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P2.5 LED display Module size

P2.5 LED display Module

Indoor LED display

2.5mm pixel pitch can deliver outstanding image quality
It can display a variety of information formats including text, images, videos, and graphics.
Suitable for a wide range of indoor applications.

2.5mm Pixel Pitch

P2.5 LED panels mean a pixel pitch of 2.5mm. The pixel pitch, sometimes referred to as the pitch or dot pitch, is the density of the pixels on an LED display and correlates with resolution and the distance in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. As pixel pitch indicates the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch means less empty space between pixels. This equates to higher pixel density and improved screen resolution.

P2.5 LED display 1
P2.5 LED display 2

P2.5 LED Screen

Ultra-thin cabinet design and lightweight, which will save much work at the installation. 

With high contrast ratio, high grayscale and fine uniformity, even in low brightness, the displayed layering and vividness.

It can also display more details of the image without loss of information content.

P2.5 LED panels can display vivid images and bring viewers fantastic visual feasts.

With a high refresh rate, P2.5 LED panels can display stable and clear images and restore the true information content of images.

P2.5 LED display Module
P2.5 LED display 3
High Qaulitypicture quality
P2.5 LED display 4
SMD LED Technology
P2.5 LED display 5
Seamless splicing
P2.5 LED display 6
Energy saving

P2.5 Indoor LED Display – Specification

TypeStandard P2.5 LED Display
Pixel PitchP2.5mm
LED ConfigurationSMD2020
Viewing Angle160/160° (50% brightness)
Scan Mode1/32
Refresh Rate1920/3840Hz
Processing14 bits
Module Size(mm)160mmx160mm/320mmx160mm
Cabinet Size(mm)480mmx480mm/640mmx480mm
Cabinet Weight11kg
Input VoltageAC100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Avg)250W/sqm
Power Consumption (Max)600W/sqm
Working Temperature-20℃~60℃
IP RatingIP31/IP31
Life Span100,000 hrs
Warranty24 months

More P2.5 LED screen options?

Flexible P2.5 LED display refers to an LED flexible display with a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm. Flexible screen LEDs have bendable characteristics and can be designed to be bent or curved as needed.It is suitable for display scenarios of various shapes and sizes. Our P2.5 flexible LED display is lightweight and thin, and can be flexibly used in different environments to provide more creative and adaptable display solutions.

P2.5 Flexible LED Screen


Flexible LED screen module is specially designed with soft PCB and rubber plastic parts.

It can be bend concave and convex without affecting the the normal working of the LED diode board.

Flexible led screen
Flexible led screen

2.5mm Flexible LED Screen


With the strong magnets, flexible LED display modules can be easily anywhere.

The installation and maintenance can be done from the front.

2.5mm Flexible LED display Application

You can easily make different creative shapes of LED display such as LED column, curve LED display, concave and convex.

Flexible LED curve
Flexible LED screen

P2.5 Flexible Indoor LED Display – Specification

TypeFlexible P2.5 LED Display
Pixel PitchP2.5mm
LED ConfigurationSMD1515
Viewing Angle160/140°(50% brightness)
Scan Mode1/24
Refresh Rate1920/3840Hz
Processing16 bits
Module Size(mm)240mmx120mm/320mmx160mm
Module Weight0.215kg
Input VoltageAC100~240V 50/60HZ
Power Consumption(Avg)270W/sqm
Power Consumption(Max)800W/sqm
Working Temperature-20℃~60℃
IP RatingIP31
Life Span100,000 hrs
Warranty24 months

P2.5 LED Display: How to choose it?

Indoor LED display

Decide on the screen size and pixel pitch

The size of the display you need will depend on its location and the viewing distance. If your viewing distance within 2.5 meters, there is absolutely no problem in choosing P2.5. Sure the smaller pitch, the better display effect.

Consider the brightness

Indoor screens usually require 500-1500 nits. It will take more cost for reaching high brightness indoor.

Confirm the lifespan and warranty

LED displays are a significant investment, so you want to ensure they last. A good quality LED screen should have a lifespan of 100,000 hours (about 11 years if run 24/7). Also, consider the warranty period and what it covers.

Set a budget

LED displays can range widely in cost, depending on their specifications and the manufacturer. Set a budget that takes into account not just the purchase price, but also installation costs and the potential energy costs.

How Much Does P2.5 LED display Cost?

Here we also will briefly provide you with a cost reference for purchasing an LED display screen.

Normally we quote based on the unit price per square meter, the price range will be different for the combination with different brands of LED lamp and refresh rate, cabinet materials etc. Components used.

The price includes the receiving card, cables and free spare parts; controller, packaging and additional parts not included, it depends on your demands.

Regarding transportation, we have the more common transportation methods of by air and by sea. We also provide door-to-door solutions and will deliver them directly to your warehouse.

 No matter what your screen size demands are, there are a solution for you, about P2.5 LED display, if the screen size smaller than 10 square meters costs between $3,000 up to $5,000; when the screen size going on 10-50 square meters, it will takes nearly $15,900 to $27,000.For example, based the customer demands, we offer different solution with a series of LED display.

Screen size(widthxheight)LED display solution
=4.6 Square meter
Standard Indoor P2.5mm
P2.5mm,3840Hz, Screen size: 3,200m(W)x 1,440mm (H)=4.6 square meters, cabinet  size of 640x480mm: 15pcsUnit Price: $550~$840/SQM
Estimated Total price: $3,000~$4,500
Flexible Indoor P2.5mm
3,200m(W)x 1,440mm (H)=4.6 square meters,module size: 320mmx160mm: 90pcs, supports with cabinets installation or only modules installationUnit Price: $5,20~$7,90/SQM
Estimated Total price: $3,500~$4,800
=28.8Square meter
Standard Indoor P2.5mm
P2.5mm,3840Hz, Screen size: 11,520m(W)x 2,400mm (H)=27.64 square meters, cabinet  size of 640x480mm: 90pcsUnit Price: $550~$840/SQM
Estimated Total price: $16,500~$26,600
Flexible Indoor P2.5mm
P2.5mm,3840Hz, screen size: 12,000mmx2,400mm, module size: 240mmx120mm: 1000pcs, supports with cabinets installation or only modules installationUnit Price: $5,20~$7,90/SQM
Estimated Total price: $15,900~$25,800

Our P2.5 Indoor LED Screen Applications

The years of mature LED display manufacturing experience, let us have many successful P2.5 LED display cases around the world

Flexible LED curve
DOIT VISION-Indoor LED display
Flexible LED screen
Flexible LED screen