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Why You Need Flexible LED Curtain Screen?

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Are you planning to install an attractive LED screen that can look unique than the typical display screens? If so, you must have surely gone through the idea of investing in a LED curtain screen, right? Now even though these transparent LED screens serve as a highly reliable ad far better option than the common LED displays, but not many are aware of how these are better than the basic LED displays. Most people often consider the unique outlook and design of these screens to be enough to rely on them for their business’s commercial promotion. However, there’s a lot more to the benefits that make these screens stand out in terms of performance and stability while giving an attractive commercial look.

Why You Need Flexible LED Curtain Screen? 1

Now if you’re someone who is also wondering why you need a LED curtain screen, then let’s go ahead and discuss some of its benefits below in detail.

4 Main Benefits

  • Lightweight and Quick Installation

Now the dimensions of an outdoor curtain display and its unit box are extremely light, especially in comparison to the common LED display screens. This makes it a lot easier to install these screens on any outdoor platform, without facing too many difficulties.

Additionally, we all know how lightweight comes with another pro of suitable maintenance, right? Besides, the lighter the machine the easier it is to remove it and maintain it every time. Hence, fixing to setting and getting its maintenance done every once in a while; a curtain screen doesn’t give you a hard time in any of these processes.

  • Perfect Lighting

Normally, a typical LED display is fitted in front of a building or board. This background addition or a solid source can decrease the chances of the typical LED displays to portray day and night properly on the display screen. This often results in a lack of natural and bright lighting on the screen, making the screen look give un-natural lighting.

Considering this, an LED curtain screen is fitted without any background supporting surface. This means that it is transparent from both sides, allowing natural day and night light effects to appear and be visible on the screen naturally. This gives a lot more efficiency and natural quality of display to the screen in comparison to the typical displays.

  • Energy-Saving and Cost Efficient

Since a curtain flexible LED screen (more information on flexible led screen,click here)has a great heat dissipation technology and it doesn’t even require additional air conditioning installation for the screen to perform efficiently, these screens take less power. But other than these facts, the main power consumption of a curtain LED screen is also a lot lesser than an average LED display screen. This cuts off a lot on the power consumption of the screen; making you save energy as well as a lot from the yearly bill that you pay for an average display screen.

Additionally, with a low power consumption property of a curtain display screen, it is more obvious that the screen can be easily protected from all sorts of surroundings too. Thus, no matter where you install it, these low energy consuming screens would stay cool and protected – at all times.  

  • Lack of Weather Influence

Since a LED curtain screen consists of aluminum alloy in its box, the heat dissipation of these screens is highly reliable. In comparison to a basic LED display screen, these screens have an 80% improved heat dissipation making them stay cool and avoid heating – even after the constant working of the screen.

Additionally, the military-grade IP65 protection of these screens working with a rubberized design that completely covers it from all sides; these screens work as a waterproof display screen too. As a result, no matter where you install them, the influence of weather would be extremely low on them – causing the LED curtain screens the least of damage.


These are surely not all the benefits that a LED curtain screen offers us with. However, since these benefits offered by these screens are the most significant ones, so you can easily make a better decision for your business’s commercial promotion. So what’s the wait for? Go ahead and get a LED curtain screen to uniquely and efficiently promote your business in the commercial areas.

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