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How Much does It Cost to Rent a Billboards or Buy

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Having a digital advertisement run on a billboard can be very helpful. Whether you have an organization or a business that needs to be promoted, digital billboards can be of great help in priming anything in the public. Since these boards are installed in public areas having huge traffic, plenty of people pass by the boards and pay attention to the attractive digital ads running on these boards. This creates more awareness and enhances the promotion of your business, brand, or event. As a result, you gain plenty of benefits in terms of boosting your business performance. 

Also, since the images on these outdoor led signs are displayed through a computer, you don’t have to put much effort into it. So whether you want to advertise something or portray a public service message on the billboard, there’s a great chance a huge chance that the ad will be viewed by plenty of audiences. 

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Billboards Rent or Buy

Now comes the main question after you’ve decided to run your businesses ad on a billboard. There’s the option of buying a billboard for your business and then you can even rent one to run an ad; either way, the results are efficient. 

However, many people consider hiring a billboard for running ads for a specific amount of time. After that, new business ads are displayed on the billboard. This can be a great way to save the huge amount needed to buy a whole billboard, and you can promote your business and run the ads on different digital billboards located in different areas. As a result, you get the benefit of reaching out to more and more people, rather than having your ad played on just one fixed board. 

But even with this being an obvious factor for running an add on billboards for a specific time, there are times when you doubt this decision too. Whether it’s about the unknown cost you aren’t already prepared to invest or the unknown benefits; both may keep stopping you from investing your money here. Therefore, we decided to consider the key benefits of investing in digital advertising and how much would the different types of advertisement cost you. So let’s go ahead and discover all that below in detail, shall we?

Why Choose Digital Advertising Billboards:

Although the benefits of investing in digital billboard are numerous, we’ll discuss the key factors that can help you make a better decision. 

  • The sales driven by digital marketing on digital billboards help you gain back the invested money.
  • These advertisements are more efficient in motivating the customer to invest in the goods or products that are displayed on the board.
  • Even if a regular passerby of these billboards wouldn’t buy a product you display, they will be able to remember it due to the attractive and bright display. This would make them recommend the product or good to others in need of that or something relevant.
  • This can be a highly reliable and efficient way to reach a huge audience at all means. Whether the advertisement is plain or too creative; in both ways, plenty of people are likely to focus on the ads.

Cost for Billboards :

Even with all these facts and benefits cleared above, thinking about the costs and evaluating how to manage it is obvious. Now for anyone unfamiliar with displaying ads on digital billboards, it’s obvious to be worried about how much it would cost of rent a billboard. Therefore, pre-evaluating how much it would cost can be a better and smarter decision.

For this, you need to consider 2 major factors;

the location and the size of the billboard you rent. For instance, if you’re renting a 2×8” sized billboard, then the cost would be around $4,400. Similarly, the larger size you rent, the more the cost would be. Additionally, running ads on billboards also affects the costs according to the location of the billboard.

Now if you’re running your business ads on a billboard located in a less populated area, the cost would be lower than then common rate. However, if the billboard is in a populated area, the cost would also be higher. For instance, if we consider running ads on a billboard in Times Square, that would cost anything between $1.1 million to $4 million/ yearly. So the rates can be evaluated according to the location you choose.


Whether you want to promote your beauty products business or want to run a school, having a business effectively promoted through advertisements on digital billboards can be productive. Now that we’ve disused everything about investing in a billboard advertisement, there’s hardly anything you would have to rethink on. So go ahead, invest in the right led wall manufacturer, and let your business flourish with the smart advertising.

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