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How to Utilize Large Church LED Video Wall in your Worship?

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A video wall is made up of several displays, which form a continuous surface for the video wall which in fact isn’t continuous but appears as such. The wall is equipped with an input which receives images from multiplexed sources which are de-multiplexed using a de-multiplexer. It creates the images to form on the adjacent displays. The number of cables in the video wall are greatly reduced and the number of images that can be simultaneously displayed on the wall are increased using the multiplexed sources.

church led wall

The popularity of LED video walls at the houses of worship or wedding screen has been growing rapidly over the last two decades, mainly due to the image clarity they provide to a larger audience in addition to the added visual elements during the services which makes the ceremonies more effective and interesting. With the added benefit of them being cost-effective and sustainable. The ability to grasp the attention of your congregation significantly increases while leaving behind a long-lasting message. Despite the use inside the sanctuary they can also provide digital signage throughout the facility. In addition, the Church LED Wall can attract more people to the church. The decision of making a choice between a projector or an LED video wall which can be made using the following information such as them being fairly cheap and affordable with their up-front cost being greater than a projector but the replacement costs are significantly low since only the defected bulb can be replaced instead of having to get the whole thing repaired.

Benefits of Church LED Wall

They also consume 40-50% energy than the projectors so instead of only focusing on the upfront cost additional costs should also be considered. They are also brighter and easier to see for the congregants and they also last two to three times longer than the projectors. Renovations are quite expensive and including high ceilings and altars is traditional, while LED video wall will instantly modernize the church’s overall look. There are certain things to be considered before installing a church LED wall like the size of the screen, the location of the screen, the surrounding area and as such.

The size of church led screen that you use can be to your liking, however the purpose you need it for determines the appropriateness of the size. If you’re using it for welcoming purpose in your church or to communicate some information its size would be more than when you’re using it over your counter for a menu video display. The visibility of your LED wall again is very significant, if its purpose is welcoming then it should be visible to every visitor. Possible outdoor installations should also be considered in addition to the ones placed inside, the location at which its visible to a larger population should be preferred. The plan for installation as to whether the church LED wall would be a standing one or mounted on a wall and how to hide the power cords or stove them away as they can lead to mishaps should be well thought out. The examination of the surrounding areas where your LED wall is displayed should be thorough within the church and outside as well wherever its positioned and if there is a lot of natural light interference and how it’d work under that, since this is fairly important in terms of video walls positioned outside the church.

Utilizing LED Wall in the Church

The type of content that is going to be displayed on your wall should be considered, how you’re going to infuse the text, quotes and images in your videos, the welcome videos and reference videos that can be shown to the worshippers in order to make your message clearer. Think about how you’ll use the Church LED wall once your congregation grows and how you can deploy these throughout your facility in order to reinforce your message, that can also provide a new and inspirational worship experience that will not only keep the visitors hooked but increase interaction as well.

If you utilize an LED video wall effectively for your church, you can generate great results, in terms of getting your message across and engagement of the worshippers. Given the location and led screen pixel pitch and resolution , size are appropriate. If proper planning has been carried out you will be able to get it right the first time, although they have higher installation costs the benefits they provide can be greater than LCDs and projectors. LED video walls have greater lifespan, brighter and clearer picture and more energy efficient hence the electricity bills of the church can be reduced. To create a better impact the church will also need to focus on the kind of content they would be displaying.

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