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Matrix 500 series is one of the most popular rental LED video panels in the market in 2019, 20,000 panels has been sold globally, calculation by DOIT VISION till Dec,2019.

What are the reasons behind the phenomenon success, especially in the tight competition market? Why it is different? What are the unique features?

rental led display

Essentially, Matrix 500 series does not have a big jump in the electronic technology, or deploy any new material. However, it is a complete optimization from a tiny screw, it was like a completely re-creation of masterpiece with standards of professional technician, content creator, installation crew; instead of a common solution for mass production in the price-sensitive market. A lot of homework has been done before taking into action, DOIT team has analysis from the end-users market, brainstorms with video producer, experience crew members, the led display manufacturer experience as manufacturer also involved.

As a versatile LED video available for temporary and fix installation, Matrix series has a wide range of pixel pitch and brightness, applications for indoor and outdoor. Pixel pitch from 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm for indoor and 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm for outdoor purpose. Powered by the Novastar A4/A5/A8 receiving card, bring the high quality and grayscale visual effects.

Quality first, keen price

Even though nowadays the market is buying for price, especially unknowing the differences between competition brands. Matrix 500 series laser focus on quality by utilizing the branded raw materials from every small piece of component, such as Alpha soldering paste, copper Deposition pcb, gold plating connector pins, certified power supply units, high standard cables, which are invisible in specifications. But they assure the stability for years of use and bringing substantial reduction in regular maintenance.

User-based and user-friendly

A lot of nice-looking LED video panel when come into play maybe not be so friendly. Stubborn, difficult to install and maintain, lots of adjustment for flatness alignment etc creating headaches. Matrix 500 made all things simple and handy, cancellation of flanking handles but positioning in the mid of the cabinet alongside with the pre-locking system makes single man installation super easy. All 4 pcs of LED modules for each panel are with N40 strong magnets, result in the ease of front and back maintenance. In addition, the take out of LED modules is done by a new vacuum suction tool instead of the old heavy magnetic ones, handier and reduction of damages of fragile surface of the screen.

Modular design, one platform, all pixel pitches

Users hates to keep large inventory of LED videos panels with different models, variable sizes, shape, and dedicate spare parts. The whole Matrix 500 series for all pixel pitch, share the same Modular panel frame equipped with power and controlling box, connectors, only LED modules are different. Which means most of the spare parts such as power box, cables, reconceiving cards are in universal use. Only acquiring of new LED modules in different pixel pitches instead of the whole new panel becomes possible, that is nice part for future upgrading of stock under restricted budgetary.

Creative installation

Video producers always try to recreate eye-catching visual, Matrix 500 supports curve installation of concave / convex, max 15 degrees. Dislocation installation, hanging over head, floor stacking system