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What is a Transparent LED Screen?

As the name suggests, transparent LED screen is a type of LED display screen that is crystal clear like a glass and has functions of an LED. It enables the viewers to see whatever is shown on the glass along with providing a complete coverage of its background as well. Since it enables audience to see what is happening behind the screen, it is also referred to as a see-through screen.

glass transparent led display

With around 50 percent to 90 percent permeation ratio and 10mm thickness, the transparent LED has turned out to be one of the best options for commercial purposes. Its special materials, installation methods and sturdy structures has helped it to take an edge over other LED screen available in the market.


Transparent LED display works on one principle that covers three major areas:

  1. Targeted modifications in the lamp bead package, the control system and patch manufacture process
  2. Micro-innovation of the LED display light bar
  3. Use of hollowed-out structures to minimize structural pieces

The aim of these three improvements is to maintain the required level of permeability and performance. Since transparent LEDs are provided with special curtain glass walls and other factors, users are free to customization the screens as per their needs.

Other than that, here are some worth considering features of a transparent LED screen that cater attention of potential buyers and convince them to make decision in their favor:

  • Occupy small space and light-weighted. Main panel is 10mm thick while the total weight of the screen is 12 kg/m2.
  • Fine appearance and easy to install, can be fixed directly to the curtain glass wall, no steel structure is required.
  • Transparent background, unique display, visual experience is like floating on the curtain wall.
  • Quick, safe and easy indoor maintenance.
  • Environment friendly and energy saving, no air conditioner or fan required for heat dissipation. Can save up to 40 percent energy than traditional ones.

How does a transparent led screen work?

With almost 20 years old technology, transparent LED screens have always been one of the promising investments. They have made entry to the industrial sector over a couple of years ago. Based on their usability, transparent LED displays are divided into two categories: the LED and LCD. The latter is old while the first is the advanced version.

LCD displays are known for their absorptive nature whereas, OLED or LED displays exist with an emissive nature. LCD transparent screens have a pattern of colors and shading while the OLED system have a glowing image pattern for the background. Transparent display screens used to work on implied methods of designing cabinets that are intended to minimize the width of cabinet keel followed by fixing the number of LED light strips. There is an LED module panel at the back of glass while the module size is customizable.

OLEDs have turned out to be a preferable type of transparent display screens. They consist of a number of plastic layers that are either organic or carbon-based, sandwiched between the glass lawyers. These lawyers are responsible to make the screen see-through. Their designs are made up of tiny clear cathodes for injecting electrons and anodes to let those electrons to move out of the display device.

When turned out, electric current passes through the layers and causes chemical reactions in the plastic material to generate pictures on the screen. For someone, who wants to have an LCD display, it is necessary to know that they can only create colors and shapes. It needs a secondary light source that adds up more cost in terms of electricity consumption. With that being said, most of the people agree that OLED is way better than LCD displays because not only do they consume less electricity but also produce true colors, especially black without leaving a gap on the screen.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display-DOIT VISION

Is it worthwhile to invest in a transparent screen?

Since with so many features and capabilities, transparent LED display screens pride themselves for being a bit pricey as compared to other options available. They are ideal for commercial and advertisement purposes; but, if someone wants to take them in personal use, then here are the factors that would make this decision worthwhile:

  • Complements the overall appearance: A transparent LED screen is either installed indoors or behind the curtain glass wall. It is not intended to affect the original structure or appearance of the building. Unlike conventional display screens, transparent display screens are not installed on the glass curtain wall directly. They respect the looks and structural integrity of the building, thereby taking up a separate place behind these curtain walls. The best part is that transparent LEDs do not compromise on the consistency of the building’s appearance followed by minimizing security risks.
  • No effects on the normal work: With original side-emitting technology, a transparent LED screen promises to offer no light leakage with high transparency. When the information is displayed on the outdoors, viewers can even see everything from inside without any sort of interference. In other words, there will be no disturbance in the normal work.
  • Reduction in light pollution: Conventional outdoor LED displays are known for their high brightness i.e. 6000 cd, that is the primary reason behind a lot of accidents and other mishaps. Not only does this brightness level pollutes the surroundings but also affects the night scape design. But with transparent LED displays, users can adjust brightness as per their requirements i.e. they can highlight everything during day time while make the lights softer at night.
  • Energy saving: Unlike conventional LEDs, transparent display screens are provided with transparent display effects that are responsible to play a significant role in saving some energy. The part, from where picture is not available, doesn’t emit heat, thereby bringing a visible reduction in power consumption i.e. around 30 percent.
  • Safe and convenient maintenance management: Normally, the maintenance of transparent LED displays is carried out with a lot of care. There are plug-in light bar designs, rear maintenance modes and support fronts that are quite easy to operate and detach at the time of maintenance.

With all these benefits and highlights, buyers are rest assured about making the best decision of investing in a transparent LED screen. There is much more to this investment, except for these. So, it’s better to try this type of display screen and see how worthwhile the decision is.

How to choose the right transparent LED display?

With increasing need of environmental protection and global energy conservation, more and more manufacturers are introducing energy efficient LED displays with the surety of not making any compromise on the performance of the LEDs.

What makes transparent LEDs different from the rest is their multi-faceted technological innovation that isn’t a technical improvement rather, it is a trend that is taking on the world like a storm. Their advanced technical support guarantees energy saving, product quality and environmental protection.

But, the thing that always makes potential buyers confused about their selection is the availability and surety of getting the required set of features. They aren’t sure about how to come up with the best transparent LED screen, no matter how many options they come across. So, to solve this confusion, here are a few important tips that can help to get into a win-win situation in finding the ideal transparent LED.

  • Noise reduction technology: Transparent LED display devices are provided with screen driver chips that employ high quality chip systems to produce incredible contrast on the screens. With the aim to provide full-color LED display, manufacturers have invented a constact current noise reduction technology whose job is to prevent the screen from the effects of different noise sources so that there would not be any sort of hindrance or disturbance in generating images.
  • Brightness adjustment technology: The next important aspect to consider for buying a transparent LED screen is brightness technology. Since the device is expected to work in different climates to generate the best display effects, manufacturers used to add 256-level adjustment technology so that there will be uninterrupted outcomes in all types of environments.
  • Heat removal system: Since the heat generated from LED display screen is a bit high, it is necessary to have a heat removal system so that the rest of the parts can remain safe from the effects. Buyers should always search for an appropriate heat dissipation system along with the surety of having aluminum because it also helps to reduce heat with its conduction effects. So, this feature should never be overlooked at any cost.
  • Protection technology: The presence of environmentally friendly materials is also important. Make sure that they are not attached with glue whereas, the screen module is equipped with UV-resistant and dust-proof elements.
Transparent LED display-DOIT VISION
Transparent LED display-DOIT VISION

China top transparent led screen manufacturer

Now that buyers are aware of what is a transparent LED screen and why to have it, the next important consideration is from where to buy it? Who is the best and top China led display manufacturer? What are the options that are easy on the pocket and do not compromise on the efficiency? Here are a few transparent LED display manufacturer one can always swear by:

  1. Huichi Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
  2. AOTO
  3. Absen
  4. Yaham
  5. LEDman
  6. Doitvision

Transparent LED Display Specification

Transparent LED screen is an innovative visual solution turning windows or building in to a digital signage screen, enable showing advertisements without blanking.

  • High transparency
  • 82% high transparency
  • 5000 nits high brightness
  • Viewing angle 120°
  • Size:500mm x 1000mm
led strip screen

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Wrapping Up

There are many more manufacturers producing good quality transparent LED display devices. Buyers just have to figure out what type of LED they want to acquire and options will be right in front of them.