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Novastar MCTRL600/MCTRL660 PRO/MCTRL660/MCTRL700 1080P video controller

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If you’re planning to run a business Led with some interesting video graphics, or you just want LED display panel to show effective media; a video controller can be important. Since the video controller, or in other words a video graphics card, allows computers to generate graphical information on a monitor, projector, or Led screen display(led wall vs projector?).

Other than being referred to as a video or graphics card, a video controller is also considered as a graphics or video adapter. Now the smart addition of this graphics or video controller to your LED display setup allows you to effectively manage the displayed graphic while catering it according to your business or personal media requirements.

Novastar MCTRL600/MCTRL660 PRO/MCTRL660/MCTRL700 1080P video controller 1

Considering this use, there are plenty of video controllers introduced in the market today, whether in terms of brands, models, or even working quality; the number of options is extremely wide. However, when it come sot choosing the best brand and models for portraying high-quality 1080P video graphics on the LED display; Novastar’s MCTRL Series are worth your investment.

The MCTRL Series:

Now before you start wondering what this MCTRL Series is and what makes it so special, let me add that Novastar has added highly professional self-developed video controlling models in this series. Each of these models has a loading capacity of up to 1920×1200@60Hz. Additionally, the video controllers in these series help you effectively customize the led screen resolutions to manage it on the ultra-large (whether in width or height) Led display screens.

  • Novastar MCTRL700

The Novastar MCTRL700 is a large video controlling equipment design by Novastar with plenty of highly reliable and efficient features. This includes the support for one channel of DVI video source input, an HDMI video source input, a channel or audio input, and 6-channel gigabit Ethernet output ports (where each supports up to 650,000 pixels. Additionally, with this model around, you can also avail of a one-way USB control interface, an HDMI and DVI video source output for cascading or monitoring, and support for both RS232 IN and RS232 OUT. With all this and plenty of other features coming your way, this video controller assures a highly efficient and reliable graphical controlling performance on the LED display. Hence, you can easily avail a professional outcome without having to face any limitations.

  • Novastar MCTRL660 Pro:

Are you looking for a low latency video controller that can serve al your Led screen’s low latency video displaying and managing needs? Well then, this 660 Pro model is certainly the right fit for you. With its support capacity of 2.3 million pixels and 3.5mm HDMI Audio connector; you can be sure to avail of the best quality results of graphics and audio from your LED display. Additionally, this mole also includes 6 x gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 x 10g optical ports.

  • Novastar MCTRL660:

The best feature of the Novastar MCTRL660 model is that it doesn’t require any PC for the display configuration. Hence, you can easily configure the video display and control it on your LED display; without having any additional device’s help. Other than this, this 660 also supports a variety of other advanced features. This includes cabinet configuration files saving and sending, knob adjustment of brightness, color, and test pattern, and even a full HD pixel display. Now with all this coming through a Novastar video controller, you can be sure to gain the most advanced video graphics outcome.

  • Novastar MCTRL600:

This Novastar MCTRL600 serves as a highly advanced and unique model with highly reliable features. This includes a light sensor interface for auto led screen brightness adjustment, cascading support, HDCP Blu-ray input, HDMI external audio input, and a DVI input. All this works in enhancing your overall usage ease and graphical display on the Led screen. As a result, you can easily rely on this video controller’s decent, yet, highly reliable and useful features.


Now with the help of these best NovaStar’s video controllers of MCTRL Series, you surely won’t be disappointed with the graphical representation of your extra-large Led display. However, do make sure to invest in the model that fits your screen and quality needs efficiently. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to make the most out of your modern graphics device.

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