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LED displays are constantly evolving. There are many different displays in the market these days with different specifications. One such LED display is the P10 LED display. If you are new to the world of LED displays then you may be confused by words like pixel pitch. However, pixel pitches are actually one of the most important things to consider when you are investing in an LED display.


Pixel pitches represent the pixel density of the display. How your image is going to appear from a big or small distance depends on the pixel pitch of your display. In this article, we will be discussing LED displays with the pixel pitch of 10mm.


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What is P10 LED Display?

P10 LED displays are LED displays with a pixel pitch of 10mm. These LEDs are arranged on a plastic backing, in a rectangular pattern as an array of 512 LEDs of high intensity. They’re highly popular as outdoor leds since they can be viewed from high angles. P10 LEDs can produce high brightness due to power load of 20-watt and current input of 5 volt.


By base colors, the advanced P10 LEDs can achieve a great range of colors. The standard ones however, can only generate colors through red, blue and green. Each led of different color light can produce a dramatic effect. P10 LEDs have screens with a matrix of 32 leds in each row and 16 leds in column. These different LEDs produce beautiful colors and patterns on the display


As compared to P6 LEDs, the P10 ones can allow a larger viewing distance. Due to this, they’re optimal for digital billboards, and advertising video walls. Some of the common specifications of P10 LED display are,


  • They have a 10,000-pixel matrix per square meter
  • The refresh rate of p10 leds is usually ≥1920HZ
  • The pixel configurations of these leds is :SMD3535/DIP346


With p10 LEDs, even the ones viewing from a far distance can enjoy the experience of a high quality and crisp image. Due to the versatility of these displays, they’re highly popular amongst different industries and work exceptionally well in festivals and big gatherings. For this reason, it works well in outdoor areas.


Features of P10 LED display:

P10 LEDs have versatile features. Some of its features are,


  • High brightness

Brightness of the P10 LED display is exceptional. These LEDs have a power load of 20 watt and current input of 5 volt. Due to this, the brightness produced by these  LEDs is excellent. The brightness of p10 displays can display the image in even outdoor areas with sunlight.

  • Distance viewing

Pixel pitches play a huge role in the resolution of images. The bigger the pixel pitch, the more it’s suitable for distance viewing. For this reason, p10 leds with their pixel pitch of 10mm are excellent for distance viewing. Even if you are viewing the display from a far, or from a high angle, the picture quality will be crystal clear.

  • Heat dissipation

P10 LED Display models have an excellent system for heat dissipation. Due to this, the heat does not stay stuck which prevents the display from heating up. Heat can reduce the lifespan of devices. The cooling system of these LEDs gives them a longer lifespan as compared to models that heat up quickly.

  • High contrast

P10 LED Display offers a high contrast. The image produced by these LEDs is of higher and crisp quality. The contrast between different colors in LED gives you a high definition visual experience. With high contrast, you can easily recognize the details in the image without straining your eyes.

  • Modular

The modular p10 displays have individual panels instead of a single one. These individual panels emit light which then creates an image on the display. With modular LEDs, you have flexibility to choose your own shape and size. This also makes it super easy to carry and transport.

  • High smoothness

The p10 display models offer you high smoothness. The smooth surface enhances your viewing experience and makes visuals more appealing.



Applications of P10 LED Display:

P10 LED displays are highly versatile. They’re used across many different industries. The first and one of the most important applications would be digital billboards and advertising video walls. Since p10 displays are optimal for distance viewing, it is excellent for digital billboards. Billboards are placed in high and outdoor areas. The brightness and the high pixel pitch p10 makes it perfect for them.


Similarly, it can be used in the transportation industry. P10 leds can be used to display the information of the routine and the schedule on stations. It can also be used in airports in similar ways. Such as, to display the flight information and timing. One more application of p10 leds could be to give safety instructions on the flight.


P10 leds are also wonderful for interactive experience. By using these LEDs, you can create interactive content to engage the audience. One such example of this would be to use p10s in gyms to create an interactive workout session. This would illuminate the need for a trainer. It can also be used in schools in similar ways.



P10 LED as an outdoor display:

When it comes to choosing outdoor LEDs, P10 LED displays are the best. The problem with outdoor displays is that they’re placed at higher angles to ensure that everyone is able to view them. Due to the large distance and the high angle, it’s difficult to view the image displayed on the screen. This problem is solved with p10 LEDs since they’re perfect for distance viewing and high angle displays.


Another problem that arises with outdoor leds is that they’re placed in bright outdoor areas. With the brightness of the sun and UV rays, the image displayed on the screen can never be viewed if it’s not bright enough. P10 LEDs offer great brightness which allows you to see the image even in the sun. P10 LEDs also offer high dynamic contrast. With brightness and high contrast combined, you’ll witness crisp and high definition visual experience.


Since these LEDs are popular for outdoor use, the models manufactured are usually waterproof. So even in rain, the visual experience of the audience will never be compromised. P10 LEDs work really well across all different climates and all different seasons.


What to expect from a p10 led display?

The versatility of p10 displays allows them to work in many different industries. Some of the things you can expect from p10 LEDs are,

  • P10 LEDs can display many different languages, numbers and fonts. They can also display many different font sizes.
  • With P10 displays, you can store different images by connecting the scanner.
  • You can add different video signals and display dynamic images.
  • P10 LEDs can display real time content by input computer signals using a computer monitor.
  • They can be used as a network station to display the data from different servers.
  • With P10 LEDs, you can control the time for which the image appears on the screen.
  • These LEDs give you full control over content, and play time etc. You can customize it as per your needs.

These LEDs can also be connected with external devices such as computers and video games.



Installation methods for P10 LED Display:

P10 LED displays can be installed in many different ways. One of the installation types is the “standing type”. Since P10 LEDs are usually around the thickness of 6 inches, they have enough strength to stand horizontally. Installing display with this horizontal light projection is known as “standing type information”


Similarly, another such installation is an “supporting type installation”. In support type installation, the display does not only stand on its own but also offer support to some other structure. This type of installation uses the strength of display to support another object. These two installation methods are wonderful if you want to illuminate LEDs at a low height.


There are also other installation methods for LEDs. For instance, interactive LED floors. This installation works great for stages. For creating an interactive floor, an LED display is installed onto the floor. PV10 displays can be hung as well from ceilings and walls. This hanging installation is perfect for outdoor displays.


Manufacturers offer both fixed installation LEDs and rental LEDs. If you want your pv10 led display installed at a single place for a long time, then choose fixed installation ones. Otherwise, the flexible ones are perfect for short term use.



P10 LED displays have a pixel pitch of 10mm so they work well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Pixel pitches play a great role in the quality of your image. It does not mean that a pixel pitch is better than the other. However, some pixel pitches work well in certain conditions then others. This is why you should do your research and try to find the LED displays with the pixel pitch that will work best for you.