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Outdoor LED Electronic Signs For Churches, Schools

Are you running a business and figuring out a smart and effective way to promote it? Now the world is more about technology-oriented methods for every task. Whether it’s about shopping or designing a product, technology has controlled everything. Similarly, when it comes to promoting a business, Outdoor LED Electronic Signs serve as an advanced and highly reliable option.

These LED Signs are a modern and highly effective tool that serves as a solution to promoting your brands/business’s message in the people and public passing by. This improves your business sales; by spreading the benefits and insights on your business. As a result, whether you have a shopping mall or a school; both would face a better promotional advantage with LED display panel.

outdoor church led signs

Although this may be enough to make you consider investing in some efficient LED signs. But learning more about its benefits and how it can help your business is important too, right? Hence, we’ve decided to discuss below the benefits of LED school signs and LED church signs.

Benefits of LED church signs:

The church’s today have become a hub for a huge community; despite the area that they are located in. This is mainly because many helpful services are being offered in these churches. From helpful classes regarding the religion to various opportunities for those in need; a church serves a lot to the residents of the area it is situated in.

However, when it comes to conveying church-related information, the advanced era has eliminated the need for traditional marque church signs. As a result, LED church signs have become a lot more reliable and efficient in delivering messages to the public. Now for those who still doubt the value and benefits of a modern LED signboard, let’s discuss some benefits these electronic signs have to offer for a church.

  • For greater visibility and gaining better attraction of the audience, an LED signboard portrays your messages in full color displayed on a bright screen. This is a lot better than the old-school sign boards having dull presentations of messages.
  • These boards offer you the feature of portraying multiple pages of information on a single board. Hence, from church events to service timing, and any additional information you want to portray in front of the audience; a single LED signboard would do it all effectively.
  • Also, since the LED boards are more digital and operated through a computer or any other device; you don’t have to manually change the messages for customizing the signboard. Instead, this process has become a lot easier and time-saving.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, the maintenance cost of LED signs are a lot lesser than that of traditional signage. Even though you have to make an initial investment in the LED signs, but there’s not much maintenance or powering cost in the future. Where in comparison to that, traditional signage’s require bulbs to light up the text (which might fuse anytime soon), loose letters at times, the plastic signage’s face damages now and then, etc. Also, with LED signage, you don’t have to invest in event banners and temporary boards for the church; the LED sign would handle everything.

School signs:

Similar to church boards, even LED school signs are a highly important aspect for boosting the school’s performance. From enhancing communication to better displaying the school’s strategy of studies, events, and much more; LED signs are highly beneficial here too. Besides, schools are a place where social programs and plenty of other events are quite common. So investing in temporary banners and boards for that every time can surely take a lot from your pocket. However, LED school signs can be highly reliable and efficient with multiple benefits. Some such benefits include;

  • One of the major benefits that we mentioned earlier is the ability to better communicate with the students and their parents. Whether its result day and you want every child’s parent to attend or it is a play where your student might forget bringing some special items; either way, an electronic signboard can help portray the message and keep everyone reminded of every event.
  • The best part about modern digital signs is that you don’t’ have to make a lot of effort in changing the video on it. You can use your smart devices like laptops, cameras, DVD players, etc., and set a different video for playing.
  • Since you can easily change videos on the LED signboard, the customization changes are also huge. Whether you want to play a basic educational video or you want to attract children with an animated meme or message; the customization options on every video are endless. This adds more efficiency to whatever you play on the board, and eventually, pays for the price you invest.

Final Verdict:

Often at times, we consider staying with the basic, old-school options in terms of publicizing our brand. But the advanced options tend to give better outcomes in comparison to the old-school signboards. So whether it’s about promoting messages of a church or a school. LED signs can be highly effective and helpful.

Novastar MRV366/MRV336/MRV328/MRV216/MRV210/MRV208 LED Receiver Card

Are you looking for a LED receiver sending card that can work in enhancing the overall effect soft h double color LED display? From controlling the real pixels to the virtual pixels and the double and single colors, an LED receiver card can be a highly effective and reliable option to boost your LED display’s graphical outcome.

And all this is performed when the card receives signals from the computer and feds it to the LED receiving card. This additionally works on your LED display screen and boosts its overall graphics. Now, who wouldn’t want one of these, right? Especially when one of the most reliable brands, i.e. Novastar has offered plenty of efficient Novastar LED receiver card models in its MRV series. Then why not choose the best one and benefit from it?

Novastar MRV366/MRV336/MRV328/MRV216/MRV210/MRV208 LED Receiver Card 1

Now to help you with that, we’ve discussed the features and benefits of each of the MRV series models. So go ahead, and choose the best one for your LED display.

MRV Series:

  • MRV366:

One of the best general Novastar LED receiver card from the MRV series includes MRV366. This card serves as a general receiving card with all the essential and required features to enhance your user experience. This includes a loading capacity of up to 512×256 pixels (8bit) or 256×256 pixels (10bit/12bit), a 12-bit precision pixel-level brightness, and Chroma calibration, an individual RGB Gamma adjustment, and an ability to improve both the display effect and the user experience for you. All this doesn’t only support your general LED needs, but also adds more control to your LED’s display. Other than that, this model of MR series comes with all the major additions like standard HUB75 connectors and 32 GB parallel RGB data, etc.

  • MRV336:

This Novastar’s MRV336 LED Receiver card is a highly reliable and advanced option for your LED functioning. With its multiple reliable and highly efficient features, the MRV336 serves you as one of the best Novastar’s receiver cards. This includes the presence of integrated 12 standard HUB75 connectors. Additionally, this also consists of a structure without the HUB, making it highly reliable.

Other than that, the presence of single card outputs having a 24-group of RGB data, temperature monitoring, and the Ethernet cable communication status detection feature; you can easily handle more advanced and detailed functions for operating your LED’s display. It also consists of more advanced and highly efficient features that can enhance your user experience like nothing else. This mainly refers to the presence of voltage detection, pixel-by-pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration feature, and a high grayscale/high fresh rate feature. All this and much more adds to the value and efficiently working to his receiver card, making it pay for the price.

  • MRV328:

If the previous version wasn’t what you’re looking for, then this MRV328 is certainly the perfect Novastar LED receiver card that would meet your requirements. With the presence of features like supporting screen brightness level, including Chroma calibration, a software and hardware design that is easy and more efficient to manage, and efficient maintenance; all these can add more quality to your LED’s graphical presentation. Additionally, you also get 8 standard HUV75 connectors, the Gigabit Ethernet port, support for setting pre-stored images of the receiving card, and a status detector for temperature/ voltage/Ethernet cable communication/ and video source signals. All this adds great reliability, usage ease, and efficiency to the LED’s graphical outcome.

  • MRV216:

The MRV216 receiving card by Novastar is also one highly reliable and efficient option for your LED display screen. Even though this one doesn’t come with a lot of extra features, but it surely is enough to serve all your basic needs effectively. This includes standard HUB75 connectors that work for communication and offers highly stable and reliable results. Additionally, the presence of RGB data, temperature monitoring, Ethernet cable communication detection, and many other similar features; all add more reliability to the general features of this receiving card.

  • MRV210:

This MRV210 LED receiving card has some highly efficient features you can use to effectively control the LED display’s graphics outcome. This includes the presence of four single card outputs consisting of 16-group RGB data, 24-group RGB data, 20-group RGB data, and a 64-group of serial data. Additionally, the presence of smart features like read back of configuration file, temperature monitoring, Ethernet cable communication status detection, power supply voltage detection, and many other general features; all these also come with the MRV210.

  • MRV208:

Last, but certainly not the least, this Novastar LED receiver card also comes with all the general features at the maximum. From the presence of standard HUB75 connectors to the feature of temperature monitoring, Ethernet cable communication status detection, power supply voltage detecting, a high gray scale, led refresh rate, high and low brightness, and chromaticity calibration, and a lot more of the general features; this MRV model is certainly a general option that serves you to its best of limits. Hence, you can easily consider it enough for all your basic LED graphics setting needs.

Now that we’ve discussed all the models of the MRV series of Novastar’s receiving cards, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best one to improve your business’s LED display.

Novastar MCRTL 4K/MCRTL1600/MCRTL R5 4K video controller

Are you pleased with the idea of buying a 4K video controller? Well, a 4K Video Controller serves as a plug-and-play hardware solution that creates a high-quality –screen video view. This video view can be used on either an LED wall panel or your electronica equipment to avail the best of electronica media’s results, without putting too much technical effort.

Now the best part about the 4K Video Controllers is that their controlling features and video performance/quality is undeniably the most reliable and attractive. However, only if you look for the best brand or model options is when you can avail of the most reliable and efficient performance.

Novastar MCRTL 4K

Talking about this, why not discuss some of the best video controllers by the most reliable and popular brand, i.e. NovaStar? You must have heard about NovaStar’s efficient and reliable manufacturing of efficient equipment, right? However, when it comes to investing in some, only a few models serve the best.

So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and discover their features and performance below in detail.

  • Novastar MCRTL 4K:

This Novastar MCRTL 4K LED Video Controller serves as a high –class and independent Kx2K option for meeting all your video controlling needs. Additionally, it also includes a single unit loading capacity of up to 3840×[email protected] real 4K resolution. Other than this, the max 8k resolution width also serves as one of the key features of this LED video controller that makes its performance a lot more efficient.

Now if we talk about the basic features, this MCRTL 4K comes with complete input connectors, and support for 16 x Gigabit Ethernal ports, 3 video bit, both Mosaic and Multi-card modes, HDR10, and super high-resolution settings for you to make the most through.

Additionally, the innovative and reliable architecture design of this video controller lets you avail of a smart configuration experience. And if that’s not enough, then it’s adopting of NovaStar G engine for perfect image display is something you’d surely fall in love with.

So with all this, and the support of screen configuration, easy/quick brightness adjustment, and cascading multiple controllers; you can surely make the most out of this model’s outstanding performance and reliability.

  • Novastar MCRTL1600:

This Novastar MCRTL1600 is another one of NovaStar’s most efficient and highly reliable 4Kx2K master video controller. It comes with resolution support of 4096 × 2160 @ 60Hz; which can be managed according to your usage needs. Additionally, it’s support for two working modes, i.e. the sending card mode and the photoelectric conversion mode; both serve you with flexible usage and video controlling solution – at all times.

To improve the LED display quality for your videos, this MCRTL1600 also supports RGB independent gamma adjustment and controls all sorts of displaying and controlling problems. Now if all this isn’t enough, its support for multiple equipment, large resolution settings through NVIDIA computer graphics, and Nova’s new point-by-point calibration; all this would surely enhance your video controlling experience like nothing before.

So go ahead, and let this MCRTL1600 enhance your LED screen or other electrical media’s video performance by controlling it efficiently with the best of equipment.

  • Novastar MCRTL R5

Now if you’re looking for a highly advanced and unique 4K video controller, then this Novastar MCRTL R5 is certainly the right one for you. Since it serves as the very first LED display controller of NovaStar that supports display rotation, you are sure to avail of a high-profile performance out of it. Additionally, it’s loading capacity of 3840×[email protected] and support for any custom resolution within this capacity – both adds-in quality and ease for managing it according to your requirements of ultra-wide LED displays.

Additionally, with the MCRTL R5’s working with the A8s and A10s Plus receiving card, you get a free screen configuration and display rotation feature on any angle. So it doesn’t matter that on what angle would the images give you a visual experience on the LED display; this MCRTL R5 will make it possible to achieve.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most out of this MCRTL R5 on your rental LED screens/ displays, and manage those rental and fixed applications with great flexibility and advanced user experience.


Do you want your LED display screen to portray a 4K video performance that fits your business or personal needs? Well then, you need a highly reliable 4K video controller for this.

Now with these best NovaStar’s models reviewed here, there’s no need to go searching for any other option. Just pick the one that fits your requirements, and let it boost your LED screen’s 4K video controlling and overall performance.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise On Digital Billboards?

Having a digital advertisement run on a billboard can be very helpful. Whether you have an organization or a business that needs to be promoted, digital billboards can be of great help in priming anything in the public. Since these boards are installed in public areas having huge traffic, plenty of people pass by the boards and pay attention to the attractive digital ads running on these boards. This creates more awareness and enhances the promotion of your business, brand, or event. As a result, you gain plenty of benefits in terms of boosting your business performance. 

Also, since the images on these outdoor led signs are displayed through a computer, you don’t have to put much effort into it. So whether you want to advertise something or portray a public service message on the billboard, there’s a great chance a huge chance that the ad will be viewed by plenty of audiences. 

digital billboard

Rent or Buy?

Now comes the main question after you’ve decided to run your businesses ad on a billboard. There’s the option of buying a billboard for your business and then you can even rent one to run an ad; either way, the results are efficient. 

However, many people consider hiring a billboard for running ads for a specific amount of time. After that, new business ads are displayed on the billboard. This can be a great way to save the huge amount needed to buy a whole billboard, and you can promote your business and run the ads on different digital billboards located in different areas. As a result, you get the benefit of reaching out to more and more people, rather than having your ad played on just one fixed board. 

But even with this being an obvious factor for running an add on billboards for a specific time, there are times when you doubt this decision too. Whether it’s about the unknown cost you aren’t already prepared to invest or the unknown benefits; both may keep stopping you from investing your money here. Therefore, we decided to consider the key benefits of investing in digital advertising and how much would the different types of advertisement cost you. So let’s go ahead and discover all that below in detail, shall we?

Why Choose Digital Advertising:

Although the benefits of investing in digital billboard are numerous, we’ll discuss the key factors that can help you make a better decision. 

  • The sales driven by digital marketing on digital billboards help you gain back the invested money.
  • These advertisements are more efficient in motivating the customer to invest in the goods or products that are displayed on the board.
  • Even if a regular passerby of these billboards wouldn’t buy a product you display, they will be able to remember it due to the attractive and bright display. This would make them recommend the product or good to others in need of that or something relevant.
  • This can be a highly reliable and efficient way to reach a huge audience at all means. Whether the advertisement is plain or too creative; in both ways, plenty of people are likely to focus on the ads.

Cost for Digital Billboards Advertising:

Even with all these facts and benefits cleared above, thinking about the costs and evaluating how to manage it is obvious. Now for anyone unfamiliar with displaying ads on digital billboards, it’s obvious to be worried about how much it would cost. Therefore, pre-evaluating how much it would cost can be a better and smarter decision.

For this, you need to consider 2 major factors; the location and the size of the billboard you rent. For instance, if you’re renting a 2×8” sized billboard, then the cost would be around $4,400. Similarly, the larger size you rent, the more the cost would be. Additionally, running ads on billboards also affects the costs according to the location of the billboard.

Now if you’re running your business ads on a billboard located in a less populated area, the cost would be lower than then common rate. However, if the billboard is in a populated area, the cost would also be higher. For instance, if we consider running ads on a billboard in Times Square, that would cost anything between $1.1 million to $4 million/ yearly. So the rates can be evaluated according to the location you choose.


Whether you want to promote your beauty products business or want to run a school, having a business effectively promoted through advertisements on digital billboards can be productive. Now that we’ve disused everything about investing in a billboard advertisement, there’s hardly anything you would have to rethink on. So go ahead, invest in the right led wall manufacturer, and let your business flourish with the smart advertising.

Novastar TB1-4G/TB2-4G/TB3/TB4/TB6/TB8 LED Player

A video display controller works as an integrated circuit. This integrated circuit is the main component in a video signal generator known to be a device that produces TV video signals in a game or computing system. Other than this, some advanced and more functional video display controllers offer an audio signal generating feature.

However, when it comes to an LED display panel; a video display controller or a VDC serves as a key component that creates and improves the video appearance on the screen. As a result, it can serve as a necessity to enhance the working and video display performance of your LED display.

Novastar TB1-4G/TB2-4G/TB3/TB4/TB6/TB8 LED Player 2

Yet, this certainly doesn’t mean that you can invest in any type of VDC for your LED display, ass all of them serve differently. But if you’re looking or a highly reliable and advanced option, then the Nova Taurus Series is certainly worth it.  

Nova Taurus Series:

The multimedia players of this series by NovaStar are a recently introduced set of VDC series. These VDC’s serve as a next-generation and highly advanced appliance. Now, what adds more to its advanced making is the powerful performance, secure and stable working, and the availability of the diverse LED display solution for all the users. Altogether, you can easily say that this series is a highly advanced option for the best VDC models to enhance your LED screens display performance.

Adding more to its usage, the advanced Taurus Series serves as a reliable and suitable option for using on digital signage’s, fixed installation screens, and even pole outdoor led screens. So you can easily rely on the Taurus Series to avail an unmatched option for all your smart display systems functioning and application settings on them including; advertising, digital signboards, commercial displays, and even Smart Cities.

Sounds like the best option for you LED and business display screens, right? Well then, let’s go ahead and discuss each of the models in this series below.

  • Novastar Tb1-4G:

This Novastar Tb1-4G serves as a highly reliable VDC option for all your advanced video playing and controlling needs. Some of its main features include higher processing speed and a comprehensive control solution. With this, you can easily manage better results of video graphics, while being able to manage the settings accordingly. Additionally, this model also includes a support Wi-Fi AP connection that allows you to stay connected to the internet and explore various video playing options. Lastly, the support for 650,000-pixel loading capacity of this VDC ensures that you gain the best quality graphical result on the screen.

  • Novastar TB2-4G:

Similar to the previous model, the Novastar TB2-4G also has a few main features that are relatable. From the support for Wi-Fi AP connection to the comprehensive control solution and high processing performance, all allow you to make the most out of the speedy, smooth, and efficient performance of this model too. However, adding more to this, you also gain the support of synchronous and asynchronous dual mode. Hence, nothing is stopping you from transferring media easily on the screen for the best usage. And yes, the support for 650,000-pixel loading capacity in this one is a feature you can make the most with.

  • Novastar TB3:

Now if you’re looking for a more advanced and efficient model, then this Novastar TB3 would certainly serve you rightly. With the similar basic features of the loading capacity of up to 650,000 pixels, this one also includes a maximum width of 4096 pixels and a maximum height of 1920 pixels. Altogether, you can say that this VDC would serve you efficiently on even larger and complex screens – with the best of performance. Additionally, it includes a wired Gigabit Ethernet, a stereo audio output, a USB port, and an onboard light sensor connector.

  • Novastar TB4:

Similar to the previous models, TB4 also has basic features that add more to the usage ease and video setting options including; Wi-Fi AP connection support, supporting of the synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode, comprehensive control program, and a strong processing performance overall. Additionally, you also gain the support for multi-screen synchronous playback with this model.

  • Novastar TB6:

Are you looking for a VDC with essential features along with extraordinary performance? Then this one having 1,300,000 pixels loading capacity with a width of 4096 and height of 1920 pixels each; is certainly the best option for you. Additionally, the presence of all the essential Taurus Series features like onboard light sensor connector, HDMI input, an auto full-screen display, etc.; all enhance its overall performance.

  • Novastar TB8:

Do you want the same Taurus Series features in this TB8 model too? Well then, you have them all here. But what makes this exceptional then? Well, it’s the addition of 4 Ethernal ports and the amazing 2,300,000 pixels loading capacity support. With this, you’ll surely forget the old-school video displaying results.


Now all of these VDC of Novastar’s Taurus Series are highly efficient, reliable, and powerful in their work. But it’s important to ensure that you choose the right one according to your business needs and LED/commercial screens requirements. So choose wisely!

Novastar MCTRL600/MCTRL660 PRO/MCTRL660/MCTRL700 1080P video controller

If you’re planning to run a business Led with some interesting video graphics, or you just want LED display panel to show effective media; a video controller can be important. Since the video controller, or in other words a video graphics card, allows computers to generate graphical information on a monitor, projector, or Led screen display(led wall vs projector?).

Other than being referred to as a video or graphics card, a video controller is also considered as a graphics or video adapter. Now the smart addition of this graphics or video controller to your LED display setup allows you to effectively manage the displayed graphic while catering it according to your business or personal media requirements.

Novastar MCTRL600/MCTRL660 PRO/MCTRL660/MCTRL700 1080P video controller 3

Considering this use, there are plenty of video controllers introduced in the market today, whether in terms of brands, models, or even working quality; the number of options is extremely wide. However, when it come sot choosing the best brand and models for portraying high-quality 1080P video graphics on the LED display; Novastar’s MCTRL Series are worth your investment.

The MCTRL Series:

Now before you start wondering what this MCTRL Series is and what makes it so special, let me add that Novastar has added highly professional self-developed video controlling models in this series. Each of these models has a loading capacity of up to 1920×[email protected] Additionally, the video controllers in these series help you effectively customize the led screen resolutions to manage it on the ultra-large (whether in width or height) Led display screens.

  • Novastar MCTRL700

The Novastar MCTRL700 is a large video controlling equipment design by Novastar with plenty of highly reliable and efficient features. This includes the support for one channel of DVI video source input, an HDMI video source input, a channel or audio input, and 6-channel gigabit Ethernet output ports (where each supports up to 650,000 pixels. Additionally, with this model around, you can also avail of a one-way USB control interface, an HDMI and DVI video source output for cascading or monitoring, and support for both RS232 IN and RS232 OUT. With all this and plenty of other features coming your way, this video controller assures a highly efficient and reliable graphical controlling performance on the LED display. Hence, you can easily avail a professional outcome without having to face any limitations.

  • Novastar MCTRL660 Pro:

Are you looking for a low latency video controller that can serve al your Led screen’s low latency video displaying and managing needs? Well then, this 660 Pro model is certainly the right fit for you. With its support capacity of 2.3 million pixels and 3.5mm HDMI Audio connector; you can be sure to avail of the best quality results of graphics and audio from your LED display. Additionally, this mole also includes 6 x gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 x 10g optical ports.

  • Novastar MCTRL660:

The best feature of the Novastar MCTRL660 model is that it doesn’t require any PC for the display configuration. Hence, you can easily configure the video display and control it on your LED display; without having any additional device’s help. Other than this, this 660 also supports a variety of other advanced features. This includes cabinet configuration files saving and sending, knob adjustment of brightness, color, and test pattern, and even a full HD pixel display. Now with all this coming through a Novastar video controller, you can be sure to gain the most advanced video graphics outcome.

  • Novastar MCTRL600:

This Novastar MCTRL600 serves as a highly advanced and unique model with highly reliable features. This includes a light sensor interface for auto led screen brightness adjustment, cascading support, HDCP Blu-ray input, HDMI external audio input, and a DVI input. All this works in enhancing your overall usage ease and graphical display on the Led screen. As a result, you can easily rely on this video controller’s decent, yet, highly reliable and useful features.


Now with the help of these best NovaStar’s video controllers of MCTRL Series, you surely won’t be disappointed with the graphical representation of your extra-large Led display. However, do make sure to invest in the model that fits your screen and quality needs efficiently. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to make the most out of your modern graphics device.

Novastar NovaPro UHD/NovaPro HD/VX6s/VX4S/VX4U/VX400s LED Video Processor

An LED video processor serves in providing your LED display with a high-quality image processing performance. For this image processing, it serves as a control device for your full color Led display. Other than this, the working of this video processor revolves around receiving and processing various video graphics signals to display o a full-color LED display.

Considering this, an LED video processor can be quite helpful in promoting quality content on your LED video panels. However, with the variety of brands and options of video processors in the market, it can be hard to choose the most efficient and reliable one. But since we’ve covered with some top options by a highly familiar brand, i.e. NovaStar, there’s nothing you should be worrying about. So let’s go ahead and discover the main features of these video processors below.

Novastar NovaPro UHD/NovaPro HD/VX6s/VX4S/VX4U/VX400s LED Video Processor 4

Top 6 LED Video Processors:

  1. Novastar NovaPro UHD:

This LED video processor serves as a highly reliable and efficient all-in-one controller that is developed by NovaStar. Other than video processing, the NovaPro UHD also comes with video control and built-in Master VI platform software. All these features serve efficiently in managing the layers and configuring the videos on a screen. Additionally, it comes with a maximum loading capacity of 10.4 million pixels that can easily help in sending the processed videos to LED displays. Hence, you can easily rely on this video processor for a fast, powerful, and smooth video processing on all sorts of fine-pitch fixed LED displays.

  • NovaPro HD:

Another one of NovaStar’s reliable Led video processors is the NovaPro HD. Now, what makes this one extra efficient is its professional Led display controller. But that’s certainly not all too, as the addition of a powerful front end processing also adds extra value to this video processor (as it eliminates the need for an external scalar). Altogether, one can surely say that the professional interfaces, excellent image quality, and flexible image control offered by this NovaPro HD; all make it a perfect option that fits perfectly for the display industry.

  • Novastar Vx6s:

The unique features of this Novastar VX6s don’t just offer simple video processing, but rather it also adds integration of sending card functions along with the video processing. Additionally, its powerful processing design allows support of 7 video inputs and 6 Gigabit Ethernet outputs. However, if this isn’t enough, then its design based on the powerful FPGA processing platform would surely fit your advanced Led video processing needs. With this design, you also get the support of multiple transition effects like quick seamless switching and fade, the addition of a flexible display controlling, and an efficient video presentation. Now this is a highly efficient and professional addition for your LED video processing needs, right?

  • Novastar Vx4s

If you’re looking for a highly professional Led display controller, then the Novastar VX4S is the perfect one for your led stage screen. Along with the display controlling function, it serves you with some other features that add an extra touch of professional control. This includes a powerful front end processing. Additionally, it also includes professional integrated interfaces that create an image quality and flexible image control to perform efficiently for the broadcast industry. Now with this professional Novastar VX4S that isn’t just smooth and easy to operate but also highly reliable; you would surely not want to think otherwise.   

  • Novastar VX4U:

This highly reliable and professional LED display controller and video processor serves as another one of NovaStar’s most efficient items. With this powerful front-end video processing, high image quality, and a flexible feature of image control; there’s no way you’ll be lacking out on availing some reliable video processing results. Now the features here may be limited, but they are surely enough to serve you with a pack-full of reliable, powerful, and efficient Led video processing controls.

  • Novastar VX400s:

Lastly, but certainly not the least in any way, the VX400s Led display video processor might come as an option having fewer additional features, but it surely fits the needs of the broadcast industry. Hence, you can surely rely on its outstanding display control and powerful front-end video processing capabilities; and professional process videos on your LED display without facing any old-school outcomes.


With each of these NovaStar Led video processors differing in various features, you can be sure to avail the most out of their performance and video processing controls. So whatever requirements of the LED display solution you are set to meet, all these would serve you just perfectly according to your major needs.

Novastar V1260/V1060/V960/V900/V760/V700 LED Video Processor

A video processor serves as either a chip or a sand-alone component that performs the conversion of video format. Now if we talk about the video processor chips, then these are found as a built-in component of various video equipment, i.e. A/V receivers, Blu-ray, and DVD players. Whereas, the stand-alone video processor serves as outboard equipment, which is mostly set with a home theater system.

Now, most of the stand-alone video processors serve as highly professional and reliable equipment to introduce video format on LED displays or other screens. You can differentiate the performance and efficiency of these video processors according to their brands and their list of features that enhance the performance. Here, we’ll talk about a similar video processor brand that is well known to introduce a variety of highly performing video processors, i.e. NovaStar.

Novastar V1260


NovaStar is well-known to produce a variety of led display control system; mainly including a series of highly efficient video processors. One such highly professional and reliable series includes NovaStar’s V Series; which is an all-in-one LED controller along with an integrated video processor. Additionally, these all-i-one controllers also come with additional features of video controlling and LED screen configuration. All this and the variety of video signal receiving capabilities of each of the video processors in the V series; all serve as a highly professional option that meets our professional requirements.

Now that we’ve discussed so much on this V series, let’s just go ahead and have a brief discussion on each of its models below.

Novastar V1260:

The Novastar V1260 serves as a 2-in-1 controller with some highly reliable and professional features for your LED’s video processing. Since it supports zoom, splicing, picture in picture, custom EDID, and source switching effects; you are sure to avail the most advanced and efficient video processing and controlling performance out of this one. Additionally, it has a load capacity of 10. Million pixels and various LED output ports (including 16 network ports and 4 fiber output); you can easily avail of a high-quality video result on the LED display.

Novastar V1060

In comparison to the previous model, this Novastar V1060 also serves as a high profile 2-in-1 LED video control and processor. However, this one might not support the source switching effect and consists of only six LED network output ports. Yet, the presence of support for zoom, splicing, picture in picture, and custom EDID; all assure an equally reliable performance out of this video processor. This model may be a less updated version of the previous one, but it is certainly enough to meet all sorts of requirements of the media industry.

Novastar V960

The last one of the most updated models in this series is the Novastar V960. The features of this 2-in-1 controller include support for zoom and custom EDID. Additionally, This LED video processor comes with 4 Gigabit Eternal LED output ports and a load capacity of 2.6 million pixels. Altogether, one can surely consider this less updated but a highly reliable and efficient option for video processing on your LED display screens.

Novastar V900:

Now if we talk about the plain video controllers and video processors of the V series, this Novastar V900 certainly serves as the top one in this list. With its support features including zoom, seamless stitching, picture in picture, custom EDID, and source switching effects, you can easily avail enough options to change the video controls according to your needs. Additionally, this one also includes four LED output network ports and a 2.3 million pixels load capacity.

Novastar V760:

This video controller supports zoom, one-click switching, and custom EDID. Other than that, the presence of two ways LED output network port and load capacity of 1.3 million pixels are also present here. Now even though this might seem as lesser features to stick to, but the reliable performance and mainstream working efficiency surely serve well.

Novastar V700:

Lastly, the least features holding LED video processor of this V series is the V700. This video controller simply supports zoom, picture in picture, and one-click switching. Additionally, in terms of the LED output ports, you gain a tow way network port with this model. Also, the 1.3 million pixels load capacity of this video processor works as a decent video portrayal feature on your LED screen. Even though this might not serve as a professional model, but if your needs are more simple and basic in terms of LED video processing; you can surely rely on the V700.


With the amazing performance history of NovaStar’s LED video processors, there’s no doubt that these will serve as some highly reliable options for your business LED video panel. However, with all the different features of each of the models, it is highly suitable to ensure your LED video processing requirements for an efficient purchase.

How do you make a giant LED screen?

LED displays/ screens are known as the flat panel display. While normal LED screens are made with diodes, giant LED display screens are manufactured with LED cabinet and LED module, which use pixels to create images. The brightness of these pixels altogether makes a giant LED screen suitable for outdoor usage. The store signs and billboards that you often find appealing under the sun are simply these LED displays.

But, have you ever thought of building one on your own? If not, then it’s high time to do it now as it’s not something you cannot do on your own. Contrary to the name, giant LED displays are quite easy to manufactured, you just need to have the right tools, parts, skills and knowledge to make it happen.

gigant led screen

Elements Required to Making a Giant LED Screen

Now that you have decided to make an LED display on your own, the first and foremost thing is to know the items or parts involved in its making. So, let’s dive into the details and see how everything will turn out:

LED Components

Giant LED displays are multi-purpose and can be used indoors or outdoors as per the requirements of the buyers.

  • Brightness: Outdoor LEDs are expected to be brighter and more efficient as compared to indoor ones because they are exposed to the outside elements and need to face more difficulties. According to the experts, the brightness for outdoor giant LEDs should vary between 4000 and 6000 nits while for indoors, 800 to 1000 nits are suitable.
  • Pixel Pitch: The next worth considering fact is pixel pitch that depends upon the size of giant LED screen. The principle for pixel pitch is same as that of brightness i.e. outdoor screens usually need more pixel pitch than indoor ones. For instance, an indoor giant LED screen can work with p1.25, p1.56, p1.667, p1.875, p1.923, p2 etc. whereas, outdoor LED pixel pitch starts from p3.0 and goes up to p10 or even more based on the environment they will be exposed to.

LED Display Modules

LED display modules are the fundamental part of giant LED displays that are responsible to accommodate LEDs, circuit and other parts. They are also different for indoor and outdoor use for which, you will have to evaluate the needs.

  • Indoor LED Modules: With regular brightness level, indoor giant LED modules are available in p1.0, p1.25, p1.56, p1.667, p1.875, p1.923, p2, p2.5, p3, p4, p5 and p6.
  • Outdoor LED Modules: For outdoor LEDs having high brightness, the modules should have p3.0, p4, p5, p6, p6.7, p8 and p10.

Here, what you shouldn’t forget is the size of module that will help to determine the number of screen modules required for making a giant LED screen. There will be different ranges with different features and prices for one size. Your job is to be ascertain about your needs.

LED Cabinets

There are two options for LED cabinets to choose from:

  • Die-Casting Aluminum Cabinet: It is a top notch aluminum alloy with good dissipation, high grey scale, silent/ fan-less design, high brightness and seamless assembly. It is usually shaped with a molding machine so rest assured about the clarity of the shape.
  • Standard Iron Sheet Simple Cabinet: Simple design that can be customized as well. It is light in weight, has high grey scale, independent disassembly box, shape can and cabinet size. In case of customization, it should complement LED modules.

Control System

The control system of a giant LED system consists of a controller box, a receiving and a sending card. At the time of choosing a controller, always pay attention on what type of control you want on the LED screen. If there are no special requirements, just go with any reasonable model or vice versa.

The next thing is the pixel pitch quantity that also depends upon the control on the device. Remember that every card/controller possesses a different pixel pitch loading capacity or LED quantity which you cannot exceed at any cost. So, determine how many control card you will need by considering the specifications of the control card and pixel density.

Note: The Loading Capacity of the control card should be higher than pixel density of the giant LED screen.

Source of Power and Wiring

Since LED modules do not have a big space, you should be using a small and low profile power supplies to lighten the giant LED screen. You can either go for UL approved or CE approved, based on the demand.

As for the wiring, it will be in zigzag order. You will start from the power supply and connect one wire to the power input of one module and then pass the wire through its power output and connect to the power input of the next module and so on. You will continue this process until you are done connected the last module.


Now that you are aware of the important factors or elements of a giant LED screen, it should be easy to make one on your own. Give it a try and see how the results will come out.

Difference between Floor LED Screen and Advertising LED Display Screen

Being a business or brand owner, or just someone promoting the brand; we’ve all ended up looking for LED screens to do the job better. Hence, a LED screen might be quite obvious and common to us. However, when it comes to buying an advertising LED screen (the common one we find everyone around us), you must have surely heard about the new type of LED screen, i.e. floor LED screen. Now I’m calling this new because most of us aren’t well aware of what this is – as a common LED screen has always been enough to perform our task.

floor led screen

However, everyone loves change and exploring new options. Moreover, as along as something as unique as a LED screen is concerned, who wouldn’t want to explore the new option here? Of course, we all would. However, when it comes to trusting a interactive floor LED display, is it the same as an advertising LED screen? Now I’m sure you have all these questions and much more on the exact difference between both these LED screens. That is why; I’m here to help you out here. So let’s go ahead and discover everything below in detail.

What Is a Floor LED Screen?

As obvious as the name suggests, a floor LED display is simply a display screen on the floor. This makes it quite related to the advertising LED display in terms of the display effect. However, that doesn’t mean that its features are also the same as advertising LED.

Simply put, the additional that comes along with a floor display includes the property of interactive entertainment, which allows users to communicate with the items produced on the video. However, that’s not all; as these types of LED displays are also very strong and can hold heavyweight. Since these LED displays consist of floor fitting, this is quite an obvious feature of the display screen. Additionally, the strong property of these screens makes them hard to tremble with any sort of weight on them.

Now that we’re on the chapter of the features offered by both the screen displays, you might be confused about the difference between them. Now since the above-mentioned working criteria of both these SMD LED screens might not be enough to please you in terms of their difference, let’s go ahead and explore that below.


The three different aspects that differentiate both these LED screens include;

  1. Functioning Difference:

 The advertising LED screen works as a common out-of-home advertising option that is present on the outer walls of buildings, shopping malls, and even subways. Other than that, the functioning of these screens includes; date displaying, photo, and video playing that combines with sound effects that let you visually hear the effects of multi-sensory stimulation.

Whereas, when it comes to a floor display screen, you can consider its display and magnification functions similar to that of a common advertising display. This similarity is simply because of the development of these screens are based completely on an advertising LED display. However, that’s not all, as the updated feature of this screen includes an intelligent interactive function.

  • Positioning and Outcome Difference:

The positioning of advertising LED display revolves on the advertising of single brands near business districts. Simply put, people appearing for shopping view these displays and absorb information from different brands. As a result, these screens urge customers to make purchases according to the brand they’re promoting. 

Now, on the other hand, a floor LED screen doesn’t serve in publicizing any brand or business. Instead, due to the active interaction that it serves us with; the customers and visitors gain more interest in curiosity in it. As a result, these screens attract more customers and gather them in public places like shopping malls, public squares, and other welfare places.

  • Site or Surrounding requirements:

Now it doesn’t matter what sort of advertisement you are playing on the screen. All you need to look for in terms of site and surrounding is that the fitting of an advertising screen revolves around public places. When you set it up in a place with a larger audience, the ad gets a higher exposure rate. As a result, it increases the transmission efficiency and enhances the advertising effect causing a higher purchase rate overall. 

 However, when it comes to a floor LED display, the fun experience produced by it makes it easier to attract more customers. Therefore, these screens don’t demand installation in a high traffic place. Instead, they can easily gather higher traffic around them while giving them a fun experience.


Promoting your brand and business can be quite interesting when it comes to using advanced and helpful technologies like LED display. However, with the different options available in the market, one can always be confused about their performance efficiency. Therefore, before you end up investing in any kind of screen blindly, you must have a clearer idea of the options you are considering.

Now keeping this in mind, the above-mentioned details must have surely cleared up many of your queries in terms of advertising LED screen and a floor LED screen, right? So what’s the wait for now? It’s time you go ahead and invest in the best option according to your brand and business needs, and get that promotion started. Happy promoting!

How to Become a Successful LED Display Distributor and Reseller

Distributors and Resellers

Being a manufacturer or a supplier, you have to sell your products to your customers, in order to make that happen working with distributors and retailers both within your home country and abroad holds great importance. The margin of profit that an LED display distributor gets can range from 3% to around 30% of the sale price and that of a retailer can be from very little to 60%, all of this depends upon the type pf product the firm is offering and the one responsible for payment of the marketing activities. The distributor is the middle man between the manufacturer and the retailer or the business that is buying the product which can be because of certain reasons. The distributor can have a chain of distribution which can include a global distributor selling to specialized distributors, some markets have no retailers for example the ones operating in B2B distribution. The LED display market size is ever growing and there is a lot of potential in terms of profit for the distributors and resellers.

DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm
DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm

LED Display Distributor

A lot of the contractors cannot always guide their customers about the specifications of the products and cannot tell them a lot about the details which are required in order to solve customers’ queries. Since their main focus is the management of the business, however in order to be successful in this domain a few questions that you, as a distributor, can ask yourself which include your interest in selling LED displays, your interest in profiting from the increased cash flows and the growing trend and reason behind the expansion of LED market

An important thing is to have close contact with the LED display manufacturer in order to grow your knowledge about LED displays and to be able to satisfy the customers’ questions. With the passage of time your conversations with your LED display manufacturer about the product specifications and the spaces will develop and that will also expand your knowledge of the LED display and its related products. An ideal manufacturer would be the one offering an audit or a spreadsheet with the knowledge of the kWhs saved, the return on investment achieved and related insights. These sheets and materials also provide you with an image that you can present in front of the customer. The knowledge of certain things like the type of facility the customer requires whether it’s an on-site manufacturing, a warehouse one or an office space, the type of fixture or the lamp, if it requires high bays, tubes, wall packs etc. The wattage of the lamps that you have, the line voltage which is important for the LED installer since LED products are voltage specific, and most importantly what does the customer requires from you and the purpose behind it are some of the very important details you need to look into before getting into LED display distributor business. The more you talk about the product and its correct specifications, more the customer is going to trust you.

Some Dos and Don’ts

Usually the supply of the products from the manufacturer to the distributor takes some time and there’s obviously lead time which is unavoidable and in some cases it can get extended due to various reasons and to counter that the LED display distributor needs to have good inventory management and the key to that is to have a partner that has adequate inventory before you place an order and having an access to their inventory and keeping spare inventory can actually prove to be beneficial for the distributor in times of crisis and will also help in keeping the customers content and show to them that you’re reliable.

One should also avoid online retailers since the check and balance in terms of online retailing from the receiving end is close to minimum. The chances of you getting scammed are great, there is a lack of quality control, a lack of payment protection where your payment can get stuck and you might not receive the desired product well in time or at all. The fear of fake brands is again all time high and for such high priced electronic products an unknown retailer is not advised.

Authentic LED Display Manufacturers

In order to find the right LED display manufacturer, you’ll have to look into certain things such as a good manufacturer will attend the big LED lighting shows. It is also significant to meet the potential clients by an LED display distributor in order to check their authenticity. It is also important to check for certifications such as UL and DLC compliance, including the working conditions of the workers and if they are being met with the standard. A genuine manufacturer will also guide you through the management of the product and all the important details. Keeping the overall process low-cost and still being able to be competitive is an important trick to get hold of. The business process should be proficient and you will have to avoid any costly steps that are doubtful and lead to a loss.

As an LED display distributor when you partner with an experienced LED display manufacturer you have the surety that you’re purchasing the right product that fulfills your customers’ needs and provides them with warranties, the products you’ll be providing will have minimum amounts of defects which can be replaced in a timely manner when need be. They will also communicate with you the needs and their solutions that you’re going to come across the process of selling and feedback. You’ll also get to learn a lot about the products and will be able to make sales more effectively and be more ready to talk about the product details. You should also keep a hold of the catalog of your manufacturer which can come in handy and can also help you in identifying the products that are relevant and their specifications. Establishing a direct contact with your manufacturer is again very important and can ensure that you can get in touch with the right person whenever there’s a need.

P2.6 vs. P2.97 vs. P3.91 vs. P4.81 LED display panel, which is Preferred?

An LED display panel is quite a common term for most of us since they’re widely found in our streets, malls, and even inside our home. However, even with the knowledge of the wondrous of uses conducted by these LED displays, you can’t be sure to buy one for your business promotions or personal use. A simple reason to that can be the lack of complete knowledge of how an LED panel is created, and what features perform in serving you with their specific task.

Specifically, one of the major technical units is a pixel pitch of an LED display. This unit simply determines the measurement for the manufacturers and allows the buyers to determine the resolution and image quality of the display they buy. Briefly, a pixel pitch helps you to consider options like the display size, the viewing distance, the resolution, and the cost of your LED display screen.

DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm
DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm

Now to clear up your views and help you gain a better understanding of the pixels of an LED display panel, let’s discuss the term and some of the common pixels like p2.6 led screen, p3.91 led screen, p4.81 led screen.

What is a Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch is a highly important aspect of your LED panel because it determines the optimal viewing distance of the display. Concisely, a pixel or a pixel pitch is the distance covered from the center of an LED cluster or package, towards the center of the next LED cluster or package. This distance is measured in millimeters (mm) and can be measured below, beside or above the next LED package.

Now for a more detailed overview of what a pixel pitch is and how it serves in the performance of an LED display, let’s discuss some of the key aspects below.

  • These LED packages are mounted on backplates or circuit boards that are named as LED modules. As a result, they help enhance or decrease the viewing distance of an LED display. Additionally, this viewing distance determines whether an LED module consisting of a specific pixel pitch can be used only indoors or even outdoor usage.
  • Now when it comes to determining the viewing distance of an LED module, the basic rule is to finalize a small pixel pitch for a closer viewing distance. While on the other hand, a higher pixel pitch is determined to have a larger viewing distance.
  • However, that’s certainly not all to what a pixel pitch serves us with, as these LED packages mounted in a module also determine the cost of the LED display. Since these LED packages simply enhance the quality and performance of an LED display, they are, undoubtedly, what takes up most of the manufacturing costs. This simply means that the more LED packages you demand, the more the cost would increase.

Different Pixel Pitches and Their Features:

But wait! This certainly isn’t all to a pixel pitch. That’s because other than the viewing distance and the cost that is enhanced or decreased according to the amount of LED packages present in an LED display module; the different pixel pitches, their sizes, and view distance; all matter here. So let’s discuss them below.

  1. p2.6 LED Screen:

This pixel pitch has a 2m optimal viewing distance. As a result, if you’re investing in a p2.6 LED screen, you must install it somewhere people can view it at a distance of 2 meters.

  • p2.97 LED Screen:

This pixel pitch has a 3m optimal viewing distance. Now, this simply means that similar to the previous pixel module; a p2.97 LED screen has to be installed somewhere people can view it at a distance of 3 meters.

  • p3.91 LED Screen:

This pixel pitch has a 4m optimal viewing distance. Hence, installing a p3.91 LED screen at a distance of 4 meters can ensure that the customers gain appropriate viewing quality from the LED display.

  • p4.81 LED Screen:

This pixel pitch has a 5m optimal viewing distance. So like we mentioned in the previous pixel pitches, a p4.81 LED screen should be installed anywhere people can view it at a distance of 5m or more (not lesser than that.

Which One is Better?

With all the above discussion, it’s obvious for anyone to stop and think of what can be the better or best pixel option here, right? Well, as long as you’re viewing an LED display at a distance that is suitable according to its pixel pitch; all of them serve with an equal quality display resolution. However, determining the indoor or outdoor usage of an LED display mainly depends upon the size of the cabinet of the display screen.

Other than that, if our LED display screen’s need is to be installed at a larger scale or a huge distance from the audience, you might only be investing more in lower pixel pitches. Simply put, a lower viewing distance is only preferable for those who are looking for indoor and personal LED display usage.

Doit Vision Matrix 500 Rental LED Display Advantages

Matrix 500 series is one of the most popular rental LED video panels in the market in 2019, 20,000 panels has been sold globally, calculation by DOIT VISION till Dec,2019.

What are the reasons behind the phenomenon success, especially in the tight competition market? Why it is different? What are the unique features?

rental led display

Essentially, Matrix 500 series does not have a big jump in the electronic technology, or deploy any new material. However, it is a complete optimization from a tiny screw, it was like a completely re-creation of masterpiece with standards of professional technician, content creator, installation crew; instead of a common solution for mass production in the price-sensitive market. A lot of homework has been done before taking into action, DOIT team has analysis from the end-users market, brainstorms with video producer, experience crew members, the led display manufacturer experience as manufacturer also involved.

As a versatile LED video available for temporary and fix installation, Matrix series has a wide range of pixel pitch and brightness, applications for indoor and outdoor. Pixel pitch from 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm for indoor and 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm for outdoor purpose. Powered by the Novastar A4/A5/A8 receiving card, bring the high quality and grayscale visual effects.

Quality first, keen price

Even though nowadays the market is buying for price, especially unknowing the differences between competition brands. Matrix 500 series laser focus on quality by utilizing the branded raw materials from every small piece of component, such as Alpha soldering paste, copper Deposition pcb, gold plating connector pins, certified power supply units, high standard cables, which are invisible in specifications. But they assure the stability for years of use and bringing substantial reduction in regular maintenance.

User-based and user-friendly

A lot of nice-looking LED video panel when come into play maybe not be so friendly. Stubborn, difficult to install and maintain, lots of adjustment for flatness alignment etc creating headaches. Matrix 500 made all things simple and handy, cancellation of flanking handles but positioning in the mid of the cabinet alongside with the pre-locking system makes single man installation super easy. All 4 pcs of LED modules for each panel are with N40 strong magnets, result in the ease of front and back maintenance. In addition, the take out of LED modules is done by a new vacuum suction tool instead of the old heavy magnetic ones, handier and reduction of damages of fragile surface of the screen.

Modular design, one platform, all pixel pitches

Users hates to keep large inventory of LED videos panels with different models, variable sizes, shape, and dedicate spare parts. The whole Matrix 500 series for all pixel pitch, share the same Modular panel frame equipped with power and controlling box, connectors, only LED modules are different. Which means most of the spare parts such as power box, cables, reconceiving cards are in universal use. Only acquiring of new LED modules in different pixel pitches instead of the whole new panel becomes possible, that is nice part for future upgrading of stock under restricted budgetary.

Creative installation

Video producers always try to recreate eye-catching visual, Matrix 500 supports curve installation of concave / convex, max 15 degrees. Dislocation installation, hanging over head, floor stacking system

Benefits of LED Walls vs. Projector Display

The use of multimedia projectors has been fairly common and taken as the preferred form of solution however with ever evolving and changing technology and because of that the indoor LED wall panels and LED video panels are now becoming the better choice due to a number of reasons and one of them being the better return on investment (ROI) they provide with time. With the number of participants decreasing in outdoor activities and preferring in home or online services it is important for various event organizers to provide them with additional value as in incentive for them to visit in store or outdoor activities by providing multimedia display solutions. LED wall panels are making that improvement greatly possible and the benefits they provide have been listed down below.

led video wall

Benefits of an LED Display

  • Economic Value

LED video panels require a much higher initial investment however, projectors aren’t that cheap either. Talking about the life, ROI, operational costs, LED displays tend to prove to be much more financially beneficial. The electrical consumption of LED wall panels isn’t necessarily low since it depends on the quality of its components similarly not all projectors consume high voltage. LED displays having a 5-year warranty should be preferred so that they can cover the initial cost and you can repair the damages if there are any within that time period, which have a fairly low rate, after which it will function smoothly.

  • Lifespan

The longevity of even the most good quality projectors is not comparable with that of LED displays, medium quality LED displays last up to 7-10 years whereas the industrial quality projectors have a life of around 3 years. The reason behind which is that projectors emit all of its light and heat from one concentrated place which makes the electrical components degrade at a faster rate.

  • Brightness

The brightness in the case of projectors needs an unobstructed path and low light in the overall surroundings otherwise the image becomes distorted however that is not the case for LED wall panels since the light is being emitted from the surface of the display which also works well in outdoor settings and doesn’t cause a hindrance for the one viewing the display. The brightness of an LED display is 3.426 times that of a projector and both are measured in different units which is NIT for an LED display and it needs to be 600 NITs or above to ensure a good quality image regardless of the ambient light.

  • Image Quality

Projectors have been famous for providing the best definition however now due to the Surface Mount Diode (SMD) technology in which all the three diodes that is red, green and blue are mounted together in a small diode which allows creating the highest definition display available in the market so far. Often times the picture of a projector appears fuzzy or hazy which is due to the fact that white surface do not rightly give off dark tones which is why the image looks out of focus, for that reason it is important to have a good level of contrast so the image produced can be of high definition. LED video panels have louvers and casings that dissipate light in a way in which the image comes across with high contrast. Dark tones and black backgrounds aid in making the image crisp and visible at a huge distance.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance and cleanup of projectors are a costly activity since they regular cleaning of its lens, bulbs, internal components on a regular basis and since they are a height it makes it a difficult, lengthy and costly process of cleaning them up. LED wall panels are designed in a way which requires the minimum amount of maintenance, even when there is a need to replace a part you can have a basic knowledge about the tools and you’ll be to fix the problem and a lot of LED wall manufactures provide you technical support as well.

  • Uniqueness

Everywhere the need to increase the attendees exist and the need to provide them with value, in order to keep the audience engaged you need to provide them with the quality of image that stands out and is not damaging to their eyes which means brightness and contrast should be well adjusted. To create an environment that is engaging the audience, unique and stimulates their interest holds utmost importance. LED video panels enables this along with advanced system which holds up to their production value and does not require a lot of learning in order to operate which makes them more effective and efficient The training of operating the device and its support is also being provided by most manufacturers which allows the whole set up and running procedure to be very smooth and trouble free with little to no additional cost.

Why do you Need Large Concert LED Screens?

LED Wall Technology

The LED wall technology enables the event organizer to be able to engage with audience members in a better throughout the entire event, which has also become a very common way to display your content at all types of events be it a huge concert, a marathon, fancy gala, private movie night. It’s almost a guaranteed thing that LED video wall will be present, no matter the occasion. In the past, LED screens used to be something that the organizers wanted however, now it has become one of the most significant part of outdoor activities and performances. The music festivals and concerts greatly use LED screens to increase the amount of fun and excitement among their viewers and to boost up the energy among them.

concert led screens

Concert LED Screens

Whether you’re planning a concert night or a Coachella, LED screens for concert could be used as such to grab the attention of the audience, if you’re planning to invite well renowned artists and singers you need to make sure that the attendees could still be able to view on-stage happenings. The current trend includes creative flexible LED display scenic, blow through design, risers and DJ booth and multiple backstage LED walls all of which are fairly common and add to the scenic beauty of the whole event.

The type of the system mainly used is a large number of LED screens fixed together or overlapped in a manner in which a much larger screen is produced. The advantages of these concert LED screens are great in number ranging from greater screen area to a better pixel density and providing you with a customized layout making them a great choice for concert planners as well as other event planners.

If you haven’t made use of concert LED screens in your past events perhaps you should consider them now due to the various reasons such as their long lives which can add life to your event. The large video displays play a huge part in making the events much more memorable by adding to the ambience and the atmosphere. For huge settings the screens also ensure that the audience will be able to see the performers on stage even though they aren’t very close to the stage, hence increases audience engagement. Which also helps them in being able to take better pictures of the event. Aside from having one large concert LED screen you can also install flown screens in strategic areas of your venue which can cater to the audience which are seated far from the stage and provide them with better visibility.(want to know calculate stag led screen size ?)

Uses and Benefits of Concert LED Screens

Having a huge screen can also allow you to categorize the seats, the VIP ones in the front and you won’t have to worry a lot about the ones seated at the back since the screen would be enough to provide them with a better view. You can also broadcast your whole event live which can increase your audience base while using the cameras positioned at various places right there and then for the audience to view.

While having a stage without using a concert LED screen you would have to worried about stage alleviation and its visibility and the seating areas in the venue however, when using an LED screen it makes it way easier to set up the stage but you still have to look after certain important factors which includes using the right light since the LED screen already emits bright lights and the rest of the lighting set up should complement the bright lights especially in line with the backdrop. It is a great idea to have pre-existing backdrops such as trees and wall which definitely add to the overall ambience and the vibe.

Raising the stage is another thing that can be done to enhance the visibility for the audience seated at the back alongside having an LED screen. Considering the placement of your advertising materials such as LED signs and digital signage. LED screens can help you erect a conventional stage saving a lot of your cost and can make the event a memorable one and shape the environment into a fun and vibrant one.

By having a larger LED display screen your options will become broader as to how you can increase the entertainment for the audience including your pre-production content, live broadcast and other various videos. All of these can help make your event memorable and joyous and the big-impact events do not necessarily have to be very expensive rather the preparation of the venue and everything has to be proper and well thought out.

Sponsors also have a higher incentive to make donations to your event when you have a concert LED screen so you also need to make sure of the fact that your sponsors are aware of you having one.

Front Access LED Display vs Rear Back LED Dispaly Screen

A LED screen comprises of a case, a main board and a number of LED display modules. The case consists of a front surface, a back surface and an opening between the front and the back surface. The front surface has one window, the main board gets inserted in the case from the opening, where its front surface can be viewed from the window. Each LED display module has a LED display unit, a PCB driving board and a base for supporting it. The scope of LED screens is huge in terms of branding and advertising, can be used for creating publicity or other promotional activities, they are much more beneficial than the indoor static ones since they are portable and can be used in all sorts of conditions and environment.

The target audience can greatly increase with the use of LED display screen due to its high visibility and size. Its use in outdoor events such as tournaments can bring the audience to live events rather than using their television sets for it. The LED screens have a lot of electronic elements inside hence access to the interior is very important which is available in the form of Front Access LED Display, and Rear Back LED Display to ensure the correct type of maintenance. They can be used for video-conferencing, in studios, for meetings or anywhere to increase the efficiency of the meeting.

front access led display

Front Access LED Display

The front access design of LED display makes the LED panel available from the front, which makes it suitable for locations where there is little to less space available for maintenance. This module also makes it easier and faster to assemble and disassemble the screen, which can save a lot of time and labor cost. With the front access LED module, you just have to find the fault module and fix it from the front directly. In installations where the screen is placed on a wall or façade one must use front access LED display otherwise the access to the system would be very time taking and tedious. The frontal maintenance can be carried out in three ways i.e. through a lock mechanism, magnetic system and a system with front screws.

Improved Version

A new improvement of this model has been the one offering double maintenance i.e. via both frontal and rear doors. This allows greater flexibility which allows the user to access the fault bilaterally with no need for specific placements. The ability to access the system through both the front and rear the maintenance becomes easier further regardless of the positioning of the screen.

Since the screen isn’t very thick it makes the LED display extremely light and non-invasive. The screen is specifically designed and tested to work under any weather conditions, the brightness being handled automatically is another factor which ensures maximum visibility and also prevents visual fatigues even after long hours of usage with a huge reduction in the energy consumption. The whole software design of this system allows easy composition of LED billboards of almost every size.(Want to know how to make money with led billborad?)

rear back led display

Rear Back LED Display

The screen and rear maintenance has door-like openings to access the interior. This system is fairly common and we see it in a lot of indoor and outdoor led screens, however if it is being used outdoor the placement of the door to access the system should be in a way that it prevents water leakage. The rear back LED display model makes it difficult to locate the fault module and you’ll have to spend a lot of time in trying to find the fault and then fix it. The cabinets are most commonly made up of steel but aluminum is also often used, however the cabling isn’t visible from outside in both the cases and the rear access can be made through a door which uses a key. The cabinets are also equipped with thermostat fans for temperature control and high performance switch supplies.

The only significant difference between front access LED display and rear back LED display is the amount of access they provide in which case the frontal access is easier and does not require a lot of labor and is also less time consuming when they are placed on a wall as far as the back access is concerned it is easier in the case of standing systems and the billboards etc. however a much newer technology exists which makes it possible to access from both the front and back and hence provides the features of both and works better under all conditions. The front access LED display is a much newer technology and more sustainable in terms of its life, ease of use, led display energy consumption, overall maintenance and labor costs and various other attributes.

LED Poster Screen Vs. Common Advertising LED Screens?

When it comes to marketing your business or brand, LED display screens are one of the most suitable options in the market. However, these screens are present in various varieties in the market. From a led poster screen to advertising led screen and much more, the variety of led screens for promoting your brand in a unique and yet, anticipating way is present in a wide variety.

However, if we talk about the most basic and popular types of led screen displays that most preferred by brands and businesses; the led poster screen and advertising led screen, both serve as an effective and reliable option. But most of us might not be very familiar with both these types of led screen displays and how they are better from one another, right?

Well to help you out on that, and make sure you make an efficient marketing decision for your brand; let’s discuss everything important in detail below.

led poster screen

What is the LED Poster Screen?

These screens are known to be static screens and have evolved from normal advertising screens. It shows a static picture on the screen, which is in the form of a timing switch. This picture is a subversion of the original dynamic playback and the sound image mode LED the mirror screen. Concisely, we can consider these screens to be advance as well as related to an advertising led screen.

What is a LED Advertising Screen?

The description of a common advertising led screen isn’t too intense, as it’s something we commonly find in our surroundings. Most of the commonly found led screens in the streets and malls are the led ones. However, if you’re looking for a straightforward idea of how these screens work, then you can consider them to display the static or video-based advertisement you choose. This advertisement is displayed on the screen with illuminant high definition graphics. Additionally, since this type of led screen is more familiar and widely used around the world; they are highly versatile and portable.

The Working Differences:

  • Design and Making:

A led poster screen has a lightweight, front maintenance, and fashionable making that makes it extremely easy and flexible for you to install. Also, this user-friendly making of a poster led display lets you utilize the screen in a variety of installation needs and ways.

However, on the other hand, a led advertising screen also serves as a lightweight and user-friendly advertising option for your business or brand. The decent and attractive frames of these screens make them a lot more attractive and equally flexible for usage in multiple platforms.

  • Working and Operation:

The poster displays can be easily operated through advertising plug and play. However, if you want to use a smarter way to control these screens, then you also have access to a mobile app that allows intelligent monitoring and management of the advertisement through a remote. Also, the larger area and broader perspective of these led displays provide the viewers with a stronger and more attractive visual impact.

In comparison to this, the advertising led screen allows you to avail straightforward and simple advertising management. This is possible through the supplied CMS and led display control software that comes along with the screen. Hence, you can easily manage your advertisements here too. Other than that, this display screen also provides you with an outstanding resolution and quality. This quality presence creates an interesting view and makes the overall location more mesmerizing.

  • Customer Attraction:

As long as the led screen pleases and amazes the customers, it is most likely to serve as an efficient advertising option for your brand. Talking about this, if we consider the role of a poster led screen in terms of satisfying the viewers, it’s certainly something you can rely on. Thanks to the obvious color and sharpness of these screens, the viewer’s enjoy a detailed still state that can easily deal with close-up ink.

Now if we talk about a led advertising screen solution for outdoor usage, these screens can display high-quality digital content for a broader audience. As a result, the overall enriching graphic quality of these screens generates the interest of a wider audience and increases your audience and their inquiries.

  • Advanced Working:

A poster led screen serves as a highly advanced advertising option when it comes to its advanced features. This is due to the multiple features like fast and slow phenomenon, the control management system, the second’s display of static images, and information dissemination. Now, this is a lot to attract your audience appealingly.

However, an advertising led screen is highly suitable in terms of its advanced working too. Since it includes real-time updates and edits on the advertising, wireless technology, and advanced software portals; there’s no way you can miss the smart viewers targeting here. As a result, you can make instant changes according to your targeting needs, and keep the led screen ready at all times.

So Which One is Better?

Altogether, if we talk about both the different led screens and compare their performance, it’s hard to determine which is better than the other. A simple reason to that can be the different usage ease both of them can serve us with.  Now whether you use a poster screen or an advertising one, they both have an outstanding and attractive graphical display.

But if we talk about the usage, a led poster screen is preferred for versatile indoor and outdoor freestanding led advertising solutions. Where on the other hand, advertising led screen is present in a variety of sizes (on order) and can be perfect to make a broader amount of audience’s viewing.


Precisely, the determination of a better option depends upon your advertising needs, and how much audience you want to target. And once that’s settled, nothing is stopping you from attracting your viewers with the outstanding graphics of these led screens.

OLED vs. LED vs LCD Display: Which is Best Display for You?

Buying a new TV can be quite a challenge, because today, there are tons of efficient and high-quality options to choose from. One of the basic TV types is a LED display screen, which is quite well-known and preferred by people. However, if you’ve wandered through some markets to find the best TV option, you must have been suggested an OLED display.

This OLED display is one of the advanced and more high-quality options for television. However, not many are well familiar with this type of LCD display. And which the lack of understanding and familiarity, you might not be able to make the best decision here. So to help you out on this, let’s go ahead and discover both of the displays and how do they differ from each other.

OLED vs. LED vs LCD Display: Which is Best Display for You? 5


An LED display is quite a common LCD display which is widely spread in the entire TV market. Now this display is made of an LCD panel that includes pixels that aren’t visible but they play the role of creating the images on the TV. Additionally, this type of LCD display also consists of a backlight. This backlight simply shines through the pixels, which in result makes the display screen show its colors and image.


The OLED TV, i.e. the organic light-emitting diode consists of a unique and unusual working property. This means that this display portrays light and color with the help of a single diode, which works through electricity. Hence, an OLED display doesn’t use a separate backlight to portray the color and images on the screen. Instead, this display’s pixels portray a self-continued light and color on the screen for you.

Comparison Between OLED and LED Display:

Now the above –mentioned details may be quite obvious on the making of both the LED and the OLED screen. But when it comes to understanding the benefits of both the display options, there’s a lot more to consider than just the making. Some such basic and highly important aspects you should consider include:

  • Blackness Level:

The blackness of any display is the most important aspect that portrays a quality image on the screen. So undoubtedly, the deep blacks of a display let you avail a picture that is rich in colors and has higher contrast.

Talking about this, the most blackness level is present in an OLED TV. This is because, when it comes to an LED TV, the display usually suffers to support extreme dark black. This suffering and lack of blackness level are simply due to the LED’s backlight. As a result, the display often faces a light bleed issue.

In comparison to this, an OLED screen doesn’t suffer from any blackness level problem. Its main reason is that this display has no backlight. Hence, without any electricity access, there wouldn’t be any light; and so, the whole screen will remain black (unlike the traditional LED TV’s).

  • Brightness Level:

Other than the blackness level, the brightness is also one of the most important aspects that determine the quality of a display. In this aspect, the LED display serves well in creating efficient brightness levels. That’s because the light produced by the backlights is reserved, with the help of the quantum dots.

But on the other hand, an OLED TV doesn’t even perform a bad job in producing brightness. Also, the extreme black levels of this display create an efficient contrast of brightness and the dark spots on the screen. However, this doesn’t mean that you can keep your OLED screen to its maximum brightness all the time. In this way, the display screen would simply end up having a reduced lifespan.

Hence, considering this factor, one can only consider the LED TV as a much better option in terms of portraying high-levels of brightness without affecting the performance of the display screen.

  • Color Brightness:

Without a high-quality color performance of a display screen, there’s no way you’ll be able to enjoy the TV’s performance. Talking about this, there’s no doubt that the advanced option of TV, i.e. the OLED display, serves as a better option in terms of the color portrayal. These display’s quality ratio contrast gives an extra touch to it, in terms of the HDR performance in dark rooms.

However, when it comes to an LED TV, the presence of improved backlight purity makes the quantum dots serve these displays with higher and better color accuracy, color brightness, and color volume. So, if you go for a premium LED screen, then you can also avail a top-notch production of well-saturated colors when it’s brightness levels are extreme.

Altogether, if you are looking for a TV with HDR, then you can surely rely on either one of these display screens.

  • Quality Lifespan:

Now we all look for a home appliance that has a larger lifespan because that’s what will pay for the price in the long run. Therefore, when it comes to a TV display screen, both the OLED and the LED TV serves well in terms of the lifespan. That’s because LED’s have served well in the long run, whereas, the OLED TV’s guarantee to serve equally well for about 54 years – if you keep watching on it for five hours daily.

Now we’ve all been familiar with an LED screen for a while, and that makes it highly reliable in terms of a longer lifespan. But when it comes to an OLED screen, they haven’t been around for long to prove their long lifespan. So undoubtedly, there aren’t any risks in this criterion when it comes to an LED TV.

  • Screen Size:

Now the size of the screen varies according to the demand of your TV room’s space, or what you’re willing to invest in. but when it comes to going for the largest screens for a clearer and better view; LED’s serve the best. Even though the improvement in the OLED manufacturing has introduced larger screens over time – while being at least 88 inches max. But that still doesn’t cross the LED display that can easily reach a 100-inch size screen.  So that’s certainly a plus one for the LED screens.

Which one is Better?

Lastly, now that we’ve discussed all the major aspects of an LED and OLED screen, you might be thinking about which one is a better option for you, right? Well, if we talk about the more reliable option in both the displays, you can surely rely on LED screens to be the better and more reliable TV option for your home.

However, if you’re looking for something more advanced in terms of technology; then an OLED display is certainly the better option. Simply put, both the TV’s have been serving well in the home appliance criteria since quite a while now. But the question of which one is the best option for you can be answered according to your display needs and budget. So think clearly and choose wisely!

500 x 500mm VS 500 x 1000mm Rental LED Display Panel

An LED display panel is quite appealing to attract more and better customers towards your business. The appealing and attractive graphical appearance of your business on a LED screen is certainly one of the best ways you can perform the promotion and commercialism. But other than having a fixed display panel, there is always an option of having a rental LED display panel too. Not familiar with it? Let’s discuss it in detail then.

500 x 500mm VS 500 x 1000mm Rental LED Display Panel 6

Rental LED Display Panel:

A rental LED display panel is certainly better than a fixed LED display panel. One of the major reasons for having a rental LED display is to avail a high-quality and easy-to-use result out of it. This is because the fixed LED display panels tend to be more suitable for just a specific location, they can’t be moved, and they take quite some time and effort to be installed. However, a rental one can serve you with just the opposite.

But all this is just about the benefit of a rental LED display panel and how it serves you as an efficient option. Now, what about the size of a rental LED display? That’s also a highly important and critical aspect of promoting your business with an indoor or outdoor LED display. Now to help you understand the different sizes/measurements – let’s go ahead and discuss it below.

Different Sizes of LED Display Panel:

Talking about the different sizes of a rental LED display panels, the most common and widely used le display sizes are either 500mm rental LED panel or 1000mm rental LED panel are some that would surely come your way when hiring a rental LED display panel. The role of either the 500mm rental LED panel or the 1000mm rental LED panel simply depends on how easily viewable these display panels are; according to your installing location.

But that’s certainly not all to it, as there can be more features that differ in both these sizes of a rental LED display panel. This may include the installation ease, the graphical result, the usage of each of the sizes; and much more. So to help you figure out which one is more suitable according to your needs, let’s discuss some beneficial features that come along with a 1000mm rental LED panel and a 500mm rental LED panel.

Beneficial Features of Different Sizes:

500 x 500mm Rental LED Panel

Having a 500mm rental LED panel can be quite suitable for outdoor needs and usages. These rental LED displays are frequently and widely used in indoor led display events,stage, concert, show, banquet, wedding stage screen background, public advertising; and other similar commercial needs. Precisely, you can use these display panels for any outdoor needs including commercial advertising, live broadcast needs, or rental business. Some of the benefits that come along with a 500mm display panel include;

  • Most of these LED displays consist of a wide view angle of 40 degrees for both the vertical and horizontal sides.
  • Frequently, a 500mm LED display panel consists of a 50000 hours life span – which makes it highly suitable for longer commercial usage.
  • You can avail a close view distance of these displays and surely avail a quality performance out of them.
  • The rental design of these displays makes them extremely easy to install anywhere by simply hanging or fixing anywhere without using tools.
  • These display panels serve as a silent LED display option; making them a healthy option for your environment – while also being quick to maintain.

500 x 1000mm Rental LED Panel

A 1000mm rental LED panel is a highly suitable and preferred advertisement option for both indoor and outdoor needs. Now, these can be a bit small in dimension measurements, but they serve as a perfect high brightness LED display panel option that can serve your customers with an extremely clear view under the sun. Some other benefits include:

  • A 1000mm rental LED panel comes with a design of a decent flat appearance; being easy to carry and fit anywhere. This also adds a prestigious touch to the rental LED display panel.
  • Most of these LED display panels come with a die-casting aluminum molding; making them a lot more advanced and a lightweight option for your business promotion.
  • With the help of its ultra-thin rental cabinet, the joint stacking feature, and fast locks; you can easily and quickly set up and install these display panels.
  • Finally, the high definition and quality of display effect of a 1000mm rental LED panel give an appealing and attractive look for a large distance; whether the panel is installed under the sun or indoors.


Now the different sizes of a LED display panel don’t do much difference when it comes to performing the job efficiently, as it all depends upon the quality of a display panel and the led display manufacturer you’re trusting. But when it comes to figuring out whether a 500mm rental LED panel is suitable or a 1000mm rental LED panel is preferred – one can easily determine it according to their usage needs.

Since both of the sizes/measurements of a display provide you with an efficient display in different locations. Hence, you can’t just blindly go with what appeals to you more. So make sure you choose smartly!

How to Handle Heat Dissipation of Giant Outdoor LED Screen in Summer?

The smart technologies and devices most often face heating issues, which further affects the performance of the device. This heat dissipation can either be a cause of the direct summer heat contact, or an issue of uneven or unorganized usage of a device. As a result, most of the time highly-efficient results we demand vanishes away from the device; due to the heating dissipation faced by it. Now at times like this, you can’t avoid placing a device outdoor or use it the least when your demands are more, right?

giant outdoor led display

Hence, one needs to learn about some beneficial ways to handle the heating dissipation of giant outdoor led screen Talking about ways to handle heating dissipation, one of the most important modern devices that face this issue is a giant LED screen. Now if you’re someone who is facing the same and wants a proper handling solution for your LED screen, then let’s go ahead and discover everything further in detail.

Giant LED Screen and Heat Dissipation:

Facing heating dissipation on a giant LED screen isn’t always an issue, especially when you’re using it indoors where there’s always an air-conditioner working to cool down your device. As a result, the heat produced by a LED screen during usage due to high brightness doesn’t produce that much heat. However, if we talk about outdoor LED screens, this LED screen requires a lot more brightness levels for a clear view. Additionally, an outdoor LED display faces direct sunlight, making it even harder to avoid heating dissipation during summers.

This causes a lot of energy wastage of the LED and causes problems in its working. But don’t worry if you don’t want to face the same, as there are always suitable ways to handle the heating dissipation issue of your giant LED screen. Also, with the help of such effective methods of handling heat dissipation in your P10 LED screen, you can ensure that your screen pays you off well. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and talk about some suitable methods you can practice.

Ways to Handle Heat Dissipation:

There are plenty of ways to handle the heating dissipation of your giant LED screen and assure that it performs just perfectly for your business or promotional needs. However, if you’re looking for some of the most effective and commonly practices that help you do so, we’ve discussed them below.

  • One of the cheap and highly effective methods of reducing heat dissipation on your giant LED screen is to invest in a fan. This method can serve you as a common and beneficial way to maintain the performance of your LED display.
  • The usage of aluminum fins also serves as an efficient and common practice that reduces heat dissipation. You can use these aluminum fins as an addition to the shell and increase the dissipation area of the LED display.
  • Another effective way is to perform heat conduction and heat dissipation integration practice. Here, with the help of high thermal conductivity ceramics, the LED chip is soldered. As a result, the high and low temperature of thermal stress doesn’t affect the LED chip from damage.
  • You can also go for the heat pipe technology for heat dissipation. You can do this by simply allowing a heat pipe to make the heat travel from the LED display chip and then reach towards the shell heat sink fins of the screen.
  • If you go for the air-fluid mechanics to handle the heating dissipation of your giant LED screen, then you need to utilize the shape of the lamp housing in the LED screen. This shape will create convective air inside and serve your display as an efficient cooling option.
  • Next up is a surface radiation heat treatment. You can perform this by applying radiation heat sink paint on the lamp shell. As a result, this paint would radiate this heat away from the surface of the lamp shell.
  • Last, but yet, another highly efficient method to handle the heating dissipation of your giant LED screen is to increase the heat-conducting and heat-dissipating ability of the plastic shell. This method is helpful because of the plastic shell of your LED display filled with specific material for heat-conducting; during its injection molding.  


Outdoor LED screens commonly face heating dissipation as a result of the extreme heat produced due to its high brightness led display power consumption and direct contact with the summer heat. However, it doesn’t mean that leaving your LED display with the heating issue would keep the giant LED screen to perform an efficient task for you. A simple reason to that can be the excess damage caused to the overall packing and performance of the giant LED screen.

Hence, instead of leaving it on its own, it is very important to perform specific important practices and handle the heating issue smartly. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and save your LED display screen from facing damage by that heating issue!


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