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DJ/Bar/Nightclub LED Screen: Price, Style, Size 2021

Are you hosting a party or plan to set up a party club or hall? It’s certainly a great idea since everyone loves partying and always desires to hand out with friends in the most attractive and fun themed places. But if you’ve planned to set a nightclub, bar, or DJ club, how are you going to design it? Wait! Let me guess. You’ve sorted the drinks and food bar’s idea and you have enough staff to meet the demands of the party enthusiasts, right? However, that’s not all to setting up a party place and considering it to run effectively and successfully. Do you know why? It’s mainly because interior design is also a huge factor to boost up the party mood in anyone and make them want to dance like there’s no tomorrow.

dj led screen

Now normally, if you are unfamiliar with the party decorations, you might go classy and exotic (according to your budget). But that’s certainly not how a party place should look. Sure, some attractive and classy additions in the room can be classy, but if there’s no funky party addition, there’s nothing to boost the vibe. Did you have any funky decoration ideas yet? Well, if not, then we’re here to suggest you to install a DJ LED screen for your party place. Besides, a cool and updated party theme isn’t complete without something digital installed in it.

Wait! Do you prefer a disco ball to be the most advanced and enough digital addition to your party hall? Well, that can be a great addition. But before you consider an LED screen for DJ to be less effective, why not go ahead and discover everything you need to know about it’s important below in detail? Are you excited? Well then, let’s get to it!

Why do you need a DJ LED Screen?

The very first thing about understanding why you need a DJ LED displays is to understand the purpose of this screen. Now it’s common that a DJ LED screen is used to portray attractive visuals on a wall that can attract the audience and party enthusiasts. However, there’s more to the digital DJ LED display; as these screens also play loud sound and multicolored attractive patterns and designs that may create a more fancy and funky look in the party.

Hence, even when the lights are off and there’s just a disco ball lighting the entire hall; a DJ LED display can be effective in keeping the people attracted towards the stage, music, and bring out their dance monkeys. Additionally, and most importantly these screens also portray advertisements of the sponsors of the event; or random ones that may attract the audience. All this can help you better entertain the audience with the high quality and attention-grabbing visuals; while you also earn some extra bucks by advertising other businesses.

dj led screen

· DJ LED Screen Style Design :

Talking about something as advanced as a DJ LED screen, you can surely get them in more than one-designs. Now if you’re wondering whether this means that the screens will come in different shapes or sizes then you’re correct there. Besides, the best part about DJ LED screens is that you can buy them in various sizes (according to the installation location and the type of party you’re planning or hosting).

However, these different sizes and shapes mostly vary upon the type of display screen you’re opting for your party or event. This can include three different types of DJ LED displays or party displays that are commonly used around us. Now if you aren’t familiar with any, let’s discover them below.

· Stage Backdrop Decoration LED Screen:

This is a more affordable option of DJ LED displays or party LED screens that are commonly opted for in many events. They commonly come in the size of a minimum of 1 square foot and are a great option for advertisement during small scale wedding functions and parties. Moreover, these are lighter options of party LED displays and are commonly manufactured in mild steel material.

nightclub led screen

· DJ Background LED Stag Screen:

If you’ve ever been to a DJ party, then we’re guessing you’ve certainly seen these digital DJ LED screens behind the DJ or music counter. They are a little costlier than the previous party screen type and they are manufactured in a more durable and harder material. Additionally, most of these DJ LED screens are wall-mounted. Hence, they can be commonly used as a permanent and fixed LED display for any hall or party place.  Moreover, they also come with high brightness and easy-to-use technology; making it a lot more attractive in the events.

Large Outdoor Stage LED Screen:

Lastly, these are another one of the advanced options of the LED screen for the DJ. Now the best part about these screens is that they aren’t easily available in specific sizes. Instead, you get to choose customized dimensions (in most companies and outlets), which can depend upon the installation area and the number of guests the party hall would commonly hold.

Which Location You will Place the Screen?

Another important aspect of buying a DJ LED screen is to understand where you can install these screens. Of course, the term ‘DJ LED screens’ gives a clear idea that these are suitable screens for DJ stations. But is that all? Well, certainly not. Instead, you can use these LED screens on plenty of other occasions and locations with a great population. This can include places like:

The Right Size of DJ Led Screens:

Before you invest in a DJ LED screen blindly, it’ important to have a clear understanding of the right size of these screens. This way, you can better invest in the most suitable and cost-efficient option for your party or event. Now to evaluate the right sizes of the LED screen and invest in that only, you can consider different aspects. This may include:

  • The type of event you’re hosting; whether it’s a wedding, a party, a business event, or something else. This would help you better understand that if the event will be organized (needing a smaller display for everyone to easily focus), or whether it will be a party spot for everyone (which will need a larger one to please every guest).
  • The population of the event and how many guests are commonly invited to your party hall. This would help you define whether you need a gigantic display to please all the huge population in the hall. Otherwise, if a decent and normal display size would do the work effectively.
  • Lastly, you should also consider the installation of the screen. This means that if you’re planning to install the screen somewhere far on a wall, then a larger screen may seem suitable. However, if you’re planning to install a few of these in different locations or one on the roof; then a suitable-sized display would do the work too.

Altogether, when you invest in such screens and you aren’t still sure what size to choose, then make sure to understand look for a neutral size option. This means that going too small or too large may be hard to manage/secure and may cost extra on your pocket too.

dj led display

Flexible Display vs Regular Layout Display

When you go out to buy an LED screen for DJ, you might end up finding various options of types of these screens. No, we’re not talking about the same type we’ve mentioned earlier, but instead the type of front display screen that you need for your party or event. This mainly includes a flexible display screen or a regular layout display.

Now to understand these and make the right decision accordingly, it’s better to understand the difference first. Here, the regular layout display screens are different from the flexible ones in the working and outlook. Even though the regular screen looks classy and decent, but they are an outdated version while the flexible screens are more advanced.

Additionally, a regular screen may look simple, straight, and common with decent features to offer at your parties or events. While if we talk about a flexible display, these one’s are easier to carry, lightweight, and are based upon a flexible display technology. This means that flexible displays are manufactured with OLED screens. Now this OLED screen technology is printed on a thin layer of plastic. Hence, you can easily manage this lightweight and easy to use display screen; which can be rotated, installed, and moved in all kinds of ways.

Now this sounds interesting, right? Well then, imagine how attractive it would look at a DJ party or event? Certainly eye-grabbing!

DJ LED Screen Price

Lastly, before you purchase a DJ LED screen it’s better to understand the pricing of these screens and have a suitable budget accordingly. Now the pricing of these screens mainly depends upon various factors that may serve n increasing or decreasing the price of the screen you choose. These factors include:

  • The manufacturers
  • Size
  • Technology
  • Type of the screen
  • Brightness
  • Display quality

Once you finalize your needs in all these categories, you can better evaluate a suitable price and buy a LED screen for DJ that fits your budget efficiently.


Now that we’ve discovered everything about a DJ LED screen in detail, you might have had a clear idea of what they are and why your party or event hall needs it, right? Well then, it’s time you become a part of the trend too, and make your events funkier and attention-grabbing with the right DJ LED screen.

Fine/Small Pixel Pitch LED Display: 4K HD Video Wall Price 2021

In the huge list of the variety of LED displays available in the market, we often get confused about what is more effective and beneficial for our business, right? However, understanding the different types of LED displays and their different uses can highly affect the promotional increase or decrease of a business. Besides, the world has advanced so much that a single advertising option isn’t enough to attract enough customers to your business/product. So whether it’s online advertising, print media advertising, or signage advertising; everyone’s opting for more than one option.

As a result, if we look around at the results of each of these advertising methods, all have their effectiveness and outcome that adds a fair share of businesses promotion. Similarly, if we talk about the LED display options, each of the advanced screen options available in the market have their performance and outcomes to deliver for a company’s promotion.

Indoor LED display
DOIT VISION-Indoor LED display

Hence, it’s important to understand each and choose one or more of the best options that meet your business advertising needs effectively. Considering this, a fine pixel pitch LD display is also one of the most opted and effective ones available in the market. However, if you aren’t well aware of any such large or small pixel pitch LED display options, then let’s go ahead and discover them below in detail.

What is a Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display?

If you’re wondering what a fine pixel pitch LED display is, then isn’t unusual or too different from a common LED screen. The whole idea of a fine pixel pitch LED display is that it comes with extra and advanced settings. This includes a combination of an LED display system, a high-definition display control system, a cooling system, and a pixel-control point technology. All this serves in making such small pixel pitch LED display to be more advanced and updated from of LED screen; mainly due to its performance.

Moreover, these screens let you set the pixel pitch brightness, color, and uniformity according to the content outlook you require. So in short, you get more control of the pixels when you invest in a pixel pitch LED display.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays Market:

Now that we’ve discussed how a pixel pitch LED display is different from a common LED display, you might be wondering whether it is in demand or not, right? Well, since this is a more advanced and controllable option of LED screens, there’s no doubt that its efficiency and demand may be larger than that of a common LED screen.

However, if we talk about calculated details; then the worldwide market of the fine pixel pitch LED displays is frequently growing over time. It is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.4% in the coming five years. Hence, the demand of this market may reach 3190 million USD in the year 2024. Whereas, according to the market value of these screens in the past, it was 1100 million USD in the year 2019.

Altogether, depending on the manufacturers, region, type, and application of the pixel pitch LED display screen, the market value of these screens is going to gain a huge rise in the future. This makes it easier to understand how more demanded and effective would these screens serve in the future.

What are the Differences Between 480P 720P, 1080P, and 4K?

Other than the basic details of how valuable, demanded, and advanced is a pixel pitch LED screen, it’s time you learn more about its displaying quality too, right? Besides, the demand and effectiveness of these screens most depend upon the image displaying quality available in the market.

For a clearer idea, you may find these screens displaying the quality of 480P, 720P, 1080P, and even as a 4K LED display. Moreover, all these displaying quality options are different in their performances. This means that:

  • 480P content quality consists of 307200 pixels to portray the graphical information.
  • 720P consists of 921600 pixels in total, which also serves as the minimum requirement of an HD display screen.
  • 1080P quality of a screen consists of 2073600 pixels while being termed as a full HD screen.
  • While, 4K LED display screens are known to portray ultra HD content, making it the most advanced screen type.  

Altogether, you can consider the advancements and improvements in pixels coming with each of these displaying qualities, which make each of the different (more or less advanced), from each other.

The Technology of Fine Pitch LED: COB VS SMD

Moving on to the technology used in a fine pitch LED display screen, two common types are highly reliable and effective in the market. This mainly includes the COB technology and the SMD technology of a pixel pitch 4K LED display. What makes both these technologies different is the way of working and outcomes that they portray on a pixel pitch display.

Firstly, if we talk about COB Technology, then this more advanced 2-step manufacturing process ensures that the screens don’t have any brackets and supports. Hence, this technology reduces the number of soldering points in a pixel pitch screen. As a result, these lesser soldering points make sure that there are lesser failures sites on the screen. Moreover, this technology promotes the development of small and reliable pixel pitches, while making more space for more pixels by keeping the bulbs at a distance. This also results in promoting a shaper, better contrast ratio, and deeper color effect by this technology.

While the SMG technology is a 4-step manufacturing process of a pixel pitch display. Other than that, the SMD technology of a 4K LED display consists of SMD bulbs that take a great amount of space in the manufacturing.

Altogether, one can consider the COB technology of a small pixel pitch LED display to be a 10 times more reliable option in comparison to the SMD technology. Additionally, the COB technology is also an anti-static and anti-dust option, whereas, the SMD technology may come as a simpler option.

How to Choose an HD LED Video Wall

Once you have all the other aspects clear, i.e. the displaying quality difference, the technology difference, and the value of a small pixel pitch LED display; it’s time to move ahead. Now, it’s the time when you understand the different important aspects that help in making a better decision of choosing the right HD LED Video wall option for your business’s promotion.

To help you understand these factors and make the right decision, we’ve discussed below some of the most important things you should consider before making a decision.

· The Ideal Location:

Firstly, it’s important to understand what would be the ideal location for you to install your HD LED video wall. This is highly important because it helps you choose the right screen with the right specs; making it serve you and your business for a longer time. To do better understand this, you can ask yourself questions like:

Will this 4K LED display to be exposed to the indoor environment or the outdoor one?

What would be the approximate viewing distance of this display screen? This mainly refers to the distance between the video wall and viewer (depending upon where you’re planning to install the display screen). This helps in better evaluating the pixel pitch you should look for in the video wall display.

What will be the height of installing the screen? This is important because the right size needs to be installed depending on the height you prefer. Hence, if the i=height is larger, then a larger screen would be preferred.

· It’s Purpose:

Of course, understanding the purpose of making any purchase is very important. That’s because only this way you can better understand if the purchase is even worth it, and whether it will serve your purpose or not.

Similarly, if we talk about an HD LED video wall, it’s important to understand its needs and purpose of investment. For better evaluation, you might want this screen to fulfill the obvious purposes like:

  • Promoting the message effectively to the right audience
  • As a brand, communicating with the target audience by sharing as tory, announcing new products, or simply interacting with them.
  • Pushing sales by encouraging the viewers to buy your products.

· The Content You Want To Play:

When you’re choosing an advanced displaying option like a small pixel pitch LED display, the possibilities of choosing content formats are endless. From choosing between images and videos to portraying live footage and live steaming or entertaining content, your business and promotional demands may need anything and everything. Furthermore, choosing between HD content and a 4K quality is also highly important.

Now if you understand what content settings you need according to their effectiveness and outcome to your business sales, you’d be able to choose the better display screen. Hence, it’s important to think about these options and ask yourself if what you need the most.

· The Installing Environment:

Another important factor is to understand the type of environment where you will install the screen. If you’re preferring an outdoor HD LED video wall screen, then you need to make sure that its manufacturing is firm enough to deliver consistent graphical quality in harsh weather condones. To do this, you can choose IP 54 or IP 65 rated displays to consider outdoor installation.

Whereas, even when you’re buying an indoor Led screen; it should be manufactured according to the important indoor requirements. This mainly refers to the presence of an excellent resolution, especially for indoor LED solutions.

Either way, it’s important y choose the right features and specifications in an HD LED video wall and ensure that it stands firm in all the future environmental conditions.

· Testing and Certification:

Blindly investing in any product without any guarantee, testing, or warranty can make you invest in the most unwanted product. However, there’s no such thing as blindly trusting in any product; especially in today’s era. Therefore, even when you’re buying an HD LED video wall solution, it’s important to figure out whether you’re getting a certified and tested model.

It’s mainly because of the manufacturing of these screens with true color technology. Neo to ensure that you are getting the most effective and appropriately manufactured; aligned display, it’s important to choose one that is properly tested. Moreover, since a LED screen consists of emission levels, it’s also important to have them certified before celling. So to ensure that you are investing in quality products that last for a longer time, it’s better to keep these requirements in mind.

 4K LED Display FAQS:

  • How is 4K better than the common image quality?

Since the 4K image quality is one of the most advanced and ultra-HD graphical displaying quality, it portrays a highly advanced image on the screen. In other words, a 4K content looks more like a real-time view; showing the content coming into life.

  • Where are 4K LED screens most commonly used?

Since the 4K LED solutions are one of the most advanced graphics LED display options, they are most likely to be found in the advanced and formal areas, i.e. incorporate rooms, control rooms, broadcast rooms, or even in video conferencing halls.


Now that we’ve discussed everything about a pixel pitch LE display screen, you must have surely gotten all your queries answered, right? Well then, what’s the wait for now? Go ahead and invest in just the right pixel pitch display to better promote your business deals in an advanced way – and make the most out of it!

Top LED Poster Display:What is Price?Why Differnet Advantages

Are you tired of that basic LED display screens and you’re looking for a better and more advanced digital advertising option for your business? Of course, LED display screens are one of the most effective and reliable ways to target a larger audience and pull them towards your brand/product. But did you know that you have multiple display screen options too when it comes to LED screens? Don’t get it? Well, we’re talking about the poster displays that serve as a more advanced LED advertising screen rental option for any business/corporation. 

Now if you are someone who isn’t well aware of how does this advanced LED display option, i.e. poster display screen, and how it serves you; then let’s go ahead and discover everything below in detail. From the advantages to the pricing factors and the basic concept of LED poster displays, we’ve discussed everything below in detail for you. So without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?

led post screen

What is a LED Poster Display?

Don’t know what an LED poster display is and how it is different from a common rental LED display? Well for anyone unfamiliar, this screen serves in making your business advertisements a lot more attractive and eye-catching. These screens come in a thin and light design, having ultra-thin profiles that make it easier for anyone to place these poster screens anywhere around their business location/store. 

Moreover, what adds to the advancement and uniqueness of such an outdoor rental LED display is the fact that anyone can easily operate them through a network or USB. This also means that changing content on these poster displays and updating the content is easier than ever. 

Now if you’ve ever visited shopping malls or large buildings and found poster type screens hanged on the ceiling, standing on the floor, or mounted on the wall; then you’ll know exactly how these screens look, i.e. they give an exact poster type look no matter where and how you install them. 

Applications of Poster LED Screen

Even though you’ve had an idea of what you get when you opt for poster display LED screen hire, it’s also important to understand where you can use them. Of course, you might have plenty of plans in your mind, according to how much recognition and promotion you want your business to gain. But since every LED display screen has different application options, it’s better to understand the right locations and choose suitable ones that may fit the crowd requirement that your business needs at the time. 

Here, if we talk about the LED poster display, these screens are found installed in different public locations. This may include application inside:

  • Stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Halls
  • Bus stations
  • Hotel
  • Airports
  • Retail shops
  • Train stations
  • Restaurants
  • News launch offices, etc.

The Advantage and Difference Between LED Poster Display and Common LED Display

So you know what a poster display screen looks like and where you can install them. But what about the benefits and differences? Of course, there needs to be a lot more than just the concept of an advancer option when you’re choosing a poster display instead of a common LED screen, right? Besides, plenty of businesses also opt for common LED display screens as a reliable and effective digital business promoting option. So why would you want to choose a poster display instead? Do you have any idea? Well, if not, then let’s go ahead and discover the difference between these screens and how benefitting is a poster display in comparison to a common one.


Firstly, let’s discuss some of the common differences between the LED poster display and a common LED screen. 

· The Design:

An LED poster screen comes as a lightweight display option that requires front maintenance. Moreover, these screens look a lot more fashionable; making them easy to carry and install anywhere. Along with this, the user-friendly making of these display screens allows anyone to install them in a variety of ways and needs. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the common LED screens, these are a light-weight and user-friendly advertising option. However, the look of these screens may seem advanced due to the attractive frames they have; but it isn’t equally fashionable and eye-catching as the poster screens. 

· The Working and Setup:

Since a poster LED rental display is a more advanced screen, it can be easily operated through an advertising plug and play option. Other than that, these smart screens can also be managed through a smart mobile app. This app allows you to monitor and manage the content you play on this screen; all with the touch of a remote. 

Now if we talk about the common display screens, the advertisement management on them are more straightforward and simple. This is performed through the LED display control software present on these screens, which helps to easily manage the screen advertisement. This software can be connected with any device to operate and set the content on a common LED display. 

· Attracting customers:

Even though LED screens are well known for amazing customers easily and grabbing their attention, LED poster displays go one step ahead. This simply refers to how the obvious colors and screen sharpness of a poster LED screen rental ensures that you can always rely on it for grabbing the viewer’s attention. Moreover, the detailed still content on these screens can help the viewer easily deal with close-up ink and understand the attractive content’s message. 

However, as we mentioned in the start, common LED screens are only an effective and attention-grabbing advertising solution for outdoor needs. This means that these screens are more reliable to display graphical content that can attract a broader audience. 

· Advanced Working Feature: 

Lastly, but most importantly, the advanced setting and content portraying options available on a poster outdoor rental LED display is a lot more than what a common display offers. This may include the fast and slow video settings, control management system, a second’s display of various static images, information dissemination, and much more. With all this coming your way through a poster LED rental display, you can be sure to appeal to your audience better. 

However, if we talk about a common advertising outdoor rental LED display, you can also attract smart viewers through these screens. Since these come with real-time updates and advertising edits, wireless technology, and an advanced software portal to set content easily; you can also gain a smart setup experience here. Yet, the advancement of these screens refers more to the smart setup ease of the investor instead of the viewer.

The Advantages:

  • Easy customizing: a LED poster screen comes with the advanced option of easy customization according to the user’s preferences. Hence, you can customize the appearance colors, personalize the propaganda, transfer the advertised forms and files, and display them easily on the poster screen in a smart way. 
  • Easy Moving: the best part about these poster displays is that they can be easily moved in any location. Moreover, you can also adjust and set the working time of these screens, making sure when it needs pause and when it should run – without keeping your eyes on it.
  • Multiple Media Option: you are not limited to media displaying options on these advanced screens. This is possible due to the multiple combination options of graphics, videos, and other vivid creativity options; all available in the setup options of a poster screen.
  • Easy operation: undoubtedly, this is something everyone can evaluate up until now. So you just need to press a single button and easily operate your poster display without any technical issues. 
  • LED Poster Screen Vs. Common Advertising LED Screens?

Price Factors of LED Poster Display

The pricing of a common LED screen or an advanced poster LED screen hire option; depends upon some factors that make the screen advanced or decent in its working. Now it’s obvious that a more advanced screen may cost more than a casual/decent screen, right? But some factors that highly determine the pricing of a poster display screen include:

Poster LED Screen FAQS:

  • How is LED digital poster displays better than video projectors?

Even though video projectors are a cheaper option, but a poster display screen allows you to display the same high-quality images at the same brightness. Moreover, the content on these displays can be adapted to any context. 

  • Is it easy to carry poster LED screens?

Since a poster display screen is the most advanced LED screen option, these come as the thinnest and lightest display screen. For a clearer idea, a poster display screen has a thickness of 40mm and a width of 35kg max. 

  • Is it easier to operate a poster screen in comparison to a common digital screen?

Yes, since a posted LED screen is a more advanced option, it only takes 3 minutes to easily operate this display. Hence, you can easily avail an amazing user-experience, without going through any technical complications. 


Now that we’ve discussed everything about a poster rental LED display, what’s left to think about and wait for? It’s time you level up your business advertising game and get a poster display screen yourself!

Advertising LED Screen:25% Off Price,How to Buy 2020

Does your business need extra and advanced promotions? Or is your brand not reaching the right and enough audience? In any such situation, when you start facing them you should know that you need to look for and rely on advanced advertising methods for your business and brand. Now when we talk about advanced advertising methods, there can’t be a better and more reliable option other than digital advertising LED screens.

25% Off Price of Outdoor LED Screen Optional

Besides, every business nowadays is considering the smart and digital advertising option for the better promotion of their business through these LED screens; especially since they are highly effective and beneficial. But wait! Are you well aware of everything about an advertising LED screen that you should consider before investing in one? If not, there’s nothing to worry about just yet. After all, what are we here for if you have to take all the stress? Don’t get it? Well then, let’s go ahead and discover everything about a LED advertising display below in detail.

outdoor led video wall

Why do you need an Advertising LED Screen?

Firstly, when it comes to considering an investment in an outdoor advertising LED screen, it’s highly important to understand why you need to make this investment. This mainly refers to the benefits that came along with an advertising LED screen. This way, when you know the key benefits f this method of advertisement, you’ll know why it is important for your business and brand promotion.

Now for a clearer view on that, let’s go ahead and discover some of the major benefits of LED advertising display below.

They have attention-grabbing displays:

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of LED advertising screens. Since these screens have a bright and vivid display result, they can easily grab every viewer’s attention at first glance. So whether you set your display screen in the corner of a traffic-packed road or any event/festival; the bright dynamic display would surely make each passerby stop and pay attention to the ads you’ll promote on the screen. This is certainly going to make the viewer more attracted to your content and brand; making them remember and invest in it in the future.

Variety of Content Uploading:

The advanced technology of LED advertising screens comes along with unique opportunities for creating and setting video content. This means that you easily choose to display and set various contents for different designated times.

Hence, whether you want to portray your business promotions in two different ways, or you want to promote every single product in your latest brand collection, you can choose the shuffle the ads and messages on the screen throughout the day. This way, every single one of the passerby and viewer of your advertising display will be able to view different content, making them choose what they’re interested in and act upon those messages. Moreover, running the same message or ad repeatedly can make a viewer bored and irritated with your brand messages. So instead, a variety is enough to keep them curious to know what’s more in store for them; especially when you want to target different types of audiences with different content types.

You Can Operate Easily:

Since the digital advertising LED screens are an advanced technology used to advertise any brand or product, it’s the method of usage is also advance. Here, what we mean is the ease of operation while using an advertising LED display. Since this technology can be operated only using a Wi-Fi connection, it isn’t hard to remotely control numerous billboards just with a single click (wherever you are). Moreover, if you have specific content that is designed for the audience of a specific region and wants to run it in a different region o target more audiences; you only have to upload the ad in the software and everything’s ready. Sounds like an easy and smart advertising method, right?

Controlling Your Message:

While promoting a brand or event on digital screens, you have the ease of completely controlling the message that is portrayed on the display. This means that depending on the LED screens installation location and the type of event where you set up the billboards; you can easily control the type of content or message that should be portrayed. This way, the right message can be displayed in the right event; making more target audiences get engaged with your business message.

Least Need of Maintenance:

Since a digital LED advertising display is highly resistant to damage, it may need the least maintenance. This simply means that these LED displays are manufactured with materials that ensure their durability; making them withstand the changes of time and weather. Hence, you don’t have to frequently invest in the maintenance of these screens. This is another huge reason that has made these latest technologies of LED screens more demanded and reliable for advertising in various countries.

LCD VS LED Advertising Screen

In the world of digital display, we’ve all heard about the LCDs and the LEDs, right? But do you know how are they different, and what makes LEDs better for your advertising needs? If not, let’s go ahead and compare the specifications of both these advertising displays.


An LCD is an earlier version of digital display screens that are used in both indoor and outdoor places. Moreover, these screens consist of a series of layers combined like an onion. This makes the sizes of these screens hard to customize, making them available in only limited sizes. This mainly includes size options having an aspect ratio near 16×9.

Other than that, LCDs do have a higher resolution in comparison to LEDs, but such screens (in terms of video walls) also have bezels around each of the displays. This means that the line breaks are visible here.

Moreover, the brightness of an LCD screen is lesser than that of an LED display. Yet, this mostly varies upon the indoor or outdoor usage needs of the display screen.  


Now when it comes to an LED display screen, these screens consist of individual pixels that work forth creating a picture itself. Considering this, the pixel pitch of these display screens is a highly important aspect that determines the display quality. Moreover, these screens are also available in all sorts of sizes; depending upon the requirement of the buyer.

Additionally, when it comes to the video wall options, LEDs don’t have visible bezels that make line breaks visible. Hence, you can see a clear and joint image on these screens. Other than that, the brightness of an LED display also ranges from 800-8,500 nits. This makes its brightness a lot more than most LCDs.

Altogether, one can easily say that the LED display serves as a better option for outdoor advertising needs; depending upon their specs that are more suitable for such uses.

Type and Applications of Advertising LED Screen:

Now that you’re on the same route and want to better understand how to make the right decision in buying an Outdoor Advertising LED Screen for your business, it’s important to understand the different types of these screens and their applications. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover that below.


  • Indoor:

These advertising LED screens are installed inside different buildings. They can target specific audiences that are limited to visit that specific building or indoor location only.

  • Outdoor:

These screens can be installed in any outdoor location, i.e. the exterior of a building, a billboard, outside malls, etc. Moreover, these screens can target a wide variety of audiences, making their ads visible to every passerby.

  • Mobile:

These types of advertising display that can be easily moved from place to place. This means that they aren’t fixed on any specific wall or location, and hence, they can be installed as a stand-alone screen indoors or outdoors locations.

  • Poster:

Similar to mobile screens, these advertising screens are also easy to move and manage anywhere. However, you can’t easily consider them as a stand-alone screen. Instead, these screens serve as a poster type LED display that can be fixed on any indoor or outdoor wall; while being small.

  • Fixed advertising:

As the name suggests, these screens are often found in medium sizes and can be a fixed advertising source for your business or brand. This means that they can be installed on a specific location, i.e. on the exterior surface or your business corporate building, and they can’t be moved or replaced easily. Hence, they serve as a fixed advertising setting.


The different places where a LED advertising screen is installed are:

  • Events
  • Festivals
  • Business buildings
  • Malls
  • Halls
  • Stadium
  • Various outdoor locations, etc.

LED Advertising Screen ROI:

While investing in anything for your business improvements, considering the ROI of your investment is a highly important and prestigious step. Since facing loss in business is the last thing anyone would want to do, making investments becomes easier when you first consider the ROI of our investment.

Here, it’s also important to understand the ROI of investing in an advertising LED screen; which is, most profitable for companies/corporations. It’s mainly because digital billboards have advanced technologies to setup up production content through computers, so there’s no production cost. Hence, the only investment here other than the LED screen is the payment for the flights of the display. Once you have it installed, the LED advertising screen ROI is sure to add more value to your investment and business; without demanding any more additional investments (especially in comparison to traditional boards).


Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying a LED Screen:

Once we’ve discussed all the important factors on LED advertising display and what you should know before investing in one, it’s time to move further. Here, you should also learn and understand all the questions that you should ask yourself before investing in any LED display.

Now if you ask the right questions to yourself, there are greater chances that you will invest in the most reliable and long-term befitting LED display for your business. To do this, some effective and important questions you can consider include:

  • Are you earning through your advertising display?
  • Do you want it indoors or outdoors?
  • Would a floor display meet your needs, or a corner screen would?
  • Should it be temporarily installed or permanent?
  • Should the panels of the display screen be exposed in front of the sunlight?
  • What optimum viewing distance and pixel pitch will meet your installation area demands?
  • How much should the resolution and ratio be? (According to the content and location requirements)
  • What environmental restrictions should be obeyed by the LED displays?
  • Are you getting the right manufacturer’s commitment and a 24/7 technical service?
  • Are you fully satisfied with the display screen you have chosen for your business’s advertising?

Advertising LED Screen FAQS:

Is it possible to purchase a Custom Size giant advertising screen?

Since LED advertising displays are easy to customize in different sizes, you can surely have your own chosen custom-sized giant screen. This simply means that there are no shape, dimension, or even definition limits when it comes to an LED display.

Is it possible to visualize a Video on the LED advertising display?

LED display screens come with the main application field that works forth live visualization. This is beneficial for advertising in concerts, sports events, and even TV shows. All you have to do is understand the criteria of better and reliable video resolution methods so that you can do it on your own.

Can you see the images on both sides of a LED sreen?

This isn’t possible on a single LED advertising screen. Since LEDs are mounted on a printed circuit, which is fixed on only one side of the display, you can only view images on that specific side. However, to view on both sides, you can get two screens that may stand against each other and make it possible to view images on both sides.


With all that we’ve discussed above, there’s hardly anything left for you to re-think or get confused about, right? So what’s the wait for now? Go ahead, invest in the perfect Outdoor Advertising LED Screen for your business, and make the most out of it!

Rental LED Display:Benefits,Rent, Hire,Price 2020

 Are you interested in broadcasting your business ads and campaigns on LED displays? Okay, we live in one of the most advanced and digital world today, so there’s hardly any point in questioning whether you should go for an advanced advertising option of LED displays or not.

But wait! Is that all you are going to consider and go on to buy a LED display for your business promotions? And what if your business demands or budget doesn’t fit well with a large LED display? Now you can surely compromise with a less advanced or smaller display screen, but that might not always serve as efficiently as you want it to. Considering this, the second-best option is to go for an LED screen rental. If you haven’t discovered the rental ELD display option before, this might odd, but it’s equally reliable, budget-friendly, and beneficial for any and every business.

Buyer Review:DOIT VISION Meet the High Expectations of Germany Rental LED Display Market

Rental LED Display:Benefits,Rent, Hire,Price 2020 1

Now don’t worry if you aren’t well aware of how effective does an indoor or outdoor Rental LED display serves you, as we have you covered with a complete detailed guide. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover everything in detail.

Benefits of Rental LED Display:

Firstly, before you consider buying or renting anything, it’s important to understand what benefits you’ll avail of your investment. Besides, it’s the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind before making a purchase.

For better evaluating how effective and reliable the idea of LED screen hire is, let’s discover some of its benefits below.

· Portable Design:

Whether it’s an indoor rental LED display or an outdoor rental LED display, both of them have an outclass/slim look that makes it easier to manage and move from place to place. Moreover, with the portable benefit of rental LED screens that allows you to run your business promotions on different LED screens installed in different locations; you can easily target a larger audience overall.

Hence, whether you invest in different rental LED screens and keep changing their location or you rent different screens, you can gain the satisfaction that the same people or audience isn’t viewing your business promotions/ads. Altogether, you get the portability benefit for your business advertisements while reaching a larger audience.

· Quick Setup:

Since you’re investing in indoor rental LED displays, the time and investment required in its investment isn’t something you’ll face in this situation. This means that you only invest in an already installed LED display screen for portraying your business ads on rent. So you don’t have to wait a long time for your personal LED screens installation or setup. Instead, you can instantly pay to run ads on already installed and set display screens; saving most of your time and investment.

· Prolonged Service:

With a rental LED display, you can easily avail of the benefit of prolonged service. This simply refers to the fact that whether you rent a single LED display or multiple ones, you don’t have to worry about having a limited service. For instance, there’s a specific working duration of an LED screen, once that duration ends, your LED screen might not serve with the same quality effect afterward. However, with rental LED screens, you can stay away from the worry of having your single LED display being outdated or ineffective over time.

So whether you opt for a single LED screen hire or multiple ones, you know that you can change the specific screen location and choose a different one for renting. So, the outdating and its repairing/updating isn’t something you need to worry about; no matter what LED display screen you rent for your business promotions.

· More Affordable Option:

Not many businesses or small-scale corporations can invest in their own LED display screen; especially when their business demands a more advanced and high-quality display. However, when you are going for the second option, i.e. renting an already installed display screen of other businesses/corporations, you can be sure that you are not going to invest the same amount. Instead, this can help you save a lot of your investment, or meet your budget limits while also displaying your business/campaign promotions on the display screen.

Hence, whether you have a short budget, or you’re planning to save some extra bucks, a rental LED display can be the best affordable option.

· All-time Reliable:

 Yes, well, you might consider the previous aspect of prolonged services of a rental display screen here, but there’s more to the reliability here. A simple reason for that is the fact that you are not responsible for the damages, faults, or updating needs of a rental LED screen. Moreover, whatever happens, you are given the guarantee that your promotions/ads are being run on the display screen once you rent it out. Other than that, the entire struggle of the ads setup and the maintenance of the screen, everything is the display owner’s work. Hence, you can always rely on a rental LED display to portray your ads without making you face multiple struggles or advanced setup issues by yourself. Now that sounds like an easy way out, right?

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Type and Applications of Rental LED Display:

Now that we have a clear idea of all the major benefits that a rental LED screen offers us, it’s time to learn more about the types and uses of these display screens.

outdoor rental led display

Even though the types and uses here might be similar to any other LED display screen, it isn’t the same. Hence, you can’t blindly consider any type of rental LED display and consider any use as effective and reliable for your work or personal needs. But don’t start worrying yet, as we’re here to discuss all of that below in detail. So let’s get to it, shall we?

The Types and Their Uses:

When it comes to understanding the different types of rental LED screens, there are only 2 main types. This includes both the indoor LED display rental and the outdoor rental LED display. Normally, both these types consist of the same panel design, but some other differences that make their uses and criteria differ from each other. For a clearer idea, let’s discuss both below.


These display screens are installed in indoor places for different events. It can include events like trade shows, fashion shows, award ceremonies, conferences, or weddings. What makes this type of rental display screen different from an outdoor one is that it requires being equipped with the best and most reliable hardware parts. This fulfills the demand for high definition image quality and visual performance during indoor events. However, in comparison to outdoor displays, these indoor display screens don’t require any waterproof or high brightness features to perform efficiently.

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Similar to indoor LED screen rental, these displays are used for various outdoor events. This may include events like concerts, touring, sports competitions, music festivals, etc. moreover, these display screens do demand features like waterproof and higher brightness settings; mainly supporting a better and more reliable outdoor working experience. Additionally, since the viewing distance is quite large when it comes to an outdoor rental LED display, these screens should also be efficient in the durability and stability factors. As a result, you can avail of the best of performance when your outdoor rental LED display has effective hardware specs offering similar features.

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How to Install a Rental LED Screen:

Once you invest in a rental LED display, you might not be familiar with the different methods you can install it. Of course, when its rental equipment, permanent and strong installation isn’t an option you can opt for easily. However, this doesn’t mean that you are left with basic installation options here, as even rental LED displays to have plenty of suitable installation ways that can easily meet anyone’s requirements.

So before you finalize any installation method, let’s discover some most reliable installation methods you can count on.

  • Hanging
  • Mosaic installation
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Roof-mounted installation
  • Leasing and hoisting methods

500MM*500MM LED Cabinet VS 500MM*1000MM Cabinet:

Other than all these important details, the size is another one of the important factors that matter a lot when investing in a rental LED display screen. Now there are plenty of sizes to choose from, but it isn’t as easy as it seems to blindly choose any size.

Considering this, let’s have a clear comparison between two of the most opted sizes, i.e. a 500mm*500mm LED Cabinet VS a 500mm*1000mm cabinet; and have a clear idea of how differently both these measurements can serve your business promotion needs.

500mm*500mm LED Cabinet

LED display screens with these dimensions are mostly sued for outdoor needs, i.e. events, concerts, shows, weddings, etc. Its benefits include:

  • It consists of a wide-view angle of 40 degrees (in both vertical and horizontal sides).
  • They have a life span of 50000 hours
  • It can offer an effective and efficient performance even on close views
  • Their rental design offers an easy-to-install feature. This eliminates the needs of using tools or technical installing methods
  • They come as a display option.

500mm*1000mm cabinet:

This is another dimension of rental LED displays that are frequently used by many. What makes it different from the previous one is that these are often chosen for both indoor as well as outdoor uses. Even though its dimension measurement may be a little small for outdoor usage, but it comes with enough brightness options that can help your customers have the perfect view even under the sun. Some of the benefits of this rental LED screen include:

  • These have a decent flat appearance that adds to their easy carrying/fitting, and attractive looking.
  • Since they have a die-casting aluminum molding, these rental screens can serve as the perfect lightweight and advanced business promotion option.
  • The advanced manufacturing of these screens allows you to avail of an easy installation and setup.
  • Lastly, the high definition display effect of a 500mm*1000mm cabinet gives an equally attractive viewing experience at a distance; whether you install it indoors or outdoors.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Rental LED Screen

Lastly, but most importantly, once all the previous factors and aspects of a rental LED screen is discussed, it’s time to move on to the last step, i.e. how to buy the rent the right display.

For many that have already invested in their own LED screens, this might be easy prey. But if we consider the differences between both situations, there are some unfamiliar factors that you need to learn about too. Besides, if you don’t rent the right LED display, there’s no point in saving that money, right? Hence, you must consider factors like:

  • What’s the nature of the event? This simply refers to whether your event requires an outdoor screen or an indoor one. As a result, you can choose the screen that can easily handle the event’s nature.
  • The size of the screen: Since there are different sizes available in the market, you need to choose the right one that meets your event needs.
  • The installation complexity you can handle. This is important since most of the LED screens (even similar looking ones) have different installation methods. It mainly depends on the brand of the screen, so choose it wisely.
  • How much can you afford? With the multiple choices, there’s a wide-angle of rental LED screens budget too. So once you evaluate your needs, make sure you have finalized a specific budget to move accordingly.

Rental LED Display FAQS:

  1. How much do they cost?

The pricing of a rental LED display depends on different factors like the type, location, and availability of the rented screen.

  • What services does a rental LED includes?

If you are renting an LED display for daily use, then it will include a variety of necessary services. This includes an onsite technician for setup, operating, and tearing down of the screen. Moreover, the sound and power fixing/arranging is also included in your daily display rent. Other than that, camera feeds and content creation can cost you more than the daily rent of the display screen.


Well, that’s all to the details you need to learn and understand before heading to the option of LED screen hire. So instead of making blind decisions for your business and corporation events, make sure you follow this guide and choose the perfect rental LED display. Good Luck!

Indoor LED Display/Screen: Price, Guide, Manufacturer 2020

Do you think you know everything about indoor LED displays? If so, you might be well aware of what type of indoor display you want to buy for your personal space. So you aren’t yet clear on that one? Well then, it’s time you set your ideas about Indoor LED screen straight and learn everything you need to know before investing in one. 

This is highly important to avail of the best and most reliable product for your use. Even though most of the indoor displays look like the same having similar features, some differences make each of them suitable for different needs. From the prices to the types and even the manufacturing of these displays set their bars high or low accordingly. Now don’t worry if you aren’t that informed about LED displays yet, as we’ve got you covered below with everything that you need to know. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Indoor LED Display VS Projector:

You must have previously heard about both these terms before. But do you know how they differ too? Of course, both these displays can be a part of the interior inside your home; making life more digital and attractive. But how do you know they are different and which one is better? For that, let’s go ahead and discover the differences between these displays. 

The Visibility:

When you have LED wall panels, there’s no doubt that you get a better and better display than a projector. Projectors face a decrease of up to 30% in brightness (during the first year of usage), so you can’t expect much from its brightness and the results to stay. Whereas, LED displays have their source of light, so depending upon how bright of a display screen you choose (which depends upon the amount of the pixel), you can easily get a better and clearer picture. 

Moreover, the LED displays offer a clear, digital, and crispier image to be precise. Now the reason for that is obvious, as it displays the images on a clear screen. However, if you talk about projectors, it simply transmits an image to the screen, which reflects light, and images on it. So there’s no guarantee that the viewer will have a satisfactory experience with an ambient light that would make it harder for the viewer to see the image.

So you can easily consider LED screens to be brighter and better than projectors in this matter. 

The Clarity:

The difference in clarity is also very prominent in both these displays. Here, we’re referring to the HD and HDR support of the advanced and new-introduced LED display screen. With this statement, it’s easier for anyone to understand how clear and life-like views would you achieve with an indoor LED display, right? So that’s another benefit here. 

However, in terms of a projector, this is another loophole. Because most of the projectors still come with a standard display, so you can’t avail of HD resolution images or other content on these displays. This means that the standard display here simply fulfills the need of viewing an image or video – other than that, there’s no advanced and HD look. 

But with all this, there’s also the fact that projectors can better portray large format images. So you can surely view larger images on projectors. But then again, better viewing quality is more demanded than larger content, right?

Indoor LED display
Indoor LED display

The Flexibility:

The best part about an LED display screen sit ha it is highly flexible to use and install. This simply refers to how thin and light these displays are. So you can easily install/uninstall them and move them anywhere you want, without worrying about going through too much trouble in the process (or otherwise damaging it). Moreover, you can also easily install these displays and power them up on your own (no need to seek professional help). 

However, if you consider a projector, it’s equally hard to shift it from one place to another. So that’s a struggle you can’t tolerate frequently, or without any help. And when it comes to the installation, projectors require proper installation for a proper view. Moreover, there’s a lot more like the light in the room and the projector screens, etc. that would complete its setup. 

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Type and Applications of Indoor LED Screen:

Moving on to the next important detail, the types and applications of an indoor LED screen are also very important to consider. Since a better understanding of its types can help you understand which one is going to serve your needs. Moreover, understanding the applications of an indoor LED display screen helps you maximize the usage of this screen (instead of liming it in just the basic application). So let’s go ahead and discover both these aspects below.

The Types:

· SMD:

This is a built-in device present in most indoor LED screens, making the performance of brightness better managed according to the indoor needs. LED displays with this technology often consist of plain screens and a brightness of 600 candles. This is mainly because most of the indoor LED solutions don’t require too much brightness. 

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· Video Walls:

The indoor LED wall is another type of LED display that offers you a high-quality and advanced displaying experience. These screens are available in curved or straight shapes; comprising of different sizes. Now whatever shapes or sizes you choose here, you are sure to avail of a life-like viewing experience on these wall displays.

· Double Line Tickers:

Another rarely used type of indoor LED screen is the double line ticker. These screens are manufactured according to your desired dimensions, and they aren’t for personal (home) usage. Instead, you might find these indoor screens showing live streams, scores, and updates of sports and news. Also, the written content portrayed on these screens is either in red, green, or amber color.

led video wall

The Applications of Indoor LED Display:

Now that you’ve discovered the types of indoor LED displays, you might be curious to know where they’re also used, right? Besides, we’ve all commonly seen outdoor billboards, large display screens, and panels that run advertisements. But when it comes to indoor displays screens, their applications are rarely noticed. Hence, let’s go ahead and discover most of its indoor applications below:

  • In trade shows
  • For indoor concerts
  • Inside shopping centers
  • In conference and exhibition halls
  • In news and sports telecasting offices

How to Build an Indoor LED Screen:

Are you curious to know how these advanced and remarkable screens are built? Sure, we’ve all been there once while discovering these unique display screens that offer an advanced viewing experience. But how far have you come in understanding the parts used in building an LED screen? If you don’t know a lot about that, then let’s go ahead and discover the parts below that are used in building these screens.

· The Cabinets:

This is the most important part of LED displays. With these cabinets, it gets easier to manufacture and transport these LED display screens. Moreover, the cabinets used in an indoor display screen can be either single or multiple series of cabinets; which makes an entire screen when they’re placed together. Also, the amount of cabinets depends upon the type of indoor LED display you’re building.

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· It’s Structural Chassis:

This is simply known as the frame that protects and connects all the other components of the cabinet. The making of this part depends upon the technical requirements of the LED display screens installation. 

· It’s Modules:

These modules of an LED display are used to set on an electronic board along with LEDs installation. Moreover, to cover this module/board, plastic or metal carcass is used on the outside.

· It’s Power:

It’s no doubt that power is also an essential part of building an indoor display screen. The main reason for this is that the power source transforms and regulates electrical network voltages. This helps in further powering all the other components of the LED display.

· It’s Data Card:

This component used in building LED screens serve as a part that receives the image data. This image data is issued by each of the displays cabinets. Furthermore, the data card distributes this data to the modules of the cabinets (so that it can be viewed on the screen).

· It’s Data Circuit:

This circuit consists of a set of wiring. These wiring work in connecting all the important components of the LED display screen, i.e. the data cards with LED modules, and all the cabinets with each other.

· It’s Circuit:

Lastly, but most importantly the power circuit of an LED display is another important component that is used to build a LED display screen. This circuit simply consists of a set of wiring that connects the power supplies with the display screen’s electronic components. Moreover, these wires are also used to interconnect all the cabinets of the display with its entire electrical network.

What is Important When Buying an Indoor LED Screen?

Before you head on to invest in an indoor display screen, you might want to be aware of the factors that should be first considered. This simply refers to the features of an indoor LED display that increases its quality and performance. Hence, to make the best choice of investment, some of the below-mentioned buying features can be considered.

· It’s Viewing Angle:

This is mainly the angle that allows a specific amount of audience to view the screen. Hence, if you invest in a wider view angle, a larger audience can easily view the screen, but they can also cost more. While on the other hand, if you choose a smaller viewing angle, limited people can view the screen.

· It’s Brightness:

When you’re investing in an LED display for indoor usage, you might not want to invest in a higher brightness the main reason is that indoor places already have decent light, so a brighter display screen can make the viewer’s eyes damaged. 

However, this doesn’t even mean that you can go too low on brightness (as that would make the screen hardly visible). So instead, look for options having neutral or standard brightness – range from 800-1200 nits.

· It’s Flatness:

As the name suggests; a better flatness of the LED screen will make the viewing experience better. Hence, it’s better to avoid bad flatness in screens and look for one’s being up to 1mm for indoor usage.

· It’s LEDs:

Lastly, the LED used for indoor installation includes two different types. This refers to both the white and black SMD LEDs. Now it’s up to you on what type do you choose for indoor usage. Mostly, the black SMD LEDs are used for this purpose, while the white one works in displays with a better pixel pitch.

Indoor LED Display Pricing Factors:

The price range of an indoor LED display depends on plenty of factors that serve in increasing or decreasing the rates. This mainly includes the addition of several features, and also, the quantity of their availability. Hence, you can either get an LED display having a five-digit rate, or one costing you $877,000. The rates can be insanely huge and decently low according to your usage requirements. For a clearer idea, some of its main pricing factors include:

  • The pixel pitches
  • The type of screen
  • The resolution
  • The size of the screen

Indoor LED Display FAQS:

  • What is an indoor LED screen?

An indoor LED screen is a type of video display that involves the usage of light-emitting diodes. These diodes simply produce light while connecting with other components of the display screen, and as a result, a high-quality image is portrayed on the screen.

  • Do I need a wide LED screen to play 16:9 movies?

 No! Since an LED display screen can play any kind of aspect ratio, it isn’t important to have a widescreen LED display for playing different types of images, videos, and other content.

  • Life Time of our LED Screens

The lifetime of an indoor LED screen is normally 100,000 hours. However, factors like managing the screen or its way of usage; both work in increasing or decreasing the life span.


So that’s all to the detailed insights on indoor LED wall displays and how you can buy the right screen for your use. Hence, it’s time you get up and investing the best, most effective, and reliable indoor LED display; that meets your requirements just perfectly. Good Luck Buying! 

LED Video Wall: Manufacturer,Benefits,Types,Price, Guide, 2020

So you’re planning to invest buy outdoor or indoor LED wall screens to experience the advanced digital view in 2020? Of course, the idea of having an LED video wall screen seems quite advanced and pleasing. But that’s just about the idea. Now if we come in literal terms and talk about how, when, and why should one invest in such LED displays, are you sure that you have your concept and reasons sorted?

If not, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s because we’re here to offer you every detailed insight on the basics and important aspects of both indoor and outdoor LED video wall. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover everything you should know before investing in your personal LED wall screen.

Benefits of LED video wall

No Limitations of Resolution:

A resolution of an LED display can be considered as the pixel count and density of the screen. This means that the number of pixels is responsible for increasing or decreasing the quality of an image on the display. In the same aspect, a video wall screen serves you with a high quality of pixels that improve the picture quality effectively so there’s no doubt there.

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Eye-Catching Applications:

Since these LED wall screens consist of a high-quality display, it’s surely going to be a great view installing them in different outdoor locations. So whether you set it inside an airport or on the top of a building, having mesmerizing views playing on top of these displays can catch the attention of every passerby. So there’s no way anyone will be able to ignore them.

Clear Brightness and Quality Setting:

Whether it’s the venue having brightness or direct contact of sunlight, LED video wall screens can easily stand in these places as a firm, clear, and quality display setup. This is mainly because natural light is considered more as a feature in the modern environmental designs today; these displays effectively handle them without facing any issues. So with these displays, you can always be sure to avail bright and high-quality views.

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Flexible Hardware Layouts:

Even though some video wall displays serve as just grids on the wall, you can still explore layout options on them by following various mounting and displaying options. For instance, a designer can easily arrange These displays in a way that they create unique patterns; adding more value than just being there on the wall. This flexible layout option that comes with these displays increases their attractiveness and attention-grabbing quality. Now that’s certainly a benefit everyone would applaud, especially when it’s easier to do yourself too.

Reliable Processing Power:

Since a video wall requires more processing power to drive, it can be considered as another benefit of these displays. In simple words, these displays work in driving better content at a larger scale while driving more of the content at a smoother rate. But the content driving ability of single displays is opposite in comparison to the LED wall displays.

Extensive Options to Manipulate Content:

With the presence of video wall displays, you also get additional tools. These tools help present the content on this display in different ways, i.e. resized, layered, and arranged. To do this, you need to turn the displaying image into a single canvas and then use multiple tools to present the content in multiple exciting ways.

Moreover, since these tools are designed or everyone to use; whether it’s a novice or a professional, so it’s no harder to meet the daily content changes required on these screens. All this can be one with the least of effort. Now that sounds like a reliable display option, right?

Versatile Signals:

With video walls, there are no limitations or issues of connectivity. This means that even when single displays can be connected to limited connectable devices; video walls offer you plenty of options. This simply refers to the ability of this display device to grab various signals and then display them at the same time; despite the formats and resolution.  Moreover, if you use a video wall controller, even then you can access all of them collectively.

Modern and Sharp Looks:

Other than the image quality of these LED displays, the overall installation appearance of these displays is also highly attractive. To be precise, anyone would consider the modern look of video walls to portray a theme of sci-fi movies. What makes this possible is the clean design and making of these LED video wall screens, as these are arranged without any bezels. Moreover, it also doesn’t cosmos of any metal hangings; leaving it plain, clear, and modern.

As a result, whatever commercial business’s interior is decorated with these video walls, these are sure to give the business owner a sophisticated and modern image.

No Need for Frequent Maintenance:

Even though these delicate and modern displays may look like they need more frequent maintenance than a single LED display, but the situation is vice versa.  One of the major reasons for this is the light engine technology present in this display. These displays rely completely on this technology; making a reliable light engine technology to be a necessity for fewer maintenance needs. So the better the manufacturing methods of an LED wall display, the better and longer it will perform. As a result, we can consider these displays to require minimum to zero maintenance; even after being used for years.

Natural Interactivity:

With the presence of the common addition of interaction in the modern video wall models, it is easier to boost engagement through it. This means that any passerby can easily interact with these displays and seek help including; navigating around a spot, checking for travel or event schedules go through a bunch of products, or even pass time by playing around. Wherever these video walls are installed, they can surely succeed in boosting the branding of any business/organization. So this natural interaction quality is another most beneficial aspect of these displays.

Type of LED Video Wall:

When it comes to understanding the criteria for buying LED wall screens, you can’t decide without finalizing what type of LED wall display would fulfill your needs. Considering this, it’s important to know all the basic types of these displays. To help you out on that and making a decision, let’s go ahead and describe some of these types below!

Outdoor Display:

As the name suggests, these types of outdoor LED video wall screens are installed in outdoor locations. Whether it’s on a specific wall/board or the exterior of your business building/shop; these displays can easily be installed there and attract the passersby’s easily for your brand.


Indoor Display:

Of course, this indoor LED video wall is also one that is installed on the inner side. This means that you can either install them in a building/shop to give a modern presentation while portraying ads and messages of your building, or you can make them solely for your personal use at home. Either way, the attractiveness of these displays can give a whole new look.

Flat Display:

These screens are mostly found indoors, as they can be installed on plain, straight walls. After the installation, this display gives a clear view of animations and graphic playing; giving a life-like view.

Curved Display:

Lastly, but most importantly, these curved video wall screen types are used mostly in outdoor locations. From cinemas to presentation halls, and even offices consider giving a curved and dedicated look of a specific message or presentation on these screens. With a curved display, one can easily forget that whether the view is real or on a display screen.

Flexible LED screen

Flexible LED screen, curve LED display

LED Video Wall Applications

Since not many people are aware of LED video wall screens, it’s hard to figure out the different applications or places these displays can be used. But that’s not something you should worry about, as we’ve mentioned some major locations that involve applications of these displays. This includes:

  • TV studios
  • Control rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports
  • Different entertainment venues
  • Large sports stadiums, etc.

LED Video Wall Buying Guide

When it comes to buying LED wall screens, one has to consider some major features and aspect of these displays and evaluate their own needs this helps to make a better decision.

Now to help you out on doing that, let’s discuss the most important factors you should consider:

Size and Number of Panels:

Firstly, it’s important to understand what size of screen you want before investing in one. The answer to this can vary on the type of video wall you want, the panel’s quantity, and the usage/installation location. Once you have these things figured out, it’ll be easier to find the right size.

Now the number of panels will also play a significant role in determining the size of the screen. For this, you can evaluate the panel’s quantity by understanding the content you want to displays. Moreover, understanding what size of the image would look attractive and effective would also help to make this decision.

Quality of Panels:

Of course, when it comes to buying a video wall display, you need to go for something that has a high-quality performance. Now to make sure that the quality and appearance of the display that you choose is high, you should look for one that has high definition panels. Moreover, if you look for contrast ratios of anything between 3000 or more, high brightness, and wide color gamut in the panel specs, you’ll make a better decision and a better quality performance.

Size of the Bezels:

Since these bezels are used as the edges of the individual panels in a video wall display, one can easily see them as plain black lines (or otherwise, gaps between other panels). Now it’s up to you how thin or thick the gap or line you want your displays to portray. To make a better decision here, it’s better to choose small sizes to ensure that the images aren’t disrupted.

LED Video Wall Pricing Factors:

The price of an LED Video wall display depends upon specific factors that work forth increasing or decreasing its cost; both with the presence or absence of the qualities and quantities of such factors. For a clearer idea, let’s go ahead and discover these factors below:

  • Density of pixels
  • Display size
  • Design (curved, flat, or transparent)
  • How complex I the installation
  • Requirements for processing videos
  • Indoor/outdoor application
  • It’s setup type

Depending on the presence and quantity of all these factors, an average budget for buying this display can start from $50k to $350k. So before you finalize a budget, make sure you know what major features you want to find in the display.

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LED Video Wall FAQS:

  1. What is a LED Video Wall?

This is a type of digital display that is built of a metal tile frame design. This holds modules that are made up of LEDs that produce light. Further, this light is provided to the video processor to convert from video signals into light. With enough LEDs programmed close to each other, the video wall display shows a bright and attractive video.

  • What makes an LED wall screen better than a Projector?

A few key advantages make these displays better than projectors. This includes:

  • Better brightness and contrast
  • Better room aesthetics with lesser noise overall
  • Least requirement of maintenance
  • Serving as a more flexible option
  • What is an LED wall screens life span?

The best quality LEDs present in these video wall screens tend to last for at least 100,000 hours.  However, if we consider normal usage along with the lifespan of other connected parts; companies promise a 12-15 years guarantee for LED video wall screens.

  • What is the weight of an LED video wall?

Each of the tiles of these displays has a minimum weight of up to 18lbs. however, once you create the whole setup with cable, rigging bars, and all the tiles, the total weight can reach up to 25 lbs.


Now that we’ve disused every detail that you might want to discover about LED wall screens as a novice investor, it’s time you let these advanced displays enhance your class, success, and ease by buying and installing wither an outdoor LED video wall or an indoor LED video wall screens.

So what’s stopping you now? Get up, evaluate the details you need to consider before investing in a display, finalize a budget, and go grab those outdoor/indoor video walls already! It’s time to grow with modern advancements.

Best Outdoor LED Screen: Price, Guide, Manufacturer 2020

So you’re planning to buy an outdoor LED display screen for your business promotions in 2020. Since these screens are quite inn and reliable for most of the businesses and company’s out there, it’s certainly a great way to promote your brand. But is the excessive purchasing and demand for outdoor LED screens enough to make you want to invest in one for your business too? Certainly not!

Even though popular things attract us, but it’s important to have basic insights and information about why a product is popular and how it can serve in boosting your business’s performance. Now don’t’ worry if you aren’t well aware of outdoor displays, as we’ve got you covered with the perfectly detailed guide. Are you excited to go ahead and discover more about this business promoting tool? Well then, let’s go ahead and discover it in detail!


Benefits of Outdoor LED Screens:

Whether you name it as an outdoor LED sign, outdoor LED display, or outdoor LED billboard; all serve as a similar type of business promoting a product that works effectively. Moreover, since these are similar, all these, or ‘outdoor LED screens’ to be precise, all have similar benefits.

Now you might have self-evaluated some benefits that may come as common understanding, like the fact that outdoor display screens are easily visible to thousands of people. But when it comes to counting the benefits, there’s a lot more than just this. Let’s just discover some such effective and demanding benefits offered by these LED displays.

The portrayal of Creative Messages and Formats:

Of course, original and unique content is an eye-catching asset that can attract every passer-by easily. Considering this outdoor LED billboards serve as the best option for you to produce creative content. The main reason for that can be the lack of format and creativity limitations. So as long as you can combine attractive videos, text messages, or photographs and create unique and eye-catching content to display on the digital screen, you are sure to get constant traffic on your brand easily.

Perfect Message Personalization Option:

When it comes to attracting customers for a brand, it is highly important to stay extremely close to the needs and preferences of the brand’s potential buyers. Once that is managed to achieve, a business can easily achieve success in the competitive market by creating an irreplaceable marketing asset for their brand. Now thanks to the LED display screens, it is not easily possible to choose different messages and their time of appearance on the screen. This way, using an LED display you can easily use multiple information’s/messages that are specifically helpful for a brand’s target audience. As a result, the audience would be easily convinced to buy your products.

Option to Play Unlimited Announcements:

If you’re choosing to buy an LED display for the wall of your business building, then it might be solely dedicated to run messages and ads for your business. Here, the best part about advanced LED displays is that they don’t’ have any limitations. So instead of running the same ad for a couple of days, you can easily switch between important advertisements, campaigns, business messages for the customers, and important announcements. So you can simply broadcast countless content every day and make your message reach the audience.

Longer Durability:

Since these are termed as advanced’ outdoor LED display screens, it’s obvious that they are specially designed to perform its function outdoors. This means that no matter what weather conditions the outdoor LED screens face, they are pre-designed to handle them effectively. As a result, you can be sure to make the most out of the display screen for years to come.

The Higher Quality:

Next is the most obvious benefit of LED display screens that anyone can agree on. Don’t get it? Well, we’ve all seen huge, shiny, attractive, and real-to-life displays on LED signage’s in various rushed streets and the front wall of malls; remember? That’s certainly another huge benefit that ensures that every passerby or visitor is caught up with the quality graphics of these large display screens. What’s adds to the quality is the higher brightness and resolution levels, in comparison to traditional signage’s. Moreover, this benefit of high-quality display also adds to the ease of viewing the display screens content and messages in bright daylight.

More Money-Saving Than Traditional Screens:

The conventional advertising costs that come with traditional LED screens can cost you and your business a lot. From the huge electricity bill to the need of repairing, editing messages, programming videos, and many more expenses that a traditional LED display requires. However, since an outdoor LED screen consists of lower energy expenditure and easy self-programming and self—managing of the contents of the screen through the internet – an outdoor LED screen is a far more pocket-friendly investment.

Perfect Option to Issue Third-Party Ads:

Every single business or company doesn’t prefer investing in their own outdoor LED billboard. Instead, most small-scale businesses and companies prefer saving their money by using a rental display screen to promote their business advertisement. This makes it an even valuable and profitable decision to buy an outdoor LED billboard and set specific timings to rent it for the third-party ads. Besides, who doesn’t likes having some extra income as a bonus of an investment?

No Need for Designing Professionals:

Since the Visual LED serves in incorporating advanced software’s in the giant LED displays, it’s easier for anyone to manage programs and their designs on the screen. This means that even if you are the advertiser, you don’t need a professional to set ads, designs them, and run on your outdoor display screen. Instead, you can do it yourself without requiring any computer science knowledge. However, just in case you want a professional touch on the designs, there are plenty of online courses to seek help from. That sounds cool, right?

Unavoidable Advertisements:

Similar to the previously mentioned benefit of attractive and high-quality displays, it’s just hard to avoid these LED screens in the street. Another major reason for this can be the huge size and the attractive content that is portrayed; which keeps the viewer attracted to the screen.

In other cases, outdoor billboards are unavoidable because you can’t skip the ads on them. Instead, similar to how you can skip online ads or change the channels during ads on the television or radio, outdoor displays grab the attention of the viewer by doing the opposite, i.e. making ads unavoidable. Especially when you are stuck in traffic with a billboard nearby, the only entertainment you have there are the ads. So who would avoid them?

How Much Does an Outdoor LED Display Cost?

This can be a common question to consider before heading out and buying a LED display yourself.

Now when it comes to the prices of outdoor displays, it’s hard to analyze a fixed price, as often at times the prices depend upon the display size, pixel pitch, and other additional features of an LED display. However for an estimated idea, one can consider these outdoor displays to cost anything from $4,400 to $154,000. Sounds like a huge budget difference, right? Well, this difference simply helps to determine that how much budget should be available for investing in a reliable, high quality, and decent sized outdoor display (if you can’t afford a gigantic one).


Type of Installation of Outdoor LED Screen:

For a newbie in terms of investing in LED displays, it’s for one to understand the different installation methods of an Outdoor display. But since this is highly important, let’s discuss the common ones below:


This installation method refers to mounting LED displays on outdoor walls and fixing there permanently.

outdoor led display

Pole Installation:

Installation of these screens on outdoor poles is quite critical but equally beneficial to change the screen’s location afterward.

Roof Installation:

This method of installing outdoor LED’s is quite commonly found everywhere. And if this screen is installed on its building’s roof; there’s no better way to make customers attracted to the building.

Hanging Installation:

Similar to the pole installation, this type of LED screen installation is managed by hanging it outdoors through thick wires these wires are supported by one or more buildings.

Mobile Rental Installation:

By what the name suggests, this installation of LED screens is temporary. And most commonly rental screens are installed in this way so that they can be moved and relocated according to the needs of every renting party.

outdoor led stage screen

How Many Ways to Control Outdoor LED Screens?

Now that we’ve discovered the different installation methods of outdoor display screens, you might not want to miss the controlling methods, right? The best part about controlling the advanced outdoor LED billboards is that these screens can be controlled through multiple sources. So you can be anywhere and easily control the screen’s content without needing professional help. More precisely, some common controlling methods include;

  • Synchronous and asynchronous controlling
  • Controlling through a connected computer
  • Controlling through Wi-Fi or 4G connected devices.
  • Controlling the cloud controlling method that is supported by online sites and sources that connect the screen with your device through cloud connectivity.


Important Thing To Consider When Buying an Outdoor LED Display:

Lastly, but most importantly, an outdoor LED screen guide can’t be completed without discussing the things you need to consider while buying your own LED display, right? So considering that, let’s go ahead and discuss some major factors below:

  • Pixel Pitch: If you consider LED screens with average to maximum pixel pitch levels, the display quality can be extremely attractive and eye-catching.
  • LEDs: Of course, the more the LEDs, the better the whole display screen would light up and make every letter and graphic prominent on the screen. But don’t go too overboard in the LED’s quality.
  • Cabinet Type: This is highly important as specific cabinet types go with specific installing supports. This means that a light cabinet type is preferred for installing the screen on light supports like a pole or metal ropes. Similarly, for heavy cabinet types, the installation support should be considered accordingly.
  • Size: If you can’t afford a gigantic LED display, it’s better to go for the average-sized screen instead of choosing the tiny ones – so that it can catch the passerby’s attention from even a little distance.
  • Price: This is another important factor. You can’t ask for every advanced feature and go out of budget too, right? So keep a budget in mind while choosing your options.
  • Brightness: The better the brightness of the screen, the better it will make even the faraway viewers to easily read the advertisement on it. However, make sure you don’t go for screens with a little too much brightness, as it might not be suitable for a closer audience.



  • What does an outdoor LED display mean?

An LED display screen is the perfect solution for advertising any business, institute, firm, company, product, or even individual ads in front of thousands of passerby’s. These screens are installed on the poles, walls, or the building roof’s exterior area. They are designed specifically to continue displaying ads perfectly even after the attacks of dust, noise, and extreme weather.

  • Are these helpful?

Since thousand or even millions of passersby’s can easily view ads on outdoor LED signs (as they are installed on roads with higher traffic), the advertisements help businesses to grow by attracting customers that view these ads while passing by. Besides, even if a few thousand people may view the ad, at least hundreds are sure to respond to it, right?

  • How to protect these screens from rain and sunlight?

To protect from rain, it is important for installing engineers to make sure that water doesn’t seep inside the screen’s inner electronics. However, in terms of sunlight protection (which is quite critical as sunlight is the biggest enemy of these display screens), you need to ask your digital signage solution providers to figure out a protective solution from the heat.


There may be a lot more aspects of an outdoor display, like the materials it is made of, or the types of businesses that avail most success through them, or even the different businesses and institutions that rely on outdoor display advertisement and notifications. But if you have a clear idea of all these basic details of outdoor display screens, then you can easily consider why, when, and what type of outdoor display does your business require.

So once all that is sorted, go ahead and promote your business ads better by investing in outdoor LED signs!

Colorlight C1/C2/C3/C4/C6/C7 LED Controller Player

Are you looking for an LED controller player that can enhance your LED displays working performance and help you manage your commercial display screen with ease? If so, then the Colorlight’s LED Controller Players models from the C-series are worthy of your trust and usage. From the presence of all the basic models to the advanced ones like Colorlight C3, Colorlight C4, Colorlight C6, and C7, the C-series has enough options for you to make an effective investment decision.

Colorlight C1/C2/C3/C4/C6/C7 LED Controller Player 2

However, with each model being different and varying in its advanced features, let’s go ahead and discover each of the C-series models below.


  • C1:

The Colorlight’s C1 model of the LED controller player C-series comes as a basic LED controller player option with all the necessary features available to serve you. This includes the presence of a cloud management feature that supports internet connectivity and a maximum loading capacity of 130,000 pixels. This loading capacity serves your LED display with a decent graphical controlling result.

 It also includes an accurate synchronized playback feature with multiple players to connect with the LED display at a time. Additionally, you get a 4GB internal memory, a USB disk plug, and play slot, and a 1.5G end-user usable feature.

  • C2:

The C2 model of this series offers you with some more advanced features to manage your LED display controlling. With the presence of internet connecting support of this model through LAN, WiFi, and 4G, you can easily control the internet connectivity of your LED display. Additionally, it includes a feature of unified management on multiple screens and multi-services across different regions. Moreover, you are allowed to play multiple windows and windows overlap, while freely setting the size and location.

Also, this model comes with powerful functions of equipment monitoring, program edition, scheduling and cluster publishing, and many more that enhance your working experience. Lastly, it also supports GPS to help you achieve a more advanced user experience.

  • C3:

This Colorlight C3 offers you with all the basic features present in the previous models. However, what makes this model more advanced and reliable is it’s working of LED controlling without the support or need of a computer. The new generation model serves as a more conventional and cost-efficient model that can be managed and controlled directly on your LED display.

Additionally, this model includes the industrial components and embedded operating system that serves as a small and secure option for your usage. With all this, you can easily rely on this model as a more stable model that is widely used for advertising displays and digital signage controlling needs.

  • C4:

Similar to the C3, this Colorlight C4 also offers you the same features of the previous models offered with a lot more stability and efficient working outcome. However, the additional features in this model include a real-time content broadcasting feature, along with its monitoring, operating status, and immediate feedback performance. Additionally, you get multi-level authorization management, an encrypted data channel, and an authorized certification that adds more to it’s safe and reliable working.

  • C6:

With this Colorlight C6 model, you get the same extra-ordinary feature of play mode without the need for computer connectivity. However, what adds more to its advantages is the presence of a built-in WiFi spot that can be connected to LAN and WAN and 3g/4G networks. This feature can be managed and controlled through an intelligent remote control; making you easily and smartly manage the device.

All this, and all the basic and efficient working features of this LED controller player adds more controlling and usage ease for advertising LED screens as well as exhibition LED screens, and much more. Altogether, you can rely on this model for more professional and advanced working experience.

  • C7:

Similar to the previous models, the C7 also has all the basic and necessary features of LED video controlling from internet connectivity to multiple screen management and much more. However, it also includes some advanced and professional features like the support for GPS, HDMI input, and loop output port. Additionally, this model can also be set as AP mode while easily supporting program management and parameter setting through any device, i.e. smartphones, PC, tablets, etc.

Other than all this, this model also offers you with an 8G built-in storage to enhance your working ease and user-experience.


Now that we’ve discussed all the LED Controlling player models offered by Colorlight’s C-series, it’s time you make an effective decision that fits your LED display controlling needs. So go ahead and choose smartly!

RGBLINK venus X1/X2/X3/X7 Video Processor

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient working video processor for your flexible display? Now there are plenty of options for video processors in the market. However, when it comes to looking for the right option, one can get confused in the variety of brands, series, and models.

Considering this, one needs to invest in a video processor that meets all the requirements of your LED display’s graphical presentation. Hence, it’s better to look for models that can fit from the basics to the advanced LED display screen requirements. For this, we’ve discussed below some of the best and highly reliable video processors offered by RGBLINK venus including; RGBLINK X1, RGBLINK X2, RGBLINK X3, RGBLINK X7.

RGBLINK venus X1/X2/X3/X7 Video Processor 3

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover them in detail, shall we?

RGBLINK Venus Video Processors


The RGBLINK X1 serves as a multiple outputs video processor that is suitable for accepting various video signals for the LED display. Some of the video signals this video processor accepts include; DVI, VGA, HDMI, CVBS, DP, SDI, and USB. Additionally, this model comes with all the necessary features to avail of a seamless performance of video processing on your LED display. This includes the presence of features like fade in fade out, glitch-free switching, advanced scaling technology, and high-resolution video presentation ability.

Additionally, this model also supports EDID editing through the input HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports; while supporting the EDID read through its output ports and its modification through the windows control program. You can also avail of the advanced user-defined image size and coordination feature with dual processing, multiple cascade mapping, various user controlling and configurations, key-in key-out, and other similar high-end advanced working features.

With all this, you also get a local front panel operation as well as remote windows based software control of this video processor. Both these features allow a more reliable and user-friendly usage of the device.


Similar to the previous model, the RGBLINK X2 also offers you with the same basic features of a video processor. However, what makes this model one step ahead of the previous x2 model is the presence of some updated and more user-friendly features for a high-end video processing experience.

This includes the presence of either 16 x 16 (both of 2K) input ports or 4×4 slots with 4 (of 4K) x 16 (2K). This gives you better connectivity and software controlling ease through the device. Additionally, similar to the previous model, you also get an EDID management feature on the board along with an auto input format and its conversion feature through the software. Other than that, this model also includes built-in features of Genlock Y and Digital reference, a real-time adaptation of resolution, an isolated resolution, and a frame rate conversion option.


With this RGBLINK X3, you get a more advanced experience of video processing on your LED display screen. Other than the same basic features, this model comes with some additional advanced features that can fit in your advanced LED display’s video processing needs.

This includes a scalable video wall processing through 8 display outputs, at least 16 modular inputs present across four slots, and up to 16 layers of outputs present across 8 outputs. Other than this, you also gain a dedicated high-speed video/graphical bus that serves you with real-time working performance.

Additionally, the presence of seamless switching from inputs, layers and display windows, the independent preview module along with streaming feature, and simultaneous/multiple operation modes option; all these enhance the working ease and advanced user-experience for you to smartly manage your LED display.


Lastly, the RGBLINK X7 is one of the most advanced and highly professional video processors that serve as a universal model of video wall controller as well as a processor with multi-mode operation features.

Now, what makes this model a lot more advanced and reliable in the presence of its output capacity of 128 megapixels, 64 layers of the display, independent resolution outputs, and a wide variety of SmartSlot modules of 2K and 4K for both the inputs and outputs of the device.

You also avail subtitling and messaging options through its features of OSD text overlay. Moreover, the Genlock support, high availability with the option of redundant power supply, and highly remarkable performance with low latency of hardware-based video processing; all these features make the X7 a highly professional and next-level video processing model that can boost your LED displays performance and video/graphical presentation.


Now with all these amazing video processor models offered by RGBLINK venus, which one fits your LED displays video processing and advanced graphical presentation needs?

Why You Need Flexible LED Curtain Screen?

Are you planning to install an attractive LED screen that can look unique than the typical display screens? If so, you must have surely gone through the idea of investing in a LED curtain screen, right? Now even though these transparent LED screens serve as a highly reliable ad far better option than the common LED displays, but not many are aware of how these are better than the basic LED displays. Most people often consider the unique outlook and design of these screens to be enough to rely on them for their business’s commercial promotion. However, there’s a lot more to the benefits that make these screens stand out in terms of performance and stability while giving an attractive commercial look.

Why You Need Flexible LED Curtain Screen? 4

Now if you’re someone who is also wondering why you need a LED curtain screen, then let’s go ahead and discuss some of its benefits below in detail.

4 Main Benefits

  • Lightweight and Quick Installation

Now the dimensions of an outdoor curtain display and its unit box are extremely light, especially in comparison to the common LED display screens. This makes it a lot easier to install these screens on any outdoor platform, without facing too many difficulties.

Additionally, we all know how lightweight comes with another pro of suitable maintenance, right? Besides, the lighter the machine the easier it is to remove it and maintain it every time. Hence, fixing to setting and getting its maintenance done every once in a while; a curtain screen doesn’t give you a hard time in any of these processes.

  • Perfect Lighting

Normally, a typical LED display is fitted in front of a building or board. This background addition or a solid source can decrease the chances of the typical LED displays to portray day and night properly on the display screen. This often results in a lack of natural and bright lighting on the screen, making the screen look give un-natural lighting.

Considering this, an LED curtain screen is fitted without any background supporting surface. This means that it is transparent from both sides, allowing natural day and night light effects to appear and be visible on the screen naturally. This gives a lot more efficiency and natural quality of display to the screen in comparison to the typical displays.

  • Energy-Saving and Cost Efficient

Since a curtain flexible LED screen (more information on flexible led screen,click here)has a great heat dissipation technology and it doesn’t even require additional air conditioning installation for the screen to perform efficiently, these screens take less power. But other than these facts, the main power consumption of a curtain LED screen is also a lot lesser than an average LED display screen. This cuts off a lot on the power consumption of the screen; making you save energy as well as a lot from the yearly bill that you pay for an average display screen.

Additionally, with a low power consumption property of a curtain display screen, it is more obvious that the screen can be easily protected from all sorts of surroundings too. Thus, no matter where you install it, these low energy consuming screens would stay cool and protected – at all times.  

  • Lack of Weather Influence

Since a LED curtain screen consists of aluminum alloy in its box, the heat dissipation of these screens is highly reliable. In comparison to a basic LED display screen, these screens have an 80% improved heat dissipation making them stay cool and avoid heating – even after the constant working of the screen.

Additionally, the military-grade IP65 protection of these screens working with a rubberized design that completely covers it from all sides; these screens work as a waterproof display screen too. As a result, no matter where you install them, the influence of weather would be extremely low on them – causing the LED curtain screens the least of damage.


These are surely not all the benefits that a LED curtain screen offers us with. However, since these benefits offered by these screens are the most significant ones, so you can easily make a better decision for your business’s commercial promotion. So what’s the wait for? Go ahead and get a LED curtain screen to uniquely and efficiently promote your business in the commercial areas.

How to Start Your Own LED Display Business?

The LED industry has grown extremely huge over the past few years. Whether it’s on terms of LED bulbs or LED display screens, the demand of LED products has grown drastically; mainly because of their ability to save a lot of power and work effectively. Considering this, if we talk about LED display screens, plenty of large and small scale businesses today rely on these screens for a better promotion of their businesses. This simply increases the demand of LED display screens, a lot more than usual.

led display business

Hence, other than just investing in its advertisement, starting an LED display business can also serve you with great profit. However, this doesn’t mean that you can blindly just start a business without having any understanding of how to successfully do it.

Therefore, to help you out on starting a LED screen business rightly, we’ve discussed below how you can start a small as well as a large successful LED screen business. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover the process below.

Small Scale Business

We’re talking about a small-scale LED display business because everyone can’t obvious afford to create their own LED display screens in the beginning. However, you can still gain the benefit of LED screens and earn through some market-ready screens, right? Now if you’re confused on how you can make a LED display screen business out of this and earn well, let’s discuss it below.

  • Invest in One or Few Screens

Firstly, you’ll have to invest in one or more screens from the market. Now investing in market ready LED screens and then lending them for advertising to businesses is a smart and highly beneficial way. You can use your personal business, shop, restaurant, or other commercial space to set these screens. However, if you don’t have any such commercial space, then paying someone on monthly basis for fixing your LED screens on their shops wall would also do well.

  • Set Them Up and find Local Clients

Once you’ve bought the screens you can invest in and have them set up in a commercial area, it’s time to get audience to display their business ads. Now since you’re display screens would be set on shops located in small-scale markets, it’s better to look for local clients to pay you for rented ads. For instance, you can look for restaurants or small shops nearby, so that the local audience passing by would be aware of what store’s ad is being played on the screen and they can visit their easily.

  • Start Earning

Now that you’ve also found the right local clients to pay you for playing their business promotion ads on your LED display screens, it’s time to charge them. The best thing here is that there’s no major rule to charge for LED screen advertisements. So you can charge every client according to the ad demands and business type, and earn well.

Large Scale Business

The title of this business makes it quite clear that we’re talking about starting LED display screens business with everything of your own manufacturing and brand. This mainly refers to creating your own LED screens and selling them as a basic and large business. Of course, this would take great investment, but you can start with a few screens in the beginning. Besides, if you build a few quality LED display screens and promote them well, those small scale businesses are surely going to be buying screens from you!

Now for this business you’ll have to;

  • Understand How LED Displays Are Created

This is the major and highly important step in starting your own LED display business. Once you understand what goes into making these screens and learn the preparation step by step, you can easily increase you’re the screens quality and your business over time – without worrying about facing any loss. Now to help you out, let me discuss the things you’ll need to create a flexible LED display screen.

  • LEDs
  • LED display modules
  • LED Cabinet
  • Control system
  • Power supply
  • Data cable and power cable
  • All the tools needed for assembly of these components
  • Promote Your Screens

When it comes to proceeding any business further, branding it and promoting it is highly important. Therefore, once you’ve managed to build some screens, it’s time to name your business and promote it online and offline. There are plenty of ways to do that, including; social media marketing, website promotion, offline banners, flex, pamphlets, etc.

  • Earn from Local and Competitor Business

Lastly, but most importantly, it’s time to choose your clients and earn from them. Now once you’ve promoted your LED screens both offline and online, you’re probably going to get customers for your screens. Remember that the better you promote the screens, the more people will be interested to buy from you. Also, in the start, don’t just pitch for large businesses. Instead, sell your screens to every customer that is interested – while also keeping the rates on the minimum.


These were some ways for you to start your own LED display business, without worrying about facing too much loss or taking a huge risk in the beginning. Just get start and work on our businesses to achieve more customers. Once that happens, no matter if it’s a small business or the large one, you can then easily increase your rates and earn better!

Colorlight S2/S4/S6 LED Sending Box

Having a giant LED display screen for commercial use means that you have to meet up to the requirements of the media industry to portray a graphical presentation that can catch the viewer’s attention. As a result, plenty of LED components are manufactured to help improve the performance of these LED display screens. So no matter how small or huge your business may be these components help lift the LED screen’s interpretation in a way that can boost the overall graphical appearance on the screen.

Now considering this, one of the most commonly opted and highly reliable components is a sending box. This sending box is connected with computers and other sending systems; from where the screen interpretation is transferred and portrayed on the screen. Concisely, the card converts the input video signal in a format that can be easily displayed on the LED screen. Now, this conversion happens when the sending box’s network cable is connected to the LED display. As a result, your LED display screen portrays a quality graphical message on the screen; making it looks industry competitive.


Colorlight S-Series

Now that we’re talking about sending boxes and how they help in converting and portraying a better and high-quality graphical display on your flexible LED screen, you might want to invest in a decent LED sending box, right? Well, for that very reason, we’ve discussed below the best of Colorlight Sending Box models from the S-series. So go ahead, and discover their features.

  • Colorlight S2:

This Colorlight s2 sending box is one of the most reliable options for your smart LED display screens. It comes with the support of a DVI signal input port, an audio input port with synchronous transmission via Ethernet cable, and 2 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs that support screen arbitrary splicing. Additionally, this sending card model also includes dual USB ports that support a high-speed configuration and an easy cascading process to improve your overall sending and working speed on the LED display.

Other than this, you get improved led display grayscale performance on low brightness evils of the LED display along with an input resolution of 1920*1200 pixels. Also, with the 1.31 pixels loading capacity and the compatibility of this sending box with all the Colorlight receiving card series; you can be sue to make use of this sending box for all your basic LED display setting requirements.

  • Colorlight S4:

This Colorlight s4 sending box model offers some advanced working features in comparison to the previous S2 model. It comes with both the HDMI and DVI signal output ports, where the HDMI also has a signal loop output port. Also, the presence of an input resolution of 1920*1200 pixels and a 2.30 million pixels loading capacity; both add more graphical quality on your LED display screen.

Additionally, you get support for 4 Gigabit Ethernet outputs that serve effectively in screen arbitrary splicing. Also, the presence of dual USB 2.0 and support for brightness and chromaticity adjustment; both add more quality and reliability to your usage of this sending box model. Moreover, this one also supports HDCP, while being compatible to work with all the Colorlight receiving card series.

  • Colorlight S6:

Lastly, but most importantly, the S6 is one of the most advanced and highly professional sending box modes offered by Colorlight. It comes with advanced features like video input ports being of 1HDMI and 1 DVI (both with loop) and support for HDCP 1.4. Additionally, this model also supports extra professional features like splicing, cascading along with a strict synchronization, a synchronism of display image through the Genlock signal, sending with zero latency, highly improved gray-scale, brightness, chromaticity adjustment, and a color gamut transformation.

All these features add a touch of professional working and extra efficiency to the performance of this sending box; making you set your LED display screen concerning the professional industry needs.


With all these Colorlight Sending Box models of the S-series having different features and working capabilities, you are surely going to have your LED display setting that needs to be fulfilled effectively. Just choose the right model that serves you with features that fit your LED display setting requirements, and you will surely avail highly reliable performance from the Colorlight sending box.

What Is The Grayscale of LED Display?

Do you have a flexible LED display screen or are you planning to invest in one for indoor/outdoor usage? If so, you must be interested in learning everything about LED display screens and how they work, right? Now, most of the information on these screens are commonly known and familiar by everyone. However, when it comes to understanding the advanced ideas of LED display screens, there’s a lot that might not be familiar to everyone.

From the nits to the size of the LED display and much more, not everyone commonly knows a lot of the LED display information. Talking about this, one such thing here that causes great confusion is the grayscale that is present in the parameter information of the LED display screen. Most people consider this to be a part of the screens LED setup. However, there’s a lot more to it.

led display grayscale

Now for everyone who isn’t well aware of what LED display grayscale is and how it works, let’s just go ahead and discover it below in detail.

What is Grayscale?

Now for a better understanding of LED display grayscale, let’s first learn what grayscale is in terms of color science. So it is considered as a range of grey shades that don’t have any apparent color in them. In these shades, the darkest color is black; which does not have any reflected light in the color. Whereas, the lightest shade in this is the white color. This shade has the complete transmission of light with the presence of all the visible wavelengths.

Now other than these basic darkest and lightest shades, there are almost 256 shades in the grayscale intensity; starting from black and ending to white. Also, since all these colors come from the primary colors of RGB, then you can consider the full-color image of the highest grayscale of 24bits, i.e. 256 x 256 x 256.

This is all to the basics of what grayscale is in terms of basics color sense. However, when it comes to understanding the idea of grayscale for LED display screens, then it mainly involves the usage of grayscale in the screens graphical display. For a clearer view, let’s go ahead and discuss it further.

Grayscale of LED Display

If we talk generally about the LED display grayscale, then it can be said that when a grayscale bit gets higher, then the content quality of the LED display screen also gets richer and a lot more vivid. For instance, in the comparison between 14 bit and 16 bit, 16 is considered to give your LED display a far better quality.

However, this doesn’t mean that only the presence of a higher grayscale can increase the quality of your LED displays content. This is mainly because the grayscale level also depends on the overall digital-to-analog conversion system of the LED display. This includes the compatibility of the system’s video processing chip, the memory, and the transmission system. If all these parts of an LED system support the higher bits of grayscale, then the larger grayscale level can work in enhancing the overall content quality of your LED display. Altogether, we can say that all of the components go hand in hand in terms of increasing the richness of the screen.

Levels of Grayscale

Now that we’ve discussed how the system of a LED display needs to be compatible with the higher levels of grayscale, it’s highly important to understand what levels are supported with that kind of display screens. So let’s discuss the two different types of LED display grayscale below.

  • Most of the outdoor and indoor giant LED displays are suitable with a 13bit grayscale. Here, you can especially consider the LED screens that don’t show too much of the gradient images. So, for these types of indoor/outdoor screens, a 13bit grayscale system would showcase a really pleasant and effective display on the screen.
  • In other cases, if we talk about other LED display screens that need to show many gradient images, then it would require a higher grayscale. For a clearer view, the presence of at least 14 bit or higher LED display grayscale would be needed to show a rich display on the screen.


So this is all to the detailed understanding of LED display grayscale and how it works in improving the different types of LED display screens content quality. Hence, if you consider this grayscale level understanding and it’s working criteria, you’ll surely be able to get a better-LED display that fits your content quantity and quality needs.

VDwall lvp909 4K video processor and splicer

Are you looking for a video splicer to recreate your commercial LED displays video? This can be a great add-on component for your LED video panel, especially when it’s supposed to be a commercial LED screen. Since a commercial LED display works in attracting more and better customers towards your business, a good video portrayal on the display can play a huge role.

Whether it’s in terms of editing the LED display video by trimming it, or by simply combining various clips; it’s important to ensure that your LED display video is edited effectively to be attractive. But in both these editing needs, most of the time your LED display requires combined videos for an attractive play. This can easily be done by using a video processor/splicer.

vdwall lvp909

Now if you aren’t well aware of what these are and how they work, let’s go ahead and discover them below in detail.

What it is?

For all those wondering what this device works forth, let me just say that it device works in splicing various format videos together. So whether you’ve been able to create a complete video at one shot, or your camera’s output wasn’t in the same format, a video splicer can help you make the video spliced perfectly. Hence, you can easily edit the videos and display them on your LED display without having to deal with any technical complications.

How It Works?

Whether you’re familiar with a video splicing device or haven’t used one before, you can easily manage it’s working. Since the device mainly requires you to import all the clips that are needed to be spliced, it takes less time and effort for this work. However, do make sure that you organize the order of playing clips properly on the Timeline; as this would help them program create a single video that meets your led display solutions requirements.

Once that’s done, your spliced video is ready to be played on the LED display screen. Just import it on the LED display and set it for playing.

Best Video Splicer

Now for everyone looking for a highly reliable and one of the best options for video splicing function, we’ve got you covered with an effective model below, i.e. the VDWALL LVP909. For a clearer view and understanding, let’s go ahead and discover it below in detail.

  • VDWALL LVP909:

This VDWALL LVP909 video processor comes with all the basic and necessary features to help you edit your LED display videos effectively. From the presence of a 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI cinema-quality video processing feature to the addition of Faroudja Real colors and Faroudja TrueLife video enhancer; this LED video processor comes with all the features you might require for an advanced video processing and editing work.

Additionally, this device offers you with advanced features like seamless switching, fade-in/fade-out switching, blend switching, adding of HP text, flash, graphics, logo overlay, and a picture freeze function. All this allows you to easily manage and edit the graphics for your LED display. Other than all this, this video splicer also offers you with a hot spare function for a stable and reliable accessing of the display image.

Most importantly, this device comes with an AIAO function and 4 custom display modes of PIP/POP. These features allow a more user-friendly and suitable working of this device; allowing you to function it easily and smartly.

All this, and the easy setup and knob adjustment of this video processor make it easier for anyone to manage and function this device with the LED display screen.


All this assures that the VDWALL LVP909 serves as a highly reliable and user-friendly video splicing and processing device for your P2.6 LED display. So no matter how simple or complex your LED display video editing work may be; this device can serve you just perfectly.

Now, this makes it obvious that you can easily rely on this device to manage your commercial LED display videos/graphics easily. So what’s the wait for now? Go ahead and let this device effectively improve the graphical display of your LED screen by efficiently splicing the videos.

Different Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Led Display?

LED display screens are quite commonly used and highly familiar in the business and media industry today. However, many people are still unaware of many of its aspects and its working criteria, especially when it comes to the different types of LED displays. Since different types of display screens work differently, it’s hard to relate every screen and choose LED display without having the proper knowledge.

Now when it comes to getting confused in LED display screens and their different types, two are quite commonly confused. This includes both the synchronous LED display and the asynchronous LED display. Whether you’ve planned to invest in a LED screen or you’ve just felt the need to have an understanding of these screens, these two terms have been obvious to create confusion for many.

Synchronous LED display

Therefore, this lack of understanding might often result in the wrong LED screen investment. However, that’s not something you need to worry about, as we’re here to help you eliminate all this confusion and have a clear view of what both these LED displays are and how they differ. So let’s go ahead and discover these screens and their characteristics below in detail.

Synchronous System

As the name says here, these screens are simply supposed to display what the computer screen displays. In short, it shows a real-time display of the computer screen which is connected to it for showing a display of pictures or videos. Additionally, since it works with the computer, there are no limitations of content that can be displayed on these screens. So you can set up constant videos or different content on the computer screen (and continue doing that), while the synchronous LED display would show the same.

Even though this sounds amazing, there is a drawback to these screens too. This is the lack of working on these screens after the computer shuts down. Hence, if the connected computer doesn’t work properly or shuts down anytime, the screens would also not display anything normally.

Now for a clearer view, let’s discuss some of the characteristics of the synchronous LED display.


  • These screens come as either 4K LED Displays or otherwise, indoor LED video walls. Both these displays come with a space to place the computer for the graphical operation.
  • These types of LED display screens are widely used as rental display screens for different kinds of events, i.e. weddings, parties, concerts LED screen, etc.
  • They are built as large display screens for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • You can find plenty of creative and special designs on these LED screens.

Asynchronous System

The asynchronous LED display works as the opposite of the previous screen. This simply means that it doesn’t display the same content that is being played on the computer screen. In short, you can say that the graphical display of this screen is firstly edited on the computer. After this, it is sent to the screens control card. Hence, all the display information is saved on the screen and played directly, so there are no complications faced even when the computers stops or shuts down.

However, this also means that there is no real-time displaying feature or unlimited content option on these screens. So you have to work on the content earlier and finalize what needs to be finally played on these screens.

Now let’s discuss some characteristics that add more to making these asynchronous LED display screens different from the previous ones includes.


  • These outdoor LED display screens are installed in places where there is no control room present for managing the computer.
  • These screens come as just a single color LED front door signboard.
  • They aren’t available in a larger size, so you can find them as small LED screens.


With each of these screens having different characteristics, it’s can be understood how different both the synchronous LED display and asynchronous LED display screen are. Hence, you can better understand what is better for your business demands and media requirements.

However, even with these differences, none of these screens are superior to the others in terms of market demands. Since both the small scale business and large scale business, rely on LED display screens for better promotion of their business. Therefore, both these LED display screens are widely opted and relied on for business promotion, and indoor/outdoor display needs in all types of businesses and industries.

Colorlight X1/X2/X3/X4/X6/X7/X8 Video Controller

Are you looking for a video controller for your P3.91 LED display screen? Do you require deeply controlled graphical details for the displayed LED videos? If so, it’s better to look for a video controller that can help fulfill these demands.

For this, Colorlight’s X-series Video controllers offer a great variety of efficient models that meet your needs – from the Colorlight x2 to the Colorlight x6Colorlight x8, and many more basic as well as advanced models. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discuss the best of the X-series models, shall we?

colorlight x6


  • Colorlight X1:

One of the most basic and easy to function video controllers by Colorlight’s X-series is the X1. This model comes with all the necessary functions and supporting features to fulfill your basic video controlling requirements on the LED display or other setups. It includes video input ports of HDMI×1, DVI×2a, and a USB 2.0 port. Additionally, it comes with a loading capacity of 1.31 million pixels; giving you a decent quality of the graphical display. Additionally, you also gain support for improving gray-scale at low brightness, brightness, and chromaticity adjustment, slicing and cascading, arbitrary switching of video input, and a lot more additional features to help you manage the video controlling according to the demands of the media industry.

  • Colorlight X2

Now the next model is Colorlight X2, which is surely a more advanced model than the previous one. It includes video ports of HDMI×1, SDI×1, DVI×1, VGA×1, CVBS×, and support for input resolution of up to 1920×[email protected] Additionally, you also get a loading capacity of 1.3 million pixels; allowing you to gain more clear graphical results. Other than that, the features of arbitrary switching of the video input, freely zooming of the image, a dual USB2.0 port that offers an efficient and high-speed configuration and cascading, and plenty of other supports including Supports HDCP1.4, etc.; this video controller model comes with all the basic features with a more efficient and reliable performance.

  • ColorlightX3:

The X3 comes with a loading capacity of 2.60 million pixels making it a lot more efficient for you to gain high-quality graphics in the LED videos. Additionally, it has input ports for videos of HDMI×1, DVI×2, and support for input resolution being up to 1920×[email protected] than these advanced graphical controlling features of the X3, you also gain all the basic and necessary features offered by the previous models here too.

  • ColorlightX4:

Similar to the previous models, this X4 model of the X-series also comes with all the basic and necessary features for a reliable and efficient video controlling. However, what makes the difference here is that this model support input ports for videos including SDI×1, HDMI×1, DVI×1, VGA×1, and CVBS × 1. Additionally, this model also includes a 2.6 million pixels loading capacity with 4096 pixels for maximum width and 2560 pixels of maximum height. As a result, you can count on this model for more advanced and larger pixels controlling for the videos on your gold wire LED displays.

  • Colorlight X6:

The new Colorlight X6 serves as a more advanced video controlling model with the presence of various digital signal ports. This includes 1×SDI, 1×HDMI, 2×DVI, and support for input resolution being up to 1920×[email protected] Additionally, the presence of 3.9 million loading capacity and support for adjusting brightness, chromaticity, contrast ratio, tone, and saturation; all add a special touch to the graphical view of the videos on your LED display. Also, since this model is compatible with all types of receiving cards, multifunction cards, and optical fiber converters (manly by Colorlight); you can be sue to make the most use out of this model – without facing too many technical difficulties.

  • ColorlightX7

The X7 model is a next-level model of the X-series that offers all the features offered by the X6 model, however with an addition of some more features. This mainly includes the presence of 16 different preset modes support, allowing you to load the saved preset parameters for controlling and managing on the LED display – whenever you need them. Also, the presence of a 5.2 million pixels loading capacity adds more efficient and top-notch graphical quality to the displaying video. Additionally, the presence of three-picture-display support also adds more quality to your users with this X7 model.

  • Colorlight X8

Lastly, but certainly, not to the least, the Colorlight X8 is undoubtedly one of the top models of the X-series video controllers. It offers you with a support of various digital signal ports, a 5 million pixels loading capacity, and support for six-layer-displays (where you can freely adjust the location and size). These features and the basic and advanced features offered by the X7 model; all these combine to add more quality and efficiency to the high-end professional video controlling the performance of this model.


Even though plenty of the features of each of these Colorlight Video Controller models of the X-series are similar, but the addition of more pixel pitch quality and improved results with each model is also present.

Hence, if you consider what your business/ self-use and LED’s video controlling requirements and demands may be; you can easily choose the right model. So go ahead, choose patiently, and make the most out of it!

Colorlight Z4/Z6/Z6 PRO Super Video Controller

Are you looking for a highly reliable and efficient video controller that can add more value to your LED displays graphical result? If so, opting for high-quality 4K video controllers can be a great investment option. Besides, the video controller serves as the main component that generates video signals on a computer, gaming system, a projector or LED display.

Hence, if you look for the perfect option from just the right and well-known brand, you are sure to gain better and more efficient video controlling outcome on any device you demand to connect it with. Especially when it comes to LED displays, having a high-quality and highly reliable video controller is important to portray a next-level graphical display on the screen. This doesn’t only helps to improve your business performance by attracting more viewers, but also helps in portraying the message/advertisement in a better way.

colorlight z6

Hence, if you’re looking for the best and highly advanced video controller options, then it’s better to rely on Colorlight’s Z-series including the Colorlight Z4, Colorlight Z6, and Z6 PRO. However, if you aren’t well aware of how each of these video controller models works in terms of their features; let’s go ahead and discuss them below in detail.

Colorlight Z-Series:

  • Z4 Super Controller:

The Colorlight Z4 serves as a highly professional LED display/Video controller. This model comes with a video splicer, processor, and a sender; al combined to give more professional and advanced working outcomes. As a result, you can rely on the Z4 for a better capability of video signal reception, processing work, and transmission of the video signals to the LED display. Additionally, this model also offers you with highly reliable and high-definition images with flexible and user-friendly image controlling function. Hence, you don’t have to make extra efforts on editing and controlling the images and ideas on your LED display. Additionally, with the presence of an input resolution of 1920×[email protected], and support for HDCP1.4; this video controller makes it easier to meet all your graphics editing requirements.

Considering all this, the Z4 serves as one of the best video controller options for popular rental displays or the common fixed displays.

  • Z6 Super Controller:

Similar to the Z4, the Colorlight Z6 also serves as a highly reliable and professional video controller model that meets all your advanced graphical editing and media management needs. Since the Z6 has a video input capability of 4K along with UHD and HDR images processing and transmission function; you can rely on it for your professional commercial LED display work too. Also, just like the previous model, the Colorlight Z6 serves as a video splicer, processor, and video sender; making it suitable for the basic needs too.

Other than that, it also includes Video input ports of 2×SDI, 1×HDMI2.0, 4×DVI, and support for 3840×[email protected] input resolution- both adding more high-end quality and smoothness to the graphics. Additionally, this model also supports brightness and temperature adjustment feature for your LED display’s video graphics.

All these amazing features combine to make the Z6 a highly reliable and efficient video controller option for both the high-end rental displays and the high resolution P1.5/P2/P2.5 LED displays.

  • Z6 PRO Super Controller:

Last, but not the least, the Z6 Pro is a more advanced and better video controller model than the previous Colorlight Z4 and Colorlight Z6. This simply means that this model includes all the basic features present in the previous models. However, with all that it also includes plenty of advanced features. This mainly includes the 10GB fiber output ports that can be easily applied to the high-end and high-resolution rental display and LED display.

Additionally, you also gain support for 4 pcs 4K input board, 3 different types of optional input boards, low latency processing, 16 PIP layers, and a USB, LAN, and RS232 control. Also, for the advanced editing and video graphics managing control, the Z6 PRO includes a support for HDR, 3D video and display, highly reliable and improved grayscale feature during low brightness videos art-net control support, the ability to adjust the hue, saturation, and contrast of the video.

All these advanced features add a lot more reliability, professionalism, and efficiency to the video controlling on your LED display screen.


A video controller is a necessity when it comes to managing the graphics and video results on your LED display screen. This helps gain a better viewing experience, whether for personal needs or business promotions.

Therefore, considering this major aim, these Colorlight Z-series Super Video Controllers serve as the best options for your investment. Even though each of these has different features to offer professional outcomes, but the performance highly varies upon your video controlling needs. So go ahead and choose the right model according to your display screens demands!

Novastar DH418/DH426/DH436 LED Receiving Card

If you have a double color LED display then you must have surely considered investing in a LED receiving card, right? After all, it can improve your LED display’s real pixel, virtual pixel, double color, and single color controlling capability. Hence, you can gain a lot better, advanced, and highly reliable graphics controlling ease on your LED display.

This can be helpful in both personal and commercial LED display’s graphical view. However, considering the best option can be a struggle at times. Therefore, to help you out on that, we’ve listed below the best Novastar LED receiving card that can effectively serve you with any type of LED display around.

Novastar DH418

So let’s just go ahead and diver the best of Novastar’s LED receiving card models, shall we?

  • DH418:

One of the best and most reliable Novastar LED receiving card options include the model DH418. This receiver card comes with some highly reliable and impressive features to enhance, improve, and advance the graphical outcome of your LED display screen. Briefly, you cans y that this one comes with everything you’d want in your LED receiving card.

With the presence of this universal LED receiving card, you can easily manage and set any and every LED display’s graphics according to your detailing requirements. Also, this means that you don’t have to worry about the connected device’s limitations, as it can be connected with any PC setup easily. Other than that, this card comes with up to 256 x 256 loaded pixels and 16 groups of RGB. Additionally, you also get 8 HUB75 interfaces that serve you with extreme reliability and stability for your LED display. And with a RoHs certification, this cost-effective DH418 can be the best option for P10 LED displays. So there’s no sort of limitations you need to worry about with this cost-effective option around.

Lastly, the presence of the DH418’s fast light and dark line adjustment support also makes it a highly reliable option that comes with more advanced editing and adjustment settings for you.

  • DH426:

The DH426 also serves as a highly reliable LED receiving card that comes with all the necessary features needed to improve your LED screen’s graphical performance. From the presence of maximum pixels to the RGB data support; this Novastar LED receiving card serves as a basic, yet, complete option for your LED’s graphical editing needs.

With all this, you get the HUB75 interfaces in this model too; making its performance a lot more reliable and stable for long-terms usage support. Other than that, this DH426 also comes with some important features like; support mapping, support error code monitoring, 3D function support, RGB independent Gamma adjustment, box LED display, and a lot more to enhance your user experience. And with all this, the highly reliable hardware and software design of this DH426 helps in keeping the device properly maintained, stable, and easy to manage.

  • DH436:

This DH436 Novastar LED receiving card is another highly reliable and efficiently serving small pitch LED receiving card. Unlike the previous model, the working and features of this DH436 assure a more advanced and well-managed graphical control of your LED display screen.

With the presence of 2 sets of RGB groups and pixels of up to 512 x 256, this receiving card creates more advanced and quality graphical results. Other than that, to add a lot more stability and extreme reliability to this receiving card, this model comes with 6 HUB320 interfaces of (26pin).

Additionally, the easy to maintain, operate, and stabilizing hardware and software design of this DH436, you can make use of it for a variety of LED displays – without facing any limitations. Lastly, with the presence of all the extra and necessary supporting features like mapping function, light on Chroma correction, firmware program and configuration parameter read back, 3D functioning, temperature and voltage monitoring, and many more; you can be sure of your purchase with this receiving card around.


Even though each of these Novastar LED receiving card options serve with great reliability, usage ease, and stability; but their advanced performance and efficient outcome differ. Therefore, with the help of these detailed reviews, you can easily make the best diction according to your LED display’s requirements.

DOIT VISION Meet the High Expectations of Germany Rental LED Display Market

“Until now we only had excellent remarks from our clients for your product.” Carsten Schneeweiss-CEO of Germany based event technology & IT company i:TECS GmbH & Co. KG has a high evaluation of his direct supplier of LED wall, DOIT VISION, a professional LED screen manufacturer base in Shenzhen, China.

A few months ago, Carsten did not know anything of DOIT VISION and never worked with a direct LED supplier from China. And all happened from a weekly marketing email from Jacky, key account manager of Europe area of DOIT VISION.

DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm
DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm

Carsten was thinking to gear up his facilities with new LED technology, and expand his service portfolio. A lot of homework had been done and referred to reliable resource, and the question seems to be more confusing, where and who to buy from, which product to go with? In the German market there has been some well know LED video panel brands from China, even with local sales & service, and his email box was full of mails from different Chinese suppliers, with very similar looking of the product and specification. Besides, Carsten was concerning of the tight budget, can the LED panels work properly in years? How does it work in the camera? What about the after services? But the primary idea was always there, that was, he needs something unique and work with direct china source as he has a future idea to represent the right product in the local market for a long-term business perspective.

Jacky’s mail was sent in the right time. Carsten was attracted by the design of the LED panel Matrix 500, unlike other competitors, it looks really western style and super user-friendly, a lot of good ideas has been showing up in the 500mm x 500mm size LED panel. Surprisingly, the price is also friendly as well. Just few emails, Carsten decide to have a try but in a careful way. He saw some tragedies of LED cases happened there with wrong decisions of selecting supplier and products, as low-quality LED panels were there destroying the market trust and the sales & rental prices in the mean time.

Testing, testing, testing is a must-go step for LED wall system, a demo panel of Matrix 3.9mm indoor was sitting in Carsten’s desktop after a week by DHL. To see is to believe, everything looks perfect, that’s exactly what he wanted. It was really nice looking at first sight, and with versatile functions of rental, fix installation, fast locking system, easy maintenance, super lightweight and everything made Matrix 500 as a handy production tool. Then a series of crucial testing has been done, white balance, different color display, refresh rate, working in the camera, cable connection, etc. Very smoothly, Carsten finalized the deal of 100sqm and shake hands with DOIT VISION, even he did not visit DOIT VISION at all (he made a factory tour after a month). Obviously, DOIT VISION’s product and the efficiency leaving Carsten really good impression and made a good start and end up with a good start of good business relationship.

The good work between i:TECS GmbH & Co. KG and DOIT VISION is going on, and recently, Jacky got message from Carsten as below:

“Very difficult to get better income. In Germany is massive amount of led-stock meanwhile. Lots people are buying low quality led from cheap Chinese manufacturers. They bring their P3.91 LED by 12m2 for 1000 euro per show day even less. The client realized the lack of quality too late

Until now we only had excellent remarks from our clients for your product. “

DOIT VISION always trust and focus in quality alongside with its professional, efficiency, commutation and support before, during and most importantly AFTER the project delivery, it is second-to-none in the LED display space and the faith of all the DOIT VISION members. They truly want to help all the users to get the best result by using its products and certainly to help them to get there.


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