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Top 10 Best LED Display France Suppliers 2024

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LED screens have a bright future in France, and business owners are using these modern advertising methods to promote their brands to unprecedented effect. Paris, known for its historic charm and contemporary energy, offers a unique venue for LED screens, and here are some classic examples of LED screens in Paris.

La Défense LED Screen

LED display france
  • Location: Heart of La Défense, Paris’s premier business district, at the LES 4 TEMPS shopping center.
  • Size: 11m (Width) x 6m (Height) = 66㎡.
  • Operational Hours: 20 hours a day.
  • Daily Footfall: 620,000.
  • Ideal For: Brands and media seeking significant impact.

Champs-Élysées LED Display

LED display france
  • Location: Bustling Champs-Élysées, near iconic landmarks like the Louvre and Arc de Triomphe.
  • Configuration: Three angled screens creating an immersive experience.
  • Size: 36㎡.
  • Operational Hours: 15 hours a day, for a week.
  • Unique Quality: High-quality advertising space in a city with stringent advertising regulations.

Opéra District LED Screen

LED display france
  • Location: Facade of the Citadium, in a pedestrian area close to Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores.
  • Size: 30㎡.
  • Operational Hours: 7:30 to 21:30.
  • Daily Footfall: 230,000.
  • Visibility: High in a densely trafficked area.

Why are French clients increasingly choosing LED screens as their preferred advertising medium?

Modern LED screens are not only a visibility tool, but also a catalyst for innovative marketing strategies. They have been integrated into the busiest areas of Paris, uniquely catching the eye of customers:

High visibility and impact:

With their bright, vibrant displays, LED screens cut through the visual noise of the city and ensure that advertisements are not only seen, but remembered. 

Reach audiences of different demographics:

The strategic placement of LED screens in key locations in Paris allows advertisers to target specific demographics. For example, screens in La Défense target professionals and business travelers, while those in the Champs-Elysées and Opera districts target shoppers, luxury shoppers and international tourists. Targeted coverage helps execute segmented marketing strategies, ensuring the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Dynamic content increases engagement:

The dynamic nature of LED content, whether it’s video, animation or real-time data, creates an engaging experience that static billboards can’t match. 

Unmatched content management flexibility:

The digital format of LED screens allows for remote and instant content updates, giving advertisers unparalleled flexibility. Whether it’s for time-sensitive promotions, responding to current events, or A/B testing advertising ideas, the ability to quickly adjust content makes LED screens a highly effective tool in an advertiser’s arsenal.

Create immersive experiences:

The technological advancements in LED displays allow for the creation of immersive and interactive advertising experiences. These can range from simple animated stories to complex augmented reality (AR) interactions where passersby can interact with the content in real-time. 

Environmentally friendly advertising:

Modern LED screens are more energy efficient than the traditional lighting used in older digital displays and billboards. Their lower power consumption meets the growing demand for sustainable business practices, making them an eco-friendly option for conscious brands and contributing to the city’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Measurable impact:

With advances in digital technology, the impact of LED screen advertising can be more accurately measured through metrics such as viewings, engagement rates and even direct interaction via QR codes. A data-driven approach to advertising allows for better ROI analysis and campaign optimization, making LED screens not only a medium for exposure, but a tool for strategic marketing decisions.

From the above we know that LED displays have so many benefits that more and more business owners are choosing this medium. If you want to get in on the action and build your own LED screen, but do you know which are the best LED screen suppliers in France?

Are you looking for LED Display France suppliers? With plenty of LED display Supplier in Europe, it’s hard to choose what you need to purchase. However, what’s an even bigger struggle is to choose what supplier you need to consider too. Like the wide variety of LD displays, the LED display supplier companies are also numerous and spread worldwide.

With that being said, it’s certainly a huge struggle to choose the right supplier for your LED display needs. Besides, LED display solutions aren’t that cheap. So how can you take a risk and invest in the wrong and unreliable supplier?

Wait! That’s not something you have to worry about, as we’re here to assist you in getting through this struggle. Even with numerous supplier companies, there are always a few that are well-trusted, professional, and innovative in their LED display manufacturing and supplying. Just look for the best options and choose from them only.

We have gathered a list of the top 10 LED displays France suppliers to help you in this, so you don’t have to go through that struggle. Simply look into these best options, choose the kind of LED solution you need, and then make the right LED display supplier decision. Are you excited to od that? Then let’s start exploring!

Top LED Display France Suppliers:



When looking for the top best-LED display France suppliers, we certainly can’t start this list without the top supplier’s company. For this, LEDCAST is one of the leader company’s in France that offer their specialist services in customer digital LED displays. With their specialist LED display services, LEDCAST offers a wide variety of LED solutions to their customers.

Whether you need custom or standard, the LEDCAST is ready to offer you a wide variety of advertising displays and transparent screens. So you can never go wrong with the LEDCAST, as long as you need top-notch LED display screens for advertising demands. Moreover, their selection of products can keep your advertising screen demands fulfilLED at all times.

  • Address: 11 Rue Riant, 93200 Saint-Denis, France
  • Phone: +33 1 48 09 80 36
  • https://ledcast.fr/

2. Groupe Novelty:

 Groupe Novelty

Next in this list of the top LED display France suppliers are the Groupe Novelty suppliers. What makes this supplier company a reliable option to purchase LED display solutions in France is their years-long service. Since this company started in 1973, it has been serving as one of the most reliable LED suppliers options in France.

This Groupe Novelty focuses on its audiovisual techniques, making it an expert in such types of LED display screens. It includes expertise in the image, sound, light, electric contribution, stage structure, and technical management of the LED screens they develop. Additionally, what makes the Groupe Novelty a reliable LED display France supplier is engineering, selling, installing, and maintaining all their audiovisual and stenographic display solutions? Now that’s surely a complete pack.

  • Address: ZI de la Vigne aux loups, Rue George Sand, 91160 Longjumeau, France
  • Phone: +33 1 64 54 26 28
  • https://www.novelty-group.com/



Besides manufacturing LED displays, what is also equally important is the design of the display screens you choose. However, most LED display suppliers don’t offer a huge variety of unique designs to their customers. Yet, that’s not the case with the JSG TECHNOLOGIES, as they are a focused and trustworthy LED supplier company in France that designs, manufactures, and maintains the LED solutions it manufactures.

Moreover, you can also expect a wide variety of LED and advertising panels coming from the JSG TECHNOLOGIES. With this, you get plenty of options to choose from and purchase. Now there’s no need for you to choose the basic options for your business advertising needs.

  • Equipment rental agency in Luynes, Indre-et-Loire, France
  • Address: Route de Pernay, 37230 Luynes, France
  • Phone: +33 2 47 39 64 62
  • http://www.jsgtechnologies.fr/


bodet sport

Wait! Are we just going to talk about LED display solutions for advertising and events? Certainly not! Since the pixel pitch of LED display solutions have spread in a wide range of industries, they are used for various needs. One such huge and highly demanding need is in terms of the clock. We all need to keep up with time, and when it comes to public clocks, what can be better than a LED display clock?

To get one of these, the BODET is always ready to become your top supplier in France. Not just in France, but this company has been serving 1868 in entire Europe, being a LED display clock supplying leader in Europe. What makes them a reliable option to date is their high-quality LED solutions and a wide variety of clock-related LED displays. These varieties include a master clock, bell system, LCD/LED digital clock, analogue clock, and various other technologies introduced in LED clocks.


Like any other reliable and highly professional LED display solutions supplier company, this offers some of the best variety and innovations to its clients. With the wide variety of LED options that are conceptual, this supplier company ensures that the customers get what they want – top-notch and reliable LED screens.

We don’t just say reliable as a statement, but the SMARTLIGHT EUROPE conceptual LED displays are focused on being durable. So you can expect these screens to last for years, without a doubt. Isn’t that great?


How can we complete a list full of LED display France suppliers without adding an LED light bar supplier? Now you might know plenty of options of these suppliers too (especially in France), but we’re going to refer to the best one here. The MAGNUM manufacturing company is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and suitable LED light bar suppliers company that focuses on offering a wide variety of LED lighting bar styles and accessories to their clients. From innovative designs to 100% durable hand-crafted technologies with the best quality materials, the MAGNUM supplier company ensures all this and much more. So the next time you need LED lights bar, you know whom you need to trust, right?

7. Prismaflex int:

Prismaflex int

Are you looking for an all-in-one LED supplier company that offers a wide range of LED display screens to you in France? The Prismaflex int. is certainly a reliable and highly professional LED display France supplier’s option for you. From the offering of top-notch and highly innovative billboards to being a reliable LED display manufacturer, it can introduce new designs now and then. The Prismaflex int. serves as the perfect supplier company.

Since its founding in 1988, it has successfully designed and introduced a wide range of LED supplies, including digital display boards and large format digital printing solutions. All in all, the focused LED production offered by the Prismaflex int. makes them one of the best-LED suppliers in France.

309 route de Lyon, CS 50001
69610 Haute-Rivoire, France
Tel : +33 4 74 70 68 00
Fax : +33 4 74 26 30 87


With the CHARVET DIGITAL MEDIA service in the digital LED world for nearly 40 years, their services have achieved the trust of millions of customers. What makes them a more trustable option is their specialty and expertise in digital communication LED manufacturing.

The CHARVET DIGITAL MEDIA offers a wide variety of services so tit’s clients. From designing to maufactuiring, installing, and maintaining the panels they manufacture – you get a complete service until you are fully satisfied with the CHARVET DIGITAL MEDIA supplier’s services. Hence, you surely trust these experts in the marketing displays and LED communication solutions with their top-notch services. That’s precisely what makes them a market leader too.


The KINESIK is one of the leading audiovisual equipment suppliers in France. The KINESIK focuses on offering its clients a wide range of top-notch indoor and outdoor LED movie screens. Apart from that, the KINESIK is also a specialist in LED lighting and screen innovations. With this being said, it’s easier to analyze how the KINESIK can offer you some of the most demanded and intriguing even display solutions, right?

That’s certainly why KINESIK is a specialist LED display supplier company that offers its clients all the LED lighting and LED communication screens. Hence, the next time you have a business event coming up, the KINESIK can be your go-to option as the best-LED display France supplier.


Last but not least, the LUMIPLAN is another one of the best and highly reliable ELD display France suppliers that offer innovative ideas in their display solutions. To create a smart city, LUMIPLAN has served plenty of clients with progressive transportation solutions designed and developed to fulfill modern-day public transport ease demands.

With its focus on transportation, the LUMIPLAN is undoubtedly a top-notch and highly reliable LED display supplier that fulfills all the innovative demands for achieving transportation solutions. It offer saw id variety of innovative LE display that can contribute to a smarter city and smarter living. Doesn’t that sound like the modern-future is here? Well then, it’s time you gain its benefits too!


With all these LED display France suppliers, you can easily choose the best option according to your LED demands. Besides, with LED solutions being utilized in numerous fields today, we are always in-need of modern display solutions for various needs. So why stay limited to old-school screens when you can trust the best suppliers for different types of LED display solutions? It doesn’t seem right – right? Then go gain the advantages of modern LED solutions yourself! Happy Purchasing!

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