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DJ/Bar/Nightclub LED Screen: Price, Style, Size 2023

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Are you hosting a party or plan to set up a party club or hall? It’s certainly a great idea since everyone loves partying and always desires to hand out with friends in the most attractive and fun themed places. But if you’ve planned to set a nightclub, bar, or DJ club, how are you going to design it? Wait! Let me guess. You’ve sorted the drinks and food bar’s idea and you have enough staff to meet the demands of the party enthusiasts, right? However, that’s not all to setting up a party place and considering it to run effectively and successfully. Do you know why? It’s mainly because interior design is also a huge factor to boost up the party mood in anyone and make them want to dance like there’s no tomorrow.


dj led screen


Now normally, if you are unfamiliar with the party decorations, you might go classy and exotic (according to your budget). But that’s certainly not how a party place should look. Sure, some attractive and classy additions in the room can be classy, but if there’s no funky party addition, there’s nothing to boost the vibe. Did you have any funky decoration ideas yet? Well, if not, then we’re here to suggest you to install a DJ LED screen for your party place. Besides, a cool and updated party theme isn’t complete without something digital installed in it.


Wait! Do you prefer a disco ball to be the most advanced and enough digital addition to your party hall? Well, that can be a great addition. But before you consider an LED screen for DJ to be less effective, why not go ahead and discover everything you need to know about it’s important below in detail? Are you excited? Well then, let’s get to it!

Doitvision’s DJ LED Screen Solution:

A)DJ LED Video Bars

DJ/Bar/Nightclub LED Screen: Price, Style, Size 2023 1

LED video bar is compatible with LED video control system to show graphics and videos to creative eye-catching visual shapes,which are mainly used for DJ shows

B) DJ LED Flexible Screen

flexible led screen

flexible led screen

DJ flexible LED display utilizes soft PCB with high flexibility which can be bended to creatve concave and convex curve shapes for DJ room.Flexible LED display modules can create shapes according to the size of the venue and the shape of the wall decorations. You can splice into hexagonal LED displays, cube LEDs, etc. In addition, if the bar venue has columns, You can use flexible LED modules to splice cylindrical LED displays, ring LED displays, horn-shaped LED displays, etc.

C) Transparent LED display For DJ

led strip screen
Transparent LED screens make up for the shortcomings of traditional LED displays. It can be built according to the diversification of bar stage shapes. These DJ LED screens can be hung at will to show the stage frame and the overall depth of the frame.

Transparent LED screens have the advantages of being 50~90% transparent, thin, and rich in color. It does not easily block the projection of light effects and is basically invisible when not in use. When turned on, the LED screen appears to be floating in the air, immersing customers in it. The bar room can use these LED diaplay to create more better atmosphere and dynamics for the entire stage and better express the theme.


Why do you need a DJ LED Screen?


The very first thing about understanding why you need a DJ LED displays is to understand the purpose of this screen. Now it’s common that a DJ LED screen is used to portray attractive visuals on a wall that can attract the audience and party enthusiasts. However, there’s more to the digital DJ LED display; as these screens also play loud sound and multicolored attractive patterns and designs that may create a more fancy and funky look in the party.


Hence, even when the lights are off and there’s just a disco ball lighting the entire hall; a DJ LED display can be effective in keeping the people attracted towards the stage, music, and bring out their dance monkeys. Additionally, and most importantly these screens also portray advertisements of the sponsors of the event; or random ones that may attract the audience. All this can help you better entertain the audience with the high quality and attention-grabbing visuals; while you also earn some extra bucks by advertising other businesses.


dj led screen


· DJ LED Screen Style Design :


Talking about something as advanced as a DJ LED screen, you can surely get them in more than one-designs. Now if you’re wondering whether this means that the screens will come in different shapes or sizes then you’re correct there. Besides, the best part about DJ LED screens is that you can buy them in various sizes (according to the installation location and the type of party you’re planning or hosting).


However, these different sizes and shapes mostly vary upon the type of display screen you’re opting for your party or event. This can include three different types of DJ LED displays or party displays that are commonly used around us. Now if you aren’t familiar with any, let’s discover them below.


· Stage Backdrop Decoration LED Screen:


This is a more affordable option of DJ LED displays or party LED screens that are commonly opted for in many events. They commonly come in the size of a minimum of 1 square foot and are a great option for advertisement during small scale wedding functions and parties. Moreover, these are lighter options of party LED displays and are commonly manufactured in mild steel material.


nightclub led screen


· DJ Background LED Stag Screen:


If you’ve ever been to a DJ party, then we’re guessing you’ve certainly seen these digital DJ LED screens behind the DJ or music counter. They are a little costlier than the previous party screen type and they are manufactured in a more durable and harder material. Additionally, most of these DJ LED screens are wall-mounted. Hence, they can be commonly used as a permanent and fixed LED display for any hall or party place.  Moreover, they also come with high brightness and easy-to-use technology; making it a lot more attractive in the events.



Large Outdoor Stage LED Screen:


Lastly, these are another one of the advanced options of the LED stage screens for the DJ. Now the best part about these screens is that they aren’t easily available in specific sizes. Instead, you get to choose customized dimensions (in most companies and outlets), which can depend upon the installation area and the number of guests the party hall would commonly hold.


Which Location You will Place the Screen?


Another important aspect of buying a DJ LED screen is to understand where you can install these screens. Of course, the term ‘DJ LED screens’ gives a clear idea that these are suitable screens for DJ stations. But is that all? Well, certainly not. Instead, you can use these LED screens on plenty of other occasions and locations with a great population. This can include places like:



The Right Size of DJ Led Screens:


Before you invest in a DJ LED screen blindly, it’ important to have a clear understanding of the right size of these screens. This way, you can better invest in the most suitable and cost-efficient option for your party or event. Now to evaluate the right sizes of the LED screen and invest in that only, you can consider different aspects. This may include:


  • The type of event you’re hosting; whether it’s a wedding, a party, a business event, or something else. This would help you better understand that if the event will be organized (needing a smaller display for everyone to easily focus), or whether it will be a party spot for everyone (which will need a larger one to please every guest).
  • The population of the event and how many guests are commonly invited to your party hall. This would help you define whether you need a gigantic display to please all the huge population in the hall. Otherwise, if a decent and normal display size would do the work effectively.
  • Lastly, you should also consider the installation of the screen. This means that if you’re planning to install the screen somewhere far on a wall, then a larger screen may seem suitable. However, if you’re planning to install a few of these in different locations or one on the roof; then a suitable-sized display would do the work too.


Altogether, when you invest in such screens and you aren’t still sure what size to choose, then make sure to understand look for a neutral size option. This means that going too small or too large may be hard to manage/secure and may cost extra on your pocket too.


dj led display


Flexible Display vs Regular Layout Display


When you go out to buy an LED screen for DJ, you might end up finding various options of types of these screens. No, we’re not talking about the same type we’ve mentioned earlier, but instead the type of front display screen that you need for your party or event. This mainly includes a flexible display screen or a regular layout display.


Now to understand these and make the right decision accordingly, it’s better to understand the difference first. Here, the regular layout display screens are different from the flexible ones in the working and outlook. Even though the regular screen looks classy and decent, but they are an outdated version while the flexible screens are more advanced.


Additionally, a regular screen may look simple, straight, and common with decent features to offer at your parties or events. While if we talk about a flexible display, these one’s are easier to carry, lightweight, and are based upon a flexible display technology. This means that flexible displays are manufactured with OLED screens. Now this OLED screen technology is printed on a thin layer of plastic. Hence, you can easily manage this lightweight and easy to use display screen; which can be rotated, installed, and moved in all kinds of ways.


Now this sounds interesting, right? Well then, imagine how attractive it would look at a DJ party or event? Certainly eye-grabbing!



DJ LED Screen Price


Lastly, before you purchase a DJ LED screen it’s better to understand the pricing of these screens and have a suitable budget accordingly. Now the pricing of these screens mainly depends upon various factors that may serve n increasing or decreasing the price of the screen you choose. These factors include:


  • The manufacturers
  • Size
  • Technology
  • Type of the screen
  • Brightness
  • Display quality


Once you finalize your needs in all these categories, you can better evaluate a suitable price and buy a LED screen for DJ that fits your budget efficiently.




Now that we’ve discovered everything about a DJ LED screen in detail, you might have had a clear idea of what they are and why your party or event hall needs it, right? Well then, it’s time you become a part of the trend too, and make your events funkier and attention-grabbing with the right DJ LED screen.

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