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DOIT VISION Meet the High Expectations of Germany Rental LED Display Market

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“Until now we only had excellent remarks from our clients for your product.” Carsten Schneeweiss-CEO of Germany based event technology & IT company i:TECS GmbH & Co. KG has a high evaluation of his direct supplier of LED wall, DOIT VISION, a professional LED screen manufacturer base in Shenzhen, China.

A few months ago, Carsten did not know anything of DOIT VISION and never worked with a direct LED supplier from China. And all happened from a weekly marketing email from Jacky, key account manager of Europe area of DOIT VISION.

DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm
DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm

Carsten was thinking to gear up his facilities with new LED technology, and expand his service portfolio. A lot of homework had been done and referred to reliable resource, and the question seems to be more confusing, where and who to buy from, which product to go with? In the German market there has been some well know LED video panel brands from China, even with local sales & service, and his email box was full of mails from different Chinese suppliers, with very similar looking of the product and specification. Besides, Carsten was concerning of the tight budget, can the LED panels work properly in years? How does it work in the camera? What about the after services? But the primary idea was always there, that was, he needs something unique and work with direct china source as he has a future idea to represent the right product in the local market for a long-term business perspective.

Jacky’s mail was sent in the right time. Carsten was attracted by the design of the LED panel Matrix 500, unlike other competitors, it looks really western style and super user-friendly, a lot of good ideas has been showing up in the 500mm x 500mm size LED panel. Surprisingly, the price is also friendly as well. Just few emails, Carsten decide to have a try but in a careful way. He saw some tragedies of LED cases happened there with wrong decisions of selecting supplier and products, as low-quality LED panels were there destroying the market trust and the sales & rental prices in the mean time.

Testing, testing, testing is a must-go step for LED wall system, a demo panel of Matrix 3.9mm indoor was sitting in Carsten’s desktop after a week by DHL. To see is to believe, everything looks perfect, that’s exactly what he wanted. It was really nice looking at first sight, and with versatile functions of rental, fix installation, fast locking system, easy maintenance, super lightweight and everything made Matrix 500 as a handy production tool. Then a series of crucial testing has been done, white balance, different color display, refresh rate, working in the camera, cable connection, etc. Very smoothly, Carsten finalized the deal of 100sqm and shake hands with DOIT VISION, even he did not visit DOIT VISION at all (he made a factory tour after a month). Obviously, DOIT VISION’s product and the efficiency leaving Carsten really good impression and made a good start and end up with a good start of good business relationship.

The good work between i:TECS GmbH & Co. KG and DOIT VISION is going on, and recently, Jacky got message from Carsten as below:

“Very difficult to get better income. In Germany is massive amount of led-stock meanwhile. Lots people are buying low quality led from cheap Chinese manufacturers. They bring their P3.91 LED by 12m2 for 1000 euro per show day even less. The client realized the lack of quality too late

Until now we only had excellent remarks from our clients for your product. “

DOIT VISION always trust and focus in quality alongside with its professional, efficiency, commutation and support before, during and most importantly AFTER the project delivery, it is second-to-none in the LED display space and the faith of all the DOIT VISION members. They truly want to help all the users to get the best result by using its products and certainly to help them to get there.

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