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How Much Does a COB LED Display Cost?

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COB LED display technology is the cutting-edge of the LED industry. In this article, we’ll look at COB LED technology, if you like these advantages, we will also explore these COB LED displays’ cost.

COB LED Technology Explained 

COB LED technology

COB technology is a different approach to SMD LED screens. It offers a lot of improvements in visual performance and efficiency. Traditional LED screens use discrete LEDs mounted onto a substrate. COB technology integrates RGB chips directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB).

COB LED technology lets you put more LEDs in any given area of a display than other LED packaging methods. It also uses less space on the board without any bonding wires, which lets you get a tighter pixel pitch. The tighter the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. This is one of the reasons COB has been so successful in LED packaging technology. There’s huge potential for improving image quality, reliability, and energy efficiency in displays. Well, let’s take a look at the price of COB LED screen system components

Detailed price composition of COB Video Wall

The LED video wall is a big part of the project budget. Next, we’ll break down the cost of a COB display project into its component parts:

Display screen body

COB LED Panels: These are the main parts of the video wall, made up of high-resolution COB LED modules from P0.95 to P1.56. The price of COB LED panels can vary a lot depending on things like pixel pitch (resolution), brand, and the size of the video wall.

Mounting Structure: It includes the framework and structure you need to mount the COB LED panels securely. You can also use custom frames or standard mounting solutions.

Power Supplies and Cables: You’ll need these to power and connect the COB LED panels.

COB LED Display

Control system

Video Processor: Typically you can use a Novartis 4K video processor. It handles the input sources and content distribution across the video wall. Prices vary depending on how many inputs it supports, the resolution it can handle, and any extra features like image scaling.

Control Software:  You can manage the content displayed, schedule it, and monitor the system by Novastar LED software.

Cabling and Connectivity: You’ll need HDMI, DVI, or other cables to connect the video processor to the COB LED panels and input sources.

Engineering installation and commissioning

  • Labor costs
  • Testing and Calibration
  • Setup of the Control System

Other optional equipment.

You can also add extra input sources if you want. Like computers, media players, or cameras.

  • Remote Control Systems
  • Extended Warranty or Service Contracts


The above Prices can vary widely depending on the specifications chosen and the vendor supplying the components and services.

DOIT VISION’s COB LED Display Solution

COB LED Display

The COB LED display from DOIT VISION is perfect for indoor applications like conference rooms, exhibition halls, and retail spaces. It has high resolution and visual quality. These screens are built to last, with features like waterproofing and dust resistance.

Here are the main benefits of Our COB LED displays:

  • Our Panel size is 600×337.5mm, which makes it easy to put together in whatever size you need.
  • Pixel pitch ranges from 0.95mm to 1.53mm, You will get high resolution and sharp image quality for detailed visuals.
  • These COB displays ae more reliable with features like waterproofing, dust resistance, and fewer soldering points.
  • Usse less energy than traditional technologies like LCD, which can really cut down on your operational costs.
  • These COB Video Wall can offer better contrast, wider viewing angles, and smoother surfaces for detailed and vivid visuals, which is ideal for environments with varying light conditions.

Our COB LED Display For Sale

Doitvision’s COB LED displays are the best at delivering high-resolution, reliable performance, energy savings, and an enhanced viewing experience across various applications.

COB LED Display


  • Superior pixel pitch
  • Using Chip Common Cathode
  • COB Dual Backup
  • Great Energy Efficiency
  • 180-degree wide viewing angle
  • IP54 Protection (Front)

How much Does a COB LED Display Cost?

COB LED Display

Cost Factors of COB LED Display Screens

There’s a big difference in price for COB LED display screens, mainly include: Pixel pitch and the size.

As you know, the larger the area, the higher the cost, in addition, you need to pay attention to the pixel pixtch.

Pixel Pitch is the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels, affects resolution and visual clarity. For instance, smaller pixel pitche LED display like P0.95 offer high resolution than P1.56.

If you’re on a budget, you can still get great display quality with options like P1.56 pixel pitch. These screens strike a good balance between cost and performance, so they’re suitable for applications where high-definition detail isn’t as important but visual impact is still important.

They’re a cost-effective solution that doesn’t sacrifice visual clarity, making them versatile for various indoor settings.

Additional factors influencing cost include screen size, customization options such as waterproofing, special installation needs, and brand reputation for reliability and service.

When it comes to choosing the right configuration, it’s all about striking the right balance between your budget and what you need in terms of visual quality for long-term operational needs.

Estimated Cost Range for COB LED Display Screens

Customer’s RequirementsEstimated Cost Range
Pixel PitchScreen SizeActual Screen SizeUnit Price/㎡Total Price
P0.95mm2m x 1m1.8m x 1.01m=1.8㎡5,800~6,50011,800~13,000
P1.56mm4.5m x 6m4.2m x 6.07m=25.49㎡2,250~3,20066,000~89,800
The unit price will vary depending on the different configuration etc.
Please contact us to get the price of the COB screen with the configuration you want.
The estimated total price is including the screen cost, video processor, packaging, all parts to run the screen, not including the shipping cost, if wanna know the referent freight price, please contact us!
Due to the panel size is 600mmx337.5mm(Width x Height), so the actual screen size may be slightly different from customer needs.


With pixel pitches ranging from P0.95mm to P1.56mm, COB LED display technology offers superior resolution, reliability, and energy efficiency for indoor applications like:

  • Conference rooms
  • Retail spaces.

We’ve covered the approximate COBLED display price per square foot, and the approximate cost for different areas. If you need a more detailed quote, please feel free to contact us!


How many screens do I need if achieving 4K LED Video Wall?

If you are using a P0.95 COB LED display to achieve a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) , you would need 4,032,000 pixels in total.

Horizontal: 3840×0.95 mm = 3648 mm (approximately 3.65 meters)
Vertical: 2160×0.95 mm = 2052 mm (approximately 2.05 meters)

The total display area needed would be approximately 7.49 square meters.

Also, if you use P.1.56 COB LED display,the size is about 20.14 square meters(5.98*3.3 meter).

How many screens do I need if achieving 8K LED Video Wall?

Due to an 8K LED Video wall is 7680 x 4320 pixels,if you using a P0.95 LED display, you would need 33,177,600 pixels in total.

Horizontal:7680×0.95 mm = 7296 mm (approximately 7.30 meters)
Vertical: 4320×0.95 mm = 4104 mm (approximately 4.10 meters)

The total display area is about 29.90 square meters.

How does the image quality of COB LED screens compare to traditional SMD LED screens?

COB LED screens usually have a better image quality than SMD LED screens. The higher pixel density and more even light distribution mean the images are sharper, the colors are more accurate, and the contrast is better. COB LED screens are a good choice for applications that need high-resolution displays.

What applications are best suited for COB LED screens?

COB displays are perfect for high-resolution applications up close, like indoor conference rooms and malls, precision control systems in security rooms, and immersive experiences in simulators and VR devices. They’re small and have a lot of pixels, so you get clear images and data representat.

How do COB LED screens handle heat management?

COB LED screens are designed with heat dissipation mechanisms that work well. The way the LED chips are bonded directly to the substrate makes it easier for heat to dissipate. This helps to reduce the risk of overheating, prolong the lifespan of the LEDs, and maintain consistent performance even in high-temperature environments.

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