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The LED screen solutions are the new inn that makes any business promotion easy and more efficient. But how do you know if a business is making the right advertising choices when it comes to using LED display screens? While LED displays are common and widespread in making any business stand out in every way, choosing the wrong LED display solution and its supplier can surely turn your business’s tables.

Besides, with a wide range of LED display solutions available today, it’s certainly not wise to include any LED display for your business promotion.

Moreover, when there are plenty of LED display USA manufacturers and suppliers in the market, making the right decision can be challenging. But wait! That doesn’t mean we will leave you to struggle on your own in this difficult situation. Besides, LED display screens cost a good amount, so you can’t keep making a wrong decision until you find the right option.

Hence, to help you make the best possible LED display technology and supplier decisions for your business, we have listed some of the top ones located in Chicago. So let’s go ahead and explore the best professionals in town, shall we?

Top LED Display Rental Companies:

  • E&E Exhibit Solutions – 1365 W Auto Dr, Tempe, AZ 85284 ((800) 709-6935):

Starting with an LED screen rental Chicago company that has been around for years while serving the clients with the best quality services, how can we not mention the E&E Exhibit Solutions here? Yes, the E&E Exhibit Solutions started serving as a reliable and professional trade show display company that offers you innovative even LED screen solutions. Mainly, E&E Exhibit Solutions offers professional customer modular displays, custom portable exhibits, and exhibit rentals.

It’s not just the years of service that makes the E&E Exhibit Solutions a reliable LED screen rental Chicago company option, but also the wide area of service that the company has served. It simply includes 45 U.S states and 27 countries, with over 2,080 clients. With such professional service in various countries, E&E Exhibit Solutions has made its name as award-winning expert trade-show professionals. With that being said, you can easily expect high quality and extreme safety with the event LED modular displays coming from this company.

  • Top LED Lumination – 8600 Commodity Cir #117, Orlando, FL 32819 ((407) 286-5244):

The video wall LED screen rental Chicago services of Top LED Lumination are also worth considering in this list. Besides, Top LED Lumination has also made its name a highly popular and professional LED video wall rental service provider in Chicago and the U.S. their services are mainly focused on making any of your special events even more special and advanced with the addition of LED video walls. Whether it’s a business promotion party or a corporate event that needs to grab the partner’s and the audience’s attention, this party equipment rental company offers the next-level video walls to advertise products with innovation.

With that being said, you don’t need any other advanced method to advertise your products or business, especially when you have an innovative LED screen portraying your product/business while grabbing the visitors’ attention with the eye-catching screen view. Isn’t that something every business needs for their promotional event? Well then, now you know who to trust when it comes to arranging next-level business events.

  • AV Chicago – 619 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607 ((312) 229-4100):

Another one of the top event production companies in Chicago is AV Chicago. The AV Chicago also makes it to the top LED screen rental Chicago companies list, as it is one of the leading audiovisual companies in Chicago. It’s not just the name but the 30 years of service that makes AV Chicago a reliable and professional option in the industry for most professional clients. From professional video to audio and even lighting solutions are provided by AV Chicago so that you can go virtual for all your events in Chicago.

Apart from all that, the cutting-edge AV services and solutions that fit with countless productions and event’s needs – all this makes the AV Chicago Company be another reliable option for professional event setup and services. Moreover, this company offers all kinds of services, so there’s nothing you need to worry about when counting on AV Chicago. Just let them arrange the whole event for you and see how it becomes a standout event for you and your business.

  • LANE Media & Productions – ((773) 512-6110):

Apart from event management companies in Chicago, you might also need production equipment supplying companies, right? Besides, there are so many other ways that LED display technologies can be utilized globally – whether it’s the corporate industry or the entertainment industry.

To suggest to you the best-LED screen rental Chicago Company in this criterion, the LANE Media & Productions is another top-pick on our list. LANE Media & Productions has also been serving its customers with a top-notch and highly professional service for over 35 years – making it one of the oldest LED screen and production equipment supplier companies. Mainly, this media and productions company offers its service in video production, promotional and corporate events, and conferences.  

  • NEMA Chicago – Apartment complex · 1210 S Indiana Ave ((312) 766-6362):

With NEMA Chicago starting in 1984, it has become a firm that emphasizes innovation and thought leadership in every project. The high-quality LED screen rental Chicago Company serves in creating innovative technology for theatre and public spaces. Mainly, the idea behind the NEMA Chicago Company’s technological manufacturing and supply is to create technologies that are 100% made in Chicago and consist of one-of-a-kind-qualities. With all this being said, you can easily add a touch of classic and modern look to any of your theatre, business, or event set up with the technologies offered by NEMA Chicago.

With that being said, NEMA Chicago is another high-quality and unique LED technology provider in Chicago. So if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box LED screen rental Chicago company, then NEMA Chicago can be your go-to option.

  • LED Screen Rental Video Display – Visual Impact – · 2228 S Bell Ave ((773) 977-7005):

 Next up is the LED Screen Rental Video Display in this list of the top LED screen rental Chicago companies. What makes the LED Screen Rental Video Display a reliable option is the screen rental service offered by this company, making it a next-level event technology provider. Not just that, but the LED screen technologies offered by LED Screen Rental Video Display include highly reliable and affordable LED solutions.

 So if you’re on a low budget, even then, LED Screen Rental Video Display will be sure to offer you the best quality equipment’s to make any event more advanced and memorable. The wide range of event LED display solutions offered by LED Screen Rental Video Display to include; outdoor mobile LED screen, outdoor LED billboard, and indoor modular LED screen. With the best quality and most efficient jumbotrons offered by this company, you can make any event outclass for all the guests.

So whether you’re planning a graduation ceremony, a bike race, a political rally, a fair or festival, a concert, and any sporting events – LED Screen Rental Video Display will always be ready to fulfill your event audiovisual equipment rental needs at affordable rates.

  • LED Video Screen Display Rental – Visual Display Systems – 217 N Jefferson St #400 ((773) 365-1140):

Last but not least, the LED Video Screen Display Rental is our final addition to this list of the best-LED screen rental Chicago companies. With this last pick, we introduce a company that doesn’t offer a wide variety of services. For instance, you may not get the lighting or sounding solutions from this company, but its outstanding crucial display systems will surely meet your requirements and expectations in the best way.

Simply put, we’re referring to LED Video Screen Display Rental, which is an audiovisual equipment rental service that offers a wide variety of the most innovative and creative video display systems for events or business demands. With all this comes the efficiency and high-quality performance of the rental video display screens of LED Video Screen Display Rental. With that coming your way, you can surely make any business arrangement/conference or event minimally outstanding. Isn’t that right?


Now that we’ve listed all our top picks in this list of the top LED screen rental Chicago companies, it’s time you make your decision. Even though LED displays are more popular in the business advertising and publicity world today, this technology can be used in different ways to facilitate the customers and improve a business’s image. Therefore, it’s time you choose what LED display technology and demands are required in your business and make it reach the highest standards of success with this modern-day advertising technology!