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Colorlight C1/C2/C3/C4/C6/C7 LED Controller Player

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Are you looking for an LED controller player that can enhance your LED displays working performance and help you manage your commercial display screen with ease? If so, then the Colorlight’s LED Controller Players models from the C-series are worthy of your trust and usage. From the presence of all the basic models to the advanced ones like Colorlight C3, Colorlight C4, Colorlight C6, and C7, the C-series has enough options for you to make an effective investment decision.

Colorlight C1/C2/C3/C4/C6/C7 LED Controller Player 1

However, with each model being different and varying in its advanced features, let’s go ahead and discover each of the C-series models below.


  • C1:

The Colorlight’s C1 model of the LED controller player C-series comes as a basic LED controller player option with all the necessary features available to serve you. This includes the presence of a cloud management feature that supports internet connectivity and a maximum loading capacity of 130,000 pixels. This loading capacity serves your LED display with a decent graphical controlling result.

 It also includes an accurate synchronized playback feature with multiple players to connect with the LED display at a time. Additionally, you get a 4GB internal memory, a USB disk plug, and play slot, and a 1.5G end-user usable feature.

  • C2:

The C2 model of this series offers you with some more advanced features to manage your LED display controlling. With the presence of internet connecting support of this model through LAN, WiFi, and 4G, you can easily control the internet connectivity of your LED display. Additionally, it includes a feature of unified management on multiple screens and multi-services across different regions. Moreover, you are allowed to play multiple windows and windows overlap, while freely setting the size and location.

Also, this model comes with powerful functions of equipment monitoring, program edition, scheduling and cluster publishing, and many more that enhance your working experience. Lastly, it also supports GPS to help you achieve a more advanced user experience.

  • C3:

This Colorlight C3 offers you with all the basic features present in the previous models. However, what makes this model more advanced and reliable is it’s working of LED controlling without the support or need of a computer. The new generation model serves as a more conventional and cost-efficient model that can be managed and controlled directly on your LED display.

Additionally, this model includes the industrial components and embedded operating system that serves as a small and secure option for your usage. With all this, you can easily rely on this model as a more stable model that is widely used for advertising displays and digital signage controlling needs.

  • C4:

Similar to the C3, this Colorlight C4 also offers you the same features of the previous models offered with a lot more stability and efficient working outcome. However, the additional features in this model include a real-time content broadcasting feature, along with its monitoring, operating status, and immediate feedback performance. Additionally, you get multi-level authorization management, an encrypted data channel, and an authorized certification that adds more to it’s safe and reliable working.

  • C6:

With this Colorlight C6 model, you get the same extra-ordinary feature of play mode without the need for computer connectivity. However, what adds more to its advantages is the presence of a built-in WiFi spot that can be connected to LAN and WAN and 3g/4G networks. This feature can be managed and controlled through an intelligent remote control; making you easily and smartly manage the device.

All this, and all the basic and efficient working features of this LED controller player adds more controlling and usage ease for advertising LED screens as well as exhibition LED screens, and much more. Altogether, you can rely on this model for more professional and advanced working experience.

  • C7:

Similar to the previous models, the C7 also has all the basic and necessary features of LED video controlling from internet connectivity to multiple screen management and much more. However, it also includes some advanced and professional features like the support for GPS, HDMI input, and loop output port. Additionally, this model can also be set as AP mode while easily supporting program management and parameter setting through any device, i.e. smartphones, PC, tablets, etc.

Other than all this, this model also offers you with an 8G built-in storage to enhance your working ease and user-experience.


Now that we’ve discussed all the LED Controlling player models offered by Colorlight’s C-series, it’s time you make an effective decision that fits your LED display controlling needs. So go ahead and choose smartly!

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