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Warranty Policy

Warranty Scope

This Warranty Policy applies to all LED display products (hereinafter referred to as “Products”) purchased directly from Shenzhen DOIT VISION Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DOIT VISION”) and within Warranty Period. Any products not purchased directly from DOIT VISION does not apply to this Warranty Policy.

Warranty Service & Term

Products shall be installed and used strictly aligned with the Installment Instructions and Cautions for Use stated in the product manual. DOIT VISION will repair or replace the unit if it is found to be defective as to workmanship or materials. Warranty does not extend to damages resulting from mis-use, neglect or abuse, or accident.

Warranty Service

Free technical service online

For all products manufactured by DOIT VISION (no matter if purchased buy from DOIT VISION or not), we provide free technical service online on any problem regarding the products.

Return to factory repairing service

For defects, product problems due to the manufacturing by DOIT VISION, products can be shipped back to factory after confirmation by DOIT VISION. If factory repair service is needed, customer shall bear the freight, insurance, tariff and customs clearance for return delivery of the returned products or parts. DOIT VISION will send back the repaired products or parts to customer and only bear one-way freight.DOIT VISION will not accept products returned without a valid service request or items that are not manufactured by DOIT VISION.


The warranty is void with following conditions

1. Damages caused by improper use, negligence, mishandling, acts of third parties, accidents, fire, flood, lightning, power surges or outages. Improper handling, operation in accordance with the technical instructions

2. The product has been altered or repaired by other than the manufacturer or an authorized service representative of the Manufacturer

3. Modifications or accessories other than those manufactured or provided by the Manufacturer have been made or attached to the product which, in the determination of the Manufacturer have affected the performance, safety or reliability of the product

4. Natural loss of brightness and color, lack of necessary regular maintenance

5. Unless written agreed, this warranty policy does not apply to consumables, including but not limited to connectors, networks, fiber optic cables, cables, power cables, signal cables, aviation connectors, and other wire and connections.

6. Warranty period has expired.

Partner Location

USA repair office

Daniel’s Repair

Tel:(323) 687 5550

Los Angeles, California

France dealer

Olivier SAUZET

+33 6 22 80 43 64


Malaysia dealer

ICO Solutions Sdn Bhd


A-01-06,Pinnacle Kelana Jaya,Selangor D.E., Malaysia

Distribuidor en España

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Ciudad Real, Castilla la Mancha

Additional Service

Free Training

For all customers, DOIT VISION provides 3 days free training of

Control system basic operation

How to configure the LED display

How to configure the LED display

How to detect the common problem

How to repair defected LED board

Customized Design Service

DOIT VISION provides customized design and manufacturing service for electronic and mechanical

Diode board PCB design

Panel frame structure design

Installation structures design

OEM products

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