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Triangle and Cube LED Display

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Triangle LED screen is the new and loving trend in the town. Moreover, due to the variety of benefits and applications, people invest their money on this side. If you look into depth, then cube LED display and triangle LED screen are the same as per their features and working. However, the only visible difference is the shapes of both screens. So, let’s learn about both of these screens in detail.

What is cube LED display?

cube led display

Cube LED display comes with complete front access maintenance with magnetic modular. Thus, the main benefit of these types of the screen is that it saves the labor cost and time. Apart from this, there are other features and benefits of cube LED display. Here we are describing to know it better.

  • The cube LED screen has six pieces of face, and it can show six different videos at a time. Above all, you also have a choice of playing one video on all six pieces.
  • Apart from this, the cube LED display has a unique shape that attracts and impresses the audience. As a result, you can grab customer’s attention immediately.

In short, the technology is unique, and you can attract and impress other by playing advertisement campaign. Here is the little chart that is showing some basic details about the cube LED display:

LED displayCube LED screen
Application fieldIndoor and outdoor
Highlighted benefitIt mainly serves in the entertainment sector
Comes inDifferent pieces with flexible usage
Viewing angleLarge viewing angle
Contrast ratioHigh contrast ratio

In short, it uses for all intense purposes, and we can call it the high-tech display. By taking a random look, it looks more technical. But in reality, it’s simple and easy to install the technology.

Quick features of the cube LED display:

After knowing the initial details of the cube screens, it is vital to glance at some main features. So, here we take a start:

  • The shape of the cube LED is unique that quickly grabs attention.
  • Moreover, you can run videos or images with high quality. The excellent visual effect is another way to through a good impression on the viewers.
  • Apart from this, the cube display has a high contrast ratio and goof evenness. The high uniformity without mosaic shows its magic.
  • You also have options to adjust the brightness according to the liking. For instance, the brightness setting will depend on whether you are using it indoors or outdoors.
  • The cube LED display comes with incredible flexibility. You have an option to change the setting along with the environment and circumstances.

The only thing that makes the difference is the unique features of this uniquely designed technology. You have the option of renting the screen. It is the best choice if you don’t want to buy your own and need it for a short period. Moreover, you can place it outdoor but have to take extra precautions to keep it safe from weather and the environment.

cube led display

What is a triangle LED screen?

The triangle LED screen is one of the best performing visual power geometric-shaped LED displays. However, it is formed by designing many triangles and square shape modules instead of circual display. sometimes the triangle could be edgeless, and the screen is created from many layouts and shapes. Due to the flexible nature and features, you can use it for different purposes. Above all, it’s up to you if you want to use a triangle as the whole one screen or not. You also have the option of running different videos on each piece of the screen. Here is the essential detail chart that will help to learn more about it:

LED displayTriangle shape LED screen
Best for theTo create unlimited layouts and shapes
It goes best with theBranding tools and inner decoration tools
Refresh rateHigh refresh rate and high degree design
Application fieldsIndoor and outdoor

However, due to the fantastic features and updated technology, you can make a lot more difference in your marketing campaign. Your main aim should be to spread the words, whether it’s with a triangle or cube LED display.

Underlined features of triangle LED screen:

We have mentioned earlier that the working and features of the cube and triangle LED screen are almost the same. Still, here is a glimpse of some highlighted features:

  • With the help of a triangle LED module, you can form other shapes like diamond or different polygon display screens.
  • The triangle LED display is entirely seamless, high contrast, and comes with a smooth surface.
  • The stability and reliability of this type of screen are unmatchable. Moreover, you can run the audio or video message without any disruption due to the high refresh rate. So, you don’t have to deal with the ghosting phenomena.
  • Apart from this, the triangle display is the high contrast. It comes with color uniformity and high brightness. You can even use the brightness adjustment feature to adjust the brightness.

You also have an option to place a customized order. In this way, you can include or exclude the specifications according to your requirements and needs.

Triangle and cube LED screen Buyer Guide:

After reading the features and essential detail about the LED display, the next step is to know the buying guide. But first, let’s discuss the applications of both of these types.

Triangle LED screenCube LED display
Hotel advertisementAdvertisement industry
Stage rentalConcerts, TV, and media
TelevisionShopping malls
Shopping malls and exhibitionsEntertainment industry
Playgrounds and other places like thisAirport, hotel, and station
 Public halls and other places like this

Apart from this, here are the main points that need your attention while making the deal. So, let’s start with the:

Size and pixel pitch:

If you want to create an HD special through your LED screen, pay attention to the pixel pitch. In this way, you will run any video or image without compromising the quality. If the screen is producing high-quality photos, then you can use it for special events and decorations.

Use friendly:

The other main point that needs your attention is the user-friendly feature. Yes, before buying the screen, ensure it is user-friendly and easy to install. If it’s not easy to install and remove, then you can’t take maximum benefits. Apart from this, select the company that provides the facility of maintenance at the doorstep. In this way, you can save a lot of time, energy, and resources.

Adjustable specifications:

If you go into the market to buy an LED screen, you will find out that many features need to be adjustable. So, go with the setting that comes with the flexibility. There are the following things that need to go with the flexible features:

  • Screen rotation of the screen should be adjustable
  • You should be able to rotate each layer of the screen freely without any disturbance
  • There should be a built-in alarm that will warn about the harsh weather or winds.

But it would help if you keep in mind that all LED screens are different from each other in terms of features and working. So, if you are expecting scalable results, then you have an option to go with the customized LED screens.

The life span of the LED display:

The other feature that you shouldn’t miss is the life span. So, find an LED screen that comes with the most extended lifetime. In this way, you can save a lot in maintenance, replacement, disposal cost, and energy consumption cost.

Triangle & cube LED screen manufacturer:

If you search for a reliable product, go with the company that offers trustworthy service. It will help if you can run a performance test before buying the product. Apart from this, make sure the company has all the documents that approve the quality and performance. Thus, do proper research and make a wise decision because it is probably a one-time investment.

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