical)240 Watts/sq.m
Lifetime (50% Brightness)≥100,000 hours
Red Wavelength (Dominant)620 ~ 625 nm
Green Wavelength (Dominant)525 ~ 530 nm
Blue Wavelength (Dominant)470 ~ 475 nm
Multimedia Data FormatDVI, MPG, AVI, WMV, RM etc.
Data InterconnectionUTP Cat 5/Optical Fiber
ControllerBall Control System
Mounting SystemStand on ground / Hanging
PackageFumigation free wooden case

Note: We support more pixel pitches if needed

Our LED bowl display Project

Our LED bowl display is going to be a real showstopper, making your event or installation pop and getting the results you want.

Hemispheres LED screen
Hexagon LED screen
LED dome display

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Hemisphere LE Display Screen FAQs

Are Hemisphere LED Displays interactive?

Our Hemisphere LED displays can be kitted out with interactive features like touch sensitivity or integration with motion sensors, which makes them perfect for creating engaging and interactive experiences.

How is the image quality on a Hemisphere LED Display?

Normally, we use P2.5 or P3. The image quality is pretty good, with vibrant colors and sharp details. You can also customize the display’s resolution based on what you need for the project.