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Are you looking for something other than the cliché LED display screens that serve and sound like a basic option of outdoor and indoor digital display? If so, you might be excited to know that there’s an even more advanced, classy, and attractive option of digital display, i.e. a LED curtains screen. These screens are undoubtedly a more advanced and classy option (both in terms of the outlook and performance), serving much better in the business advertising needs. 

However, even with this basic understanding of how advanced a LED curtain screen or LED strip screen is, there’s a lot more to know about these screens before purchasing one. Don’t get it? Well, we’re talking about the understanding of the uses, the types, the features, and many other factors of a LED grid screen. All of this is highly important to discover for better understanding and recognition of what LED curtain display is the most suitable for your business promotions, and why. Now if you’re wondering that you are least aware of all these details following an LED strip screen, you don’t need to worry about that. Do you know why? Well, it’s mainly because we’re here to help you discover all the basics and advanced details about an LED curtain display. So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and discover everything below in detail, shall we? 

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What is the LED curtain screen?

Firstly, for anyone unfamiliar with what a LED strip screen or a LED curtain screen is, it’s important to understand its basic idea. Don’t worry, there aren’t too many technical details and depth in the basics of a LED curtain display. Instead, you can consider these screens to be more high-definition and advanced LED displays. Now what makes this hi-definition display different from others is the outstanding contrast and eye-catching brightness levels that make the display quality of this screen a lot more attractive and unique. 

Moreover, this screen portrays vibrant images and videos; even if you install the screen in high ambient temperatures. Additionally, another benefit of these advanced high-definition LED displays is that they can be bent and molded in any shape easily; mainly due to their manufacturing of pliable and tough silicone rubber. 

Hence, if you’ve ever seen classy and exceptional LED displays that can be molded in different shapes without really breaking into pieces, that’s certainly a LED curtain or LED strip screen

Features of the LED curtain screen

Other than the amazing manufacturing and serving of a LED grid screen, you might also be curious to know about the unique and exceptional features it has to offer, right? Besides, these screens are more advanced and a high-definition digital advertising option, so they must also consist of plenty of undeniable and attractive features. Adding more to that, let’s discover some of the top features offered by a LED grid screen

· Flexible Installation:

Now since we previously mentioned that a LED curtain screen is manufactured with a pliable and tough silicone rubber that makes it easy to bend and mold the screen, this adds to the flexible installation of the screen too. Don’t get it? Well, with the benefit of easy molding and bending of the screen in different shapes and installation procedures; you don’t have to stay restricted to a single shape or location for installing these screens.

Instead, you can easily experiment with the shapes, installation location, and posture in which you install your LED curtain display. As a result; this lets you flexibly choose your shape and method of installation, without keeping the screen rigid or in the same shape. 

· Lightweight: 

With a screen that can be easily bent and molded, there’s hardly any doubt that it is also going to be lightweight, right? If you didn’t then, let’s add the fact that silicone rubber is already a lightweight material, which further adds to decreasing the overall weight of these screens. Whereas, if you look at other common and advanced LED displays, almost all of them are heavy in their making; causing hardships in the installation and moving processes of the screen. 

However, with a LED strip screen, you can easily transport your lightweight advertising digital displays anywhere you want; without feeling the need to find any kind of help or assistance. Now, this is a great option for those that like doing their work on their own, or don’t have a huge team to set up their business advertising items. 

· High Transparency:

Another one of the huge beneficial features of a curtain LED display screen is that they come with a high transparency outlook. This simply means that when you place them in a specific location with objects or front of a clear view; the view or objects can be seen and observed through the screen. Altogether, you can very clearly and easily see what’s on the other side of the screen; as long as the screen isn’t displaying any graphic. Hence, when you install a curtain display on the wall of a building or any indoor wall, a closed screen will not be easily visible in comparison to a working one. Which is a classic quality, no? 

Additionally, this also means that the high transparency of the LED strip screen lets you adapt various kinds of installation procedures easily. So whether you feel like installing the screen by bending, folding, winding, or even swinging; you’re free to do that without making the screen look out of shape or visible with the installation method. As a result, you can even hang such screens like a curtain without having a second thought, i.e. with an overhead pipe. 

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display-DOIT VISION

The Difference between Curtain LED Screen and Transparent LED Screen

Before we move forward with more details on a curtain LED display, are you even clear on how it is different from a similar option, i.e. transparent LED screen? Well, since we mentioned that a curtain display has high transparency, one might often confuse this with a transparent screen. However, there are plenty of differences and uncommon applications of both these screens. 

Now to have a clear idea, let’s have a short comparison below. 

If we talk about a transparent LED screen, these can be easily installed on a building’s glass curtain wall. This way, they can meet any design or match any exterior look, without looking odd (especially since they are transparent and have a plain and clear outlook of their own). 

However, if we talk about a curtain LED screen, these consist of a special and different design that has high transparency. As a result, when you attach them to a glass surface, it may look perfect on any background, but it also portrays a classy and attractive touch of its own. While the transparent screen only adopts the look of the background display where it is attached. 

LED Curtain Screen: DIP LED vs. SMD LED

While you go out and find the right LED curtain display for your business or personal needs, you might end up facing some of its types too. Yet, without any understanding any familiarity of the types of displays available in a curtain display, there’s a great chance that you’ll end up buying the wrong option.

Do you want to avoid that? If so, then let’s discuss two of the common screen types available in a curtain display, i.e. DIP and SMD. 

The Difference: 

First, if we talk about a DIP LED, then you can easily consider these a better and efficient option for outdoor applications. This is mainly due to the lesser resolution of these screens, which makes them fit well in high brightness, i.e. direct sunlight locations. 

Yet, on the other hand, the use of an SMD LED is the opposite. This means that you can purchase an SMD LED if you’re planning to get a curtain display for indoor application. What makes this more effective for indoor installation is the better and higher resolution of these screens; which helps them run efficiently in indoor locations with any type of lighting condition. 

Things you Need to Know Before Buying a LED curtain screen

· Keep the Lighting of the Future Installation Location in Mind: 

One huge factor to understand here is the lighting needs that your screen needs to fulfill in the future. This simply means that whether you’re opting for an indoor curtain display or an outdoor one, you can’t neglect the lighting and brightness levels of the screen. What makes this highly important is the outcome you’ll need after you install the screen in a specific location. For instance, if you’re choosing an outdoor wall that is sun-facing, then it’s better to choose a less bright curtain display. Similarly, for indoor installation in dull lighting areas or outdoor locations where sunlight wouldn’t be visible, a brighter curtain display would be preferred. 

· Weather Resistance is Also Important: 

If you’re opting for an outdoor LED strip screen, you must be well aware of the fact that it needs to be weather resistant. This mainly includes being water and heatproof, so that it can meet up with the harsh weather conditions without giving up with its performance any time soon. However, even in terms of indoor installments, there may be situations where your screen may end up coming in contact with water, heat, or any other atmospheric circumstance (especially if it is installed in a place that can be affected by the outdoor weather condition).

Hence, when you buy a curtain display, you need to know where you need to install it and whether it will face any atmospheric or weather conditions or not. 

· Don’t Combine Lighting with Heat:

Lastly, but most importantly, you need to know that lighting/brightness and heating of a curtain or any other LED display don’t go hand in hand. Instead, the misconception that a brighter LED display can face extreme heating issues is completely wrong. As a result, this ends up making you spend a lot of your money on low brightness LED displays (as lower brightness displays cost more money and consume more electricity).

However, heating is more linked to the weather-proofing or durable manufacturing of a screen. If you purchase a curtain display from a well-known brand or look into its manufacturing details, you’ll see how these factors are different and how you can choose the right display accordingly. 

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display-DOIT VISION

What is an Application LED Curtain Screen Instead of a Common Outdoor Advertising Screen?

Another important aspect to consider before buying a LED strip screen is to understand its applications. Sure, we’re all familiar with the basic applications of a LED display. But when it’s about the advanced and multiple LED display options, each one has its importance and application demands in different respective industries or businesses. 

Now coming to a LED grid screen, these curtain displays can be perfectly used as/in: 

Purchasing Tips from LED Display Manufacturer

Lastly, let’s talk about purchasing a curtain LED display. Or in other terms, any LED display; since they’re somewhere relevant. Now, are you curious to know how to purchase the right option for your business and personal needs? Well, you can do that by following some helpful purchasing tips like:

  • Keep the brightness requirements in mind, and choose just the right one. 
  • You can either get high transparency or high pixel pitch. So choose wisely. 
  • Understand what optimal viewing distance is needed and then choose your display screen options. 
  • The viewing angle as well as transparency may not be there together in higher quality. So pick a priority wisely.
  • Lastly, don’t always go for higher resolution panels. They wouldn’t always be benefitting or highly serving according to your advertising/viewing needs. 


With all the detailed above information gathered on a LED curtain screen, we’re sure you’ve had a clear idea and conception of what these screens are and how can they benefit your business in the advertising aspect, right? Well then, it’s time you rely on these hi-definition LED displays for better and more advanced business development, and go grab the right one for your business. Good Luck!