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A video processor serves as either a chip or a sand-alone component that performs the conversion of video format. Now if we talk about the video processor chips, then these are found as a built-in component of various video equipment, i.e. A/V receivers, Blu-ray, and DVD players. Whereas, the stand-alone video processor serves as outboard equipment, which is mostly set with a home theater system.

Now, most of the stand-alone video processors serve as highly professional and reliable equipment to introduce video format on LED displays or other screens. You can differentiate the performance and efficiency of these video processors according to their brands and their list of features that enhance the performance. Here, we’ll talk about a similar video processor brand that is well known to introduce a variety of highly performing video processors, i.e. NovaStar.

Novastar V1260


NovaStar is well-known to produce a variety of led display control system; mainly including a series of highly efficient video processors. One such highly professional and reliable series includes NovaStar’s V Series; which is an all-in-one LED controller along with an integrated video processor. Additionally, these all-i-one controllers also come with additional features of video controlling and LED screen configuration. All this and the variety of video signal receiving capabilities of each of the video processors in the V series; all serve as a highly professional option that meets our professional requirements.

Now that we’ve discussed so much on this V series, let’s just go ahead and have a brief discussion on each of its models below.

Novastar V1260:

The Novastar V1260 serves as a 2-in-1 controller with some highly reliable and professional features for your LED’s video processing. Since it supports zoom, splicing, picture in picture, custom EDID, and source switching effects; you are sure to avail the most advanced and efficient video processing and controlling performance out of this one. Additionally, it has a load capacity of 10. Million pixels and various LED output ports (including 16 network ports and 4 fiber output); you can easily avail of a high-quality video result on the LED display.

Novastar V1060

In comparison to the previous model, this Novastar V1060 also serves as a high profile 2-in-1 LED video control and processor. However, this one might not support the source switching effect and consists of only six LED network output ports. Yet, the presence of support for zoom, splicing, picture in picture, and custom EDID; all assure an equally reliable performance out of this video processor. This model may be a less updated version of the previous one, but it is certainly enough to meet all sorts of requirements of the media industry.

Novastar V960

The last one of the most updated models in this series is the Novastar V960. The features of this 2-in-1 controller include support for zoom and custom EDID. Additionally, This LED video processor comes with 4 Gigabit Eternal LED output ports and a load capacity of 2.6 million pixels. Altogether, one can surely consider this less updated but a highly reliable and efficient option for video processing on your LED display screens.

Novastar V900:

Now if we talk about the plain video controllers and video processors of the V series, this Novastar V900 certainly serves as the top one in this list. With its support features including zoom, seamless stitching, picture in picture, custom EDID, and source switching effects, you can easily avail enough options to change the video controls according to your needs. Additionally, this one also includes four LED output network ports and a 2.3 million pixels load capacity.

Novastar V760:

This video controller supports zoom, one-click switching, and custom EDID. Other than that, the presence of two ways LED output network port and load capacity of 1.3 million pixels are also present here. Now even though this might seem as lesser features to stick to, but the reliable performance and mainstream working efficiency surely serve well.

Novastar V700:

Lastly, the least features holding LED video processor of this V series is the V700. This video controller simply supports zoom, picture in picture, and one-click switching. Additionally, in terms of the LED output ports, you gain a tow way network port with this model. Also, the 1.3 million pixels load capacity of this video processor works as a decent video portrayal feature on your LED screen. Even though this might not serve as a professional model, but if your needs are more simple and basic in terms of LED video processing; you can surely rely on the V700.


With the amazing performance history of NovaStar’s LED video processors, there’s no doubt that these will serve as some highly reliable options for your business LED video panel. However, with all the different features of each of the models, it is highly suitable to ensure your LED video processing requirements for an efficient purchase.