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Are you looking for a video splicer to recreate your commercial LED displays video? This can be a great add-on component for your LED video panel, especially when it’s supposed to be a commercial LED screen. Since a commercial LED display works in attracting more and better customers towards your business, a good video portrayal on the display can play a huge role.

Whether it’s in terms of editing the LED display video by trimming it, or by simply combining various clips; it’s important to ensure that your LED display video is edited effectively to be attractive. But in both these editing needs, most of the time your LED display requires combined videos for an attractive play. This can easily be done by using a video processor/splicer.

vdwall lvp909

Now if you aren’t well aware of what these are and how they work, let’s go ahead and discover them below in detail.

What it is?

For all those wondering what this device works forth, let me just say that it device works in splicing various format videos together. So whether you’ve been able to create a complete video at one shot, or your camera’s output wasn’t in the same format, a video splicer can help you make the video spliced perfectly. Hence, you can easily edit the videos and display them on your LED display without having to deal with any technical complications.

How It Works?

Whether you’re familiar with a video splicing device or haven’t used one before, you can easily manage it’s working. Since the device mainly requires you to import all the clips that are needed to be spliced, it takes less time and effort for this work. However, do make sure that you organize the order of playing clips properly on the Timeline; as this would help them program create a single video that meets your led display solutions requirements.

Once that’s done, your spliced video is ready to be played on the LED display screen. Just import it on the LED display and set it for playing.

Best Video Splicer

Now for everyone looking for a highly reliable and one of the best options for video splicing function, we’ve got you covered with an effective model below, i.e. the VDWALL LVP909. For a clearer view and understanding, let’s go ahead and discover it below in detail.

  • VDWALL LVP909:

This VDWALL LVP909 video processor comes with all the basic and necessary features to help you edit your LED display videos effectively. From the presence of a 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI cinema-quality video processing feature to the addition of Faroudja Real colors and Faroudja TrueLife video enhancer; this LED video processor comes with all the features you might require for an advanced video processing and editing work.

Additionally, this device offers you with advanced features like seamless switching, fade-in/fade-out switching, blend switching, adding of HP text, flash, graphics, logo overlay, and a picture freeze function. All this allows you to easily manage and edit the graphics for your LED display. Other than all this, this video splicer also offers you with a hot spare function for a stable and reliable accessing of the display image.

Most importantly, this device comes with an AIAO function and 4 custom display modes of PIP/POP. These features allow a more user-friendly and suitable working of this device; allowing you to function it easily and smartly.

All this, and the easy setup and knob adjustment of this video processor make it easier for anyone to manage and function this device with the LED display screen.


All this assures that the VDWALL LVP909 serves as a highly reliable and user-friendly video splicing and processing device for your P2.6 LED display. So no matter how simple or complex your LED display video editing work may be; this device can serve you just perfectly.

Now, this makes it obvious that you can easily rely on this device to manage your commercial LED display videos/graphics easily. So what’s the wait for now? Go ahead and let this device effectively improve the graphical display of your LED screen by efficiently splicing the videos.