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Doitvision’s cylinder LED screen Solutions

A)Stage Rental LED

Traditional stage LED screens usually consist of a main screen and multi-sided secondary screens, which not only enrich the content of the performance but also provide rich video content to the audience. At the same time, the audience can watch from a larger angle, getting rid of a single, fixed perspective, and can even interact with each other, making the entire stage more layered and the overall vision richer and more interesting.

However, the emergence of round/cylindrical stage LED screens breaks the limitations of the regular shape of traditional LED displays and has a stronger visual shock effect. There are endless structural innovations such as 360-degree circular and cylindrical shapes, etc. You can integrate new technologies such as 3D, VR, and AR technology to create beautiful stage shapes for hotels, bars, concerts, etc. It will bring the audience a dreamlike visual experience. If you are looking for a round-stage LED display, you can refer to DOITVISION’s Lite series.

Thanks to the built-in curve locking system, the Lite series can be flexible curve, both concave & convex, for any pixel pitch. 360 circle shape installation, a minimum diameter of 2.5 meters by 16 panels.



B) Indoor Fixed LED

With the continuous development of LED display technology, traditional rectangular flat LED displays have changed into different shapes screens, such as curved LED screens, cylindrical LED screens, cube LED screens, etc. The most common among special-shaped items is cylinder LED screen, which is now widely used in indoor creative displays.

The cylindrical LED screen can support 360° full range viewing display, maximizing catching people’s attention, and better adapting to the overall structure, which can fully meet people’s personalized needs for audio-visual experience.

If you are looking for an indoor HD cylindrical LED screen, you can refer to Doitvision’s flexible LED modules, with multiple pitch options of 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm.

Our cylindrical LED display utilizes soft PCB with high flexibility, supports any bending between 1-120 degrees, and has the advantages of high brightness, high precision, wide viewing angle, energy saving and environmental protection, good stability, good wind resistance, easy installation and waterproofing.





Flexible led screen doitvision 02

Flexible led screen doitvision 02


If you want to display your products most impressively, then the cylinder LED screen is a fantastic solution. If you look around, then the column LED screen is getting famous, and it’s all because of the unique features. Apart from this, many hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses are using this technology. But it is vital to find out why it is getting so famous. After finding out, you will use this unique technology to capture the public’s attention. It won’t be wrong to say that cylinder-shaped LED screens are creating the wow factor. Thus, due to the unique qualities, it is the meeting the expectations of every business and person. So, let’s dig more details to know it better.

What is a cylinder LED screen?

Cylinder LED screen

The features and working of the cylinder screens are similar to the traditional LED screens. The other name of these types of the screen is column LED screen. However, by installing these screens, you can enjoy 360 angle view of the object. Furthermore, this shape of the LED creates the most realistic 3D view. You can get it in any size according to your requirement. The curve of this LED screen is smooth, with no size limitation, and provides seamless merging. Apart from this, here are the following specifications that will help to know more about this technology.

LED screenCylinder/column LED screen
Suitable forIndoor and Outdoor
Best forHigh-definition video quality and special effects
SpecificationsAlso available with waterproof feature & PCB free of damage

However, this display doesn’t only look unique but appealing to the eyes. So, it works best if you want to attract more people to grow brand awareness and grab attention.

How does it work?

The cylinder LED screen is best when it comes to playing high-definition videos. Moreover, it’s perfect to create special effects. The unique structure is designed to meet the needs of all types of clients. The LED screens are more significant and best to launch the campaigns that require to show detailed work. Moreover, the quality of these cylinders is excellent, and these are made up of high-quality raw material. The cylinder LED display comes with 70% of high transparency. However, the structure of the cylinders is made up of aluminum.

The main aim of this technology is to grab the public’s attention uniquely, and it ensures long-lasting performance. Thus, to get the best results, install it in a place where you can grab more attention. Furthermore, play high-quality video to ensure people get for what you are doing all this.

Flexible LED curve

What are the quick features of the column LED screen?

It’s interesting to know more about advanced technology. Thus, now it’s the turn to tell about the highlighted features of the cylinder LED screen.

  • The cylinder LED screens provide a 360-angle view with high-definition image quality. The brightness and excellent color contrast help to make a crisp quality image.
  • Moreover, this LED screen comes with lots of flexibility. You can convert it into any shape like spherical display, round, or circular.
  • Most importantly, customers can see the image, read the text from any angle. You can hand the multiple pillars to create vivid scenes.
  • It is 100% user-friendly because it is easy to install. Above all, you can easily remove it, and it is 100% serviceable.
  • This type of the LED screen can play even high-definition videos and images. Thus, you can use it anywhere. It is the perfect technology to grab attention by installing a unique screen.

The cylinder LED screen is straightforward to maintain, and you don’t need to seek expert services for regular maintenance. Thus, we can say that it is easy to manage the technology that offers many benefits.

Application of the cylinder LED screen:

Earlier, we have mentioned everything about this revolutionary technology. But it’s better to know about the places where you can install these screens to get pros. So, we can place these screens in:

HotelsShopping centersExhibition centers
Corporate officesMallsAirports
UniversitiesLED pillar in barGovernment buildings
Meeting hallsSquareAnd much more

We can say that it is a flexible type of module that can make the smooth curve surface. So, you can play any video, graphic, or image by placing it at any place.

Cylinder LED screens

How to choose the best quality cylinder LED screen?

After reading the above pointers, it doesn’t mean that you know everything about the column LED screen. Still, you need to know many tips and information to get a premium quality cylinder-shaped LED screen.

Light transparent LED cylinder screen:

The first and vital thing that the cylinder should be transparent. Thus, later you can use it in any way which you want. For instance, on the transparent cylinder, you can design it according to your needs. Moreover, you can cut it into different shapes like spherical, round, or column.

Ensure it stands out:

Always remember that you are doing all of this to get the public’s attention. So, make sure that you are ordering the cylinder LED display that is transparent, bright, and offers perfect pixel pitch. Moreover, it would help if you always prefer the lightweight cylinder, easy to assemble, and the stripes are easy to replace.

High reliability and protection:

Before buying the column LED screen, ensure that it entails light-emitting chips and PCB integration. As a result, you don’t have to deal with the risk of virtual welding. Thus, you will get more protection, a high level of reliability and stability. Apart from this, there are the following pros that you can enjoy after buying the cylinder screen from a reliable dealer.

  • There will be no failure rate with high utilization and stability rate.
  • Moreover, the reliable dealers offer the technology that comes with a dual power supply and backup.

All of these points seem small but bring a significant difference in the quality and content delivery. Thus, always pay attention to these small yet essential pointers.

Ensure high image quality and definition:

It is an open fact that the cylinder LED screen provides the inconsistent brightness that helps to create a fantastic effect. So, get the screen that offers all of these things and has uniformity up to 97%. The column-shaped cylinder is perfect when it comes to giving 360 angles view to the audience. Before finalizing the deal, make sure you are getting the one with the ideal image and brightness. All of these factors play an essential role in getting a crisp and high-definition image.

Flexible LED screen

Benefits of getting cylinder LED display:

The LED panels and screens are supposed to create seamless images with high resolution. Still, there are so many benefits that are left to discuss. So, here are some:

  • The cylinder LED screen is flexible, and you can convert it into any shape.
  • The unique design comes with solid material, thin structure, and good quality.
  • You can even get it with the waterproof feature. Apart from this, the cost is very reasonable when compared to the benefits.
  • It is effortless to install, assemble, and maintain as you don’t need to hire an expert for all of these jobs.
  • The unique structure and shape provide a 360-angle view. Thus, you can entertain the visitors from all sides.

Apart from the quality, these are incredibly lightweight, and you can quickly move them from one place to another. It’s not just appealing in terms of quality but also grabs the attention with sleek design and aesthetics. So, if you are finding something that has multi-features, then the cylinder LED screen is the ultimate choice.

Cylinder LED screen manufacturer:

If you are ready to place the order for the column LED screen, then go for the company with everything to offer. But it will help if you can shortlist your requirements before starting a search and then go for the hunt. You can get the products in any size, shape, and quantity, but don’t compromise quality. So, get the LED screen with features like wall-mounted installation, save space, and easy to install modules. Moreover, by selecting a reputable brand, you don’t have to hire an expert for installation and maintenance.


How much Does an LED cylindrical screen cost? 

When people buy circular LED screens, consumers will be more concerned with the quality and price of cylindrical LED displays

In general, the price of cylindrical LED screens will vary depending on factors such as production methods, brand, material, etc. Each person must choose the cylindrical LED screen according to their situation.

Cylinder LED Display Price

The Cylinder LED display is made up of flexible module and power supply. It also has a cabinet and power cord for rental LED display. The LED module is the most expensive, but the difference in price between lamp beads and chips.

LED Display Control System

LED Display systems include the main parts: LED sending, and receiving cards. In general, one receiving card corresponds with multiple sending cards. The number of receiving cards depends on the size of your screen.


To make the LED cylindrical display work properly, you will also need accessories. These include computer, air conditioner (for cooling), lightning arrester (to prevent electrical shocks), power distribution cabinet, auxiliary amplifiers (optional), TV cards (optional), etc. ), video processor (optional), etc.

Steel/ Aluminum alloy frame structure

A steel/Aluminum alloy structure is required for indoor fixed LED display when flexible module splicing.