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LED Poster Screen Vs. Common Advertising LED Screens?

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When it comes to marketing your business or brand, LED display screens are one of the most suitable options in the market. However, these screens are present in various varieties in the market. From a led poster screen to advertising led screen and much more, the variety of led screens for promoting your brand in a unique and yet, anticipating way is present in a wide variety.

However, if we talk about the most basic and popular types of led screen displays that most preferred by brands and businesses; the led poster screen and advertising led screen, both serve as an effective and reliable option. But most of us might not be very familiar with both these types of led screen displays and how they are better from one another, right?

Well to help you out on that, and make sure you make an efficient marketing decision for your brand; let’s discuss everything important in detail below.

led poster screen

What is the LED Poster Screen?

These screens are known to be static screens and have evolved from normal advertising screens. It shows a static picture on the screen, which is in the form of a timing switch. This picture is a subversion of the original dynamic playback and the sound image mode LED the mirror screen. Concisely, we can consider these screens to be advance as well as related to an advertising led screen.

What is a LED Advertising Screen?

The description of a common advertising led screen isn’t too intense, as it’s something we commonly find in our surroundings. Most of the commonly found led screens in the streets and malls are the led ones. However, if you’re looking for a straightforward idea of how these screens work, then you can consider them to display the static or video-based advertisement you choose. This advertisement is displayed on the screen with illuminant high definition graphics. Additionally, since this type of led screen is more familiar and widely used around the world; they are highly versatile and portable.

The Working Differences:

  • Design and Making:

A led poster screen has a lightweight, front maintenance, and fashionable making that makes it extremely easy and flexible for you to install. Also, this user-friendly making of a poster led display lets you utilize the screen in a variety of installation needs and ways.

However, on the other hand, a led advertising screen also serves as a lightweight and user-friendly advertising option for your business or brand. The decent and attractive frames of these screens make them a lot more attractive and equally flexible for usage in multiple platforms.

  • Working and Operation:

The poster displays can be easily operated through advertising plug and play. However, if you want to use a smarter way to control these screens, then you also have access to a mobile app that allows intelligent monitoring and management of the advertisement through a remote. Also, the larger area and broader perspective of these led displays provide the viewers with a stronger and more attractive visual impact.

In comparison to this, the advertising led screen allows you to avail straightforward and simple advertising management. This is possible through the supplied CMS and led display control software that comes along with the screen. Hence, you can easily manage your advertisements here too. Other than that, this display screen also provides you with an outstanding resolution and quality. This quality presence creates an interesting view and makes the overall location more mesmerizing.

  • Customer Attraction:

As long as the led screen pleases and amazes the customers, it is most likely to serve as an efficient advertising option for your brand. Talking about this, if we consider the role of a poster led screen in terms of satisfying the viewers, it’s certainly something you can rely on. Thanks to the obvious color and sharpness of these screens, the viewer’s enjoy a detailed still state that can easily deal with close-up ink.

Now if we talk about a led advertising screen solution for outdoor usage, these screens can display high-quality digital content for a broader audience. As a result, the overall enriching graphic quality of these screens generates the interest of a wider audience and increases your audience and their inquiries.

  • Advanced Working:

A poster led screen serves as a highly advanced advertising option when it comes to its advanced features. This is due to the multiple features like fast and slow phenomenon, the control management system, the second’s display of static images, and information dissemination. Now, this is a lot to attract your audience appealingly.

However, an advertising led screen is highly suitable in terms of its advanced working too. Since it includes real-time updates and edits on the advertising, wireless technology, and advanced software portals; there’s no way you can miss the smart viewers targeting here. As a result, you can make instant changes according to your targeting needs, and keep the led screen ready at all times.

So Which One is Better?

Altogether, if we talk about both the different led screens and compare their performance, it’s hard to determine which is better than the other. A simple reason to that can be the different usage ease both of them can serve us with.  Now whether you use a poster screen or an advertising one, they both have an outstanding and attractive graphical display.

But if we talk about the usage, a led poster screen is preferred for versatile indoor and outdoor freestanding led advertising solutions. Where on the other hand, advertising led screen is present in a variety of sizes (on order) and can be perfect to make a broader amount of audience’s viewing.


Precisely, the determination of a better option depends upon your advertising needs, and how much audience you want to target. And once that’s settled, nothing is stopping you from attracting your viewers with the outstanding graphics of these led screens.

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