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Novastar NovaPro UHD/NovaPro HD/VX6s/VX4S/VX4U/VX400s LED Video Processor

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An LED video processor serves in providing your LED display with a high-quality image processing performance. For this image processing, it serves as a control device for your full color Led display. Other than this, the working of this video processor revolves around receiving and processing various video graphics signals to display o a full-color LED display.

Considering this, an LED video processor can be quite helpful in promoting quality content on your LED video panels. However, with the variety of brands and options of video processors in the market, it can be hard to choose the most efficient and reliable one. But since we’ve covered with some top options by a highly familiar brand, i.e. NovaStar, there’s nothing you should be worrying about. So let’s go ahead and discover the main features of these video processors below.

Novastar NovaPro UHD/NovaPro HD/VX6s/VX4S/VX4U/VX400s LED Video Processor 1

Top 6 LED Video Processors:

  1. Novastar NovaPro UHD:

This LED video processor serves as a highly reliable and efficient all-in-one controller that is developed by NovaStar. Other than video processing, the NovaPro UHD also comes with video control and built-in Master VI platform software. All these features serve efficiently in managing the layers and configuring the videos on a screen. Additionally, it comes with a maximum loading capacity of 10.4 million pixels that can easily help in sending the processed videos to LED displays. Hence, you can easily rely on this video processor for a fast, powerful, and smooth video processing on all sorts of fine-pitch fixed LED displays.

  • NovaPro HD:

Another one of NovaStar’s reliable Led video processors is the NovaPro HD. Now, what makes this one extra efficient is its professional Led display controller. But that’s certainly not all too, as the addition of a powerful front end processing also adds extra value to this video processor (as it eliminates the need for an external scalar). Altogether, one can surely say that the professional interfaces, excellent image quality, and flexible image control offered by this NovaPro HD; all make it a perfect option that fits perfectly for the display industry.

  • Novastar Vx6s:

The unique features of this Novastar VX6s don’t just offer simple video processing, but rather it also adds integration of sending card functions along with the video processing. Additionally, its powerful processing design allows support of 7 video inputs and 6 Gigabit Ethernet outputs. However, if this isn’t enough, then its design based on the powerful FPGA processing platform would surely fit your advanced Led video processing needs. With this design, you also get the support of multiple transition effects like quick seamless switching and fade, the addition of a flexible display controlling, and an efficient video presentation. Now this is a highly efficient and professional addition for your LED video processing needs, right?

  • Novastar Vx4s

If you’re looking for a highly professional Led display controller, then the Novastar VX4S is the perfect one for your led stage screen. Along with the display controlling function, it serves you with some other features that add an extra touch of professional control. This includes a powerful front end processing. Additionally, it also includes professional integrated interfaces that create an image quality and flexible image control to perform efficiently for the broadcast industry. Now with this professional Novastar VX4S that isn’t just smooth and easy to operate but also highly reliable; you would surely not want to think otherwise.   

  • Novastar VX4U:

This highly reliable and professional LED display controller and video processor serves as another one of NovaStar’s most efficient items. With this powerful front-end video processing, high image quality, and a flexible feature of image control; there’s no way you’ll be lacking out on availing some reliable video processing results. Now the features here may be limited, but they are surely enough to serve you with a pack-full of reliable, powerful, and efficient Led video processing controls.

  • Novastar VX400s:

Lastly, but certainly not the least in any way, the VX400s Led display video processor might come as an option having fewer additional features, but it surely fits the needs of the broadcast industry. Hence, you can surely rely on its outstanding display control and powerful front-end video processing capabilities; and professional process videos on your LED display without facing any old-school outcomes.


With each of these NovaStar Led video processors differing in various features, you can be sure to avail the most out of their performance and video processing controls. So whatever requirements of the LED display solution you are set to meet, all these would serve you just perfectly according to your major needs.

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