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How to create an LED cube Display(Octagon LED screen)?

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The LED Rubik’s Cube screen is also known as the cube-led display, hexahedron-led display, etc. Between each display surface to achieve seamless splicing, it can display images, text, and animation. With unique cabinets, these LED displays can get rid of the monotony of the traditional planar display, to give people a more creative visual experience. It is especially suitable for the decoration and art display of the interior,such as:

  • Museums
  • Planetariums
  • Science centers
  • Youth centers
  • Exhibition halls
  • Stadiums
  • Airport lounges
  • Star-rated hotels
  • Large outdoor areas
  • Train stations
  • Ports
  • Shopping malls
  • Bars and other venues

Advantages of LED cube displays:

cube led display
  • Seamless splicing: 45 degrees design, can realize seamless splicing;
  • Uniform draw point: support uniform draw point technology, display screen without distortion;
  • Flexible control: the same asynchronous compatibility, support for offline and online two ways;
  • Good heat dissipation: aluminum structural heat dissipation solutions;
  • Easy to install: as a complete system, support for floor mounting, hanging, embedded installation and so on;
  • Easy maintenance: support for pre-maintenance and post-maintenance;

Features of Magic Cube LED Displays

led cube
  • Magic Cube LED displays can be used both indoors and outdoors. 
  • They are perfect for large screens where you want a decorative effect. They sit between regular displays and bright lights.
  • Due to the display units are specially treated, they can be assembled into different shapes such as inner arcs, outer arcs, circles, S-shapes and spheres. 
  • They create effects that regular displays can’t.
  • To make sure they are bright enough for outdoor use, the pixel fronts are sealed with silicone for waterproofing. You can choose the silicone color to perfectly match the building walls.
  • The pixels are connected with high-quality silicone cables that can withstand both high and low temperatures. 
  • IP67 protection rating;
  • Magic Cube LED displays use strip-shaped display units that provide a strong visual impact.
  • They provide a 360 degree viewing angle. 
  • You can view from all directions without the angle problems of flat LED displays.
  • They can clearly display full-color video by connecting multiple pixels together. 
  • The LED spheres can be controlled either synchronously or asynchronously.
  • They support various external signals and can broadcast live events.
  • The diameter of the LED sphere can be customized according to the customer’s needs. 
  • Magic Cube LED displays are delivered ready to use, no installation required.
  • They also have a low cost for auxiliary installation frames.
  • Like rental LED displays, they have an all-aluminum design that is lightweight yet sturdy.
  •  The LED spheres can be installed as mobile, hanging or standing units, depending on the customer’s needs.

Magic Cube LED screens Vs. traditional LED screens

FeatureMagic Cube LED ScreensTraditional LED Screens
Design InnovationUnique multifaceted design offers more display surfaces and views.Usually flat.
Visual ExperienceProvides a richer visual experience by attracting more attention.Limited by flatness.
Spatial UtilizationCreates 3D visual effects that use space more effectively.Uses space less effectively.
Content FlexibilityDisplays different content on multiple faces; flexibility and creativity in ads, art, and exhibits.Shows the same content on one surface.
InteractivityDue to Some screens have interactive features, audience engagement through touch and other interactions.Typically non-interactive.
Viewing ExperienceMultiple display faces allow viewing from various anglesViewable from limited angles.
Technology and CreativityCombines technological innovation with creative design, leading in both technical aspects and artistic possibilities.Primarily technologic

Doitvision’s Cube LED Display Solutions

How to create an LED cube Display(Octagon LED screen)? 1

Doitvision LED Cube can be used as advertising or information display at company LOGO walls, art galleries, exhibition, chain store, airport, high-end club, restaurant&hotel, shopping malls, subways etc.

Main Features:

  • Waterproof IP65, can be used in outdoor and indoor various environmental conditions.
  • High brightness, more than 6000nits with hidden wire design.
  • User-friendly device, plug-and-play use.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Smart design with various dimensions.

Smart design with different dimensions

  • The high resolution creates a unique visual effect. 
  • A variety of sizes to choose from 200mm to 600mm.
  •  Multi-sided display can be 4-sided or 5-sided display. 
  • HD performance for both effects and dynamic video show.

Lightweight and easy to install

  • lightweight, good wind resistance, easy installation, waterproof performance. 
  • Smart modular design ensures the fixing of panels and easy removal. 
  • No need frame for installation, no professional installation is required.

Intelligent control method

  • Easy to control via WIFI, 
  • support PC& mobile phone APP smart control 3D performance on the display.

User-friendly device

  • plug-and-play device with multiple input options.
  • With full guide, the end user can easily operate the LED cube screen.

Multiple installation methods

  • support hanging installation, 
  • standing installation
  •  wall installation.

Here’s the common dimensions and specifications for various cubeLED screens:

Dimensions (mm)TypePixel Pitch
320x320x320P2.5 IndoorP2.5
320x320x320P2.5 OutdoorP2.5
384x384x384P3 IndoorP3
384x384x384P3 OutdoorP3
500x500x500P3.91 OutdoorP3.91
512x512x512P4 IndoorP4

We can custom the dimensions for each cube LED screen if you need.

How to install LED cube display?

The main components of LED cube display are LED modules, steel cube frame, control board, power supply, flat cable, control software and power cable. :

  •  Measure the dimensions and specifications on site;
  • Designing the shape and dimensions using software on a computer.
  •  Prepare materials, including LED modules, cables, LED control cards, etc.
  • Cut the prepared materials into the required shapes.
  • Assemble the LED modules and connect the cables.
  •  Perform the aging test.

Witnesses we have done

Recently, we got a new job to create a Octagon shape LED screen in pixel pitch of 3.9mm, 8 faces, each face dimension of 4 meter by 3 meter, total size of 96 square meter, which will be used as a large indoor stadium LED screen.

How to create an LED cube(Octagon LED screen)? 1

It is a challenge job:

  • 25 days lead time, which means we cannot develop new molding to fit the project requires, we can only do some modifications base on what we have
  • Heavy duty hanging installation, which means iron cabinet (which are easy to customize shapes) is unavailable. We have to go with die-casting cabinets mainly and joint with iron cabinet to create the angle.
  • Minimize angle alignment between the joint of die-casting cabinet and iron cabinet
  • Magnetic front & back maintenance, easy installation and maintenance
  • Economic solution, very limit budget of this project

What we do

  • We design a customized iron cabinet with precise CNC finish with a angle of 135-degree size of 500mm x 1000mm
How to create an LED cube(Octagon LED screen)? 2
  • We cut the led modules plastic housing(base on the current design) to form the 135-degree joint shape
How to create an LED cube(Octagon LED screen)? 3
  • We split join the die-casting & iron cabinet with different locking system
How to create an LED cube(Octagon LED screen)? 4
  • Magnetic front & back service both available
How to create an LED cube(Octagon LED screen)? 5

A small demo test installation of the Octagon LED screen

How to create an LED cube(Octagon LED screen)? 6
How to create an LED cube(Octagon LED screen)? 7

DOIT VISION R&D team provides various customized solutions of LED screen base on different applications.

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