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What Is Commercial Display? Dual Sided Led Displays For Retail

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LED displays are highly popular these days for commercial uses. Especially in advertisement, it serves as the best tool for marketing. Not only LED displays help in reaching a wider audience but are also highly engaging which makes it really entertaining for the viewers. Commercial displays are a bit different that consumer ones. This is why, if you are getting a display for commercial use for the first time, you might be confused about which ones the best choice for you.


Commercial led displays are designed to be used for longer hours and are designed to operate in public places. On the other hand, consumer displays are only used for a limited time each day and are only used in safe enclosed environments. In this article, we’ll be explaining what is commercial display, how its different from consumer displays, features, benefits and give overview of dual sided displays.



What is commercial LED display?

Commercial displays are designed in a way that they can operate in various environment. They are built to serve enterprises and businesses regardless of their niche. These displays also work well for commercial display. Made strictly for commercial purposes, these displays have potential to work in environments where there is risk of wear and tear without getting damaged. They can withstand long hours and can work in harsh setups such as rain, knocking while installation, and dust etc.


Commercial led displays also work really well in professional setups such as corporate events or large conferences. These LEDs are created with audience in mind. Depending on the application and location of the LED display, you can choose the angle and resolution of your led. The main purpose of these led displays is to get the message across. More often than not, commercial displays aren’t used for any entertainment.


How commercial led display is different from consumer led displays?

The biggest difference between commercial displays and consumer displays is their application. As their applications are very different from each other, they are designed in different ways. Consumer displays are only used in home or small office setups where they are far from any wear and tear. On the other hand, commercial led displays are often at risk of getting knocked during installation and are exposed to things like rain, dust and moisture etc. This is why, they’re designed to withstand harsh operations.


Similarly, commercial led displays may be placed at different angles than consumer ones. Consumer displays are usually placed in lounge or bedroom, but with commercial led displays, you may want to install it on height, or on a distance. This is why distance and angles of commercial displays vary from consumer ones. Commercial led displays are also designed with heat dissipation features to prevent the display from heating up.



What are some features all commercial led displays should have?

Some of the features of commercial display are,

  • long operation hours

The most important features of commercial led displays is that they can withstand long operating hours without any risk of getting damaged. Usually, commercial dsplays are designed to run 24/7 or at least more than 12 hours.

  • brightness varying

Commercial displays have variety of options for brightness. They can be used in any setting with any lighting. This makes their visuals highly appealing to the viewers and makes it easy to get the message across to the audience.

  • higher operating temperature threshold

Since commercial led displays operate for long hours, they are at risk of heating up. However, they are built in a way that they can withstand high operating temperatures. Their heat dissipation features prevent the display from heating up.

  • landscape and portrait mode

Commercial led displays usually have both landscape and portrait mode. Depending on your usage. You can choose any mode you prefer and get the best experience of the display.

  • better manufacturer warranty

Commercial led displays usually have longer warranty. Manufacturers will give you better service and offer you a long warranty for your display.


Common applications of commercial displays?

Some of the common applications of commercial displays are,

  • Conferences

Commercial led displays are popular in corporate settings like conferences. These displays can serve a large number of audiences with their great angles and high visual quality. With their beautiful colors, conference participants can easily get to the core of message.

  • Seminars

These displays are also popular in academic settings. Like conferences, seminars also have large number of participants. For this reason, commercial led displays work really well in such settings.

  • Advertisement

Commercial led displays are highly popular in advertisement industry. This is because these displays allow the display of engaging and visually pleasing ads. Due to this they make a perfect marketing tool. You can never go wrong with commercial led displays for advertisement.

led screens for shopping mall

Benefits of commercial displays?

Some of the benefits of commercial displays are,

  • Durable

The most obvious benefit of commercial led display is that they are durable. Since commercial led displays are often installed and used in areas where they are prone to damage, they are designed to be reliable. They are usually knock proof, have moisture and dust protection and are less likely to get damaged easily.

  • Long warranty

Manufacturers of commercial led displays offer long warranty than those of consumer displays. As these displays are used in wear and tear applications, they also come with longer warranties.

  • Better on-board cooling

Commercial led displays don’t easily heat up. With their amazing on-board cooling technology, they don’t heat up or get damaged. They have better heat dissipation system than consumer displays.


What are some different types of commercial led displays?

There are many times of commercial displays. Some of the common ones are listed below,

  • Indoor displays

Indoor display is kind of commercial led displays that are built to be used indoor. They are usually used in areas with less bright light as compared to outdoor displays that are installed in areas with sunlight. These displays are popular in malls, restaurants and airports etc.

  • Outdoor displays

Outdoor displays are used in outdoor areas such as parks, bus stops, and as billboards etc. These displays have high brightness which makes them suitable for areas with sunlight. These displays are highly popular in advertisement industry since they are an effective marketing tool

  • Dual sided displays

Dual sided displays can be displaying the content from both sides. They are highly effective for window installation and can be installed on windows of malls and restaurants. By this, both the indoor viewers and outdoor audience can view the content perfectly.

What is dual sided led display?

Dual sided LED displays have display screen present on both sides. With these displays, you can display content from both sides. Usually with single sided displays, you can just install them on walls. Even if you install them on windows, only those having access to screen would be entertained and those on the other side would only see black flat plastic or metal. However, dual sided displays allow viewers on both sides to get entertained.


These displays can be tuned according to the setting. If one side of the display is present in sunlight, it can be tuned to display the content in high brightness. On the other hand, it can also be tuned to low light areas. Similarly, it has resolution tuning features which allows you to customize it as per your application.


Features of dual sided displays:

Some of the features of dual sided displays are,

  • Double sided display

As the name suggests, dual sided displays have screens from both sides. This feature allows the message to reach a wider audience.

  • Highly customizable

Since these displays are designed to have two screens, they are highly customizable. Depending on your application, you can customize them to get the best experience.

  • Thin design

Usually these displays are placed on windows of malls and restaurants etc. This is why, more often than not, these displays will have a thinner appearance than other displays.


Are dual sided led displays good choice for commercial uses?

Dual sided displays are amazing for commercial use. This innovative technology, allows the users to enjoy the content displayed on the screen regardless of which side they stand at. They are amazing for publicity and advertisement. These displays give a unique touch to the marketing and allows more consumers to engage with your marketing campaign.


These displays also have sunlight readability which is why these displays are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also use them indoor and outdoor simultaneously. With these displays you can your message across to a wider audience.



Commercial displays are great when it comes to corporate, professional or marketing applications. The main purpose of these displays is usually to get the message across to the audience whether its information or a brand awareness campaign. With these displays, its easy to engage the audience.


Dual sided led displays are one of the popular commercial led displays. These displays can reach a wide audience easily and get the message reach a wider audience. If you’ve read this article, you can make a decision for yourself whether you need a consumer display or a commercial one and if dual sided display is what you need.

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