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LED Advertising Screen

Does your business need extra and advanced promotions? Or is your brand not reaching the right and enough audience? In any such situation, when you start facing them you should know that you need to look for and rely on advanced advertising methods for your business and brand. Now when we talk about advanced led advertising screens, there can’t be a better and more reliable option other than digital advertising LED screens.

LED Advertising Screen 1

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor permanent installations ,high brightness, water-proof, anti-ultra violet

Board Pitch:



LED Advertising Screen 2

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible curve, can be bended convex and concave to form curve shapes

Indoor: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm,4mm 

LED Advertising Screen 3

Transparent LED Screen

High transparency see through effects of LED display,  indoor and outdoor use

indoor 2.6mm / 5.2mm, 3.9mm / 7.8mm

Outdoor 3.9mm/7.8mm


LED Advertising Screen 4

IP68 LED Outdoor

Extreme outdoor applications IP68 rating, 5 years warranty, up to 9000 nits brightness

Pitch: 4.8mm, 6.7mm, 8mm,10mm


LED Advertising Screen 5

LED Advertising Board

Professional solutions for customized installations

indoor 2.5mm,3mm,4mm

Outdoor: 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm


LED Advertising Screen 6

LED Display Panel

Fix installation, wall mounted, magnetic front installations, customized structure

Pitch: 1.8mm, 2.5mm,3mm,4mm,6mm

Every business nowadays is considering the smart and digital advertising option for the better promotion of their business through these LED screens; especially since they are highly effective and beneficial. But wait! Are you well aware of everything about an advertising LED screen that you should consider before investing in one? If not, there’s nothing to worry about just yet. After all, what are we here for if you have to take all the stress? Don’t get it? Well then, let’s go ahead and discover everything about a LED advertising display below in detail.


LCD VS LED Advertising Screen

In the world of digital display, we’ve all heard about the LCDs and the LEDs, right? But do you know how are LCDs nad LED different, and what makes LEDs better for your advertising needs? If not, let’s go ahead and compare the specifications of both these advertising displays.


An LCD is an earlier version of digital display screens that are used in both indoor and outdoor places. Moreover, these screens consist of a series of layers combined like an onion. This makes the sizes of these screens hard to customize, making them available in only limited sizes. This mainly includes size options having an aspect ratio near 16×9.

Other than that, LCDs do have a higher resolution in comparison to LEDs, but such screens (in terms of video walls) also have bezels around each of the displays. This means that the line breaks are visible here.

Moreover, the brightness of an LCD screen is lesser than that of an LED display. Yet, this mostly varies upon the indoor or outdoor usage needs of the display screen.


Now when it comes to an LED display screen, these screens consist of individual pixels that work forth creating a picture itself. Considering this, the pixel pitch of these display screens is a highly important aspect that determines the display quality. Moreover, these screens are also available in all sorts of sizes; depending upon the requirement of the buyer.

Additionally, when it comes to the video wall options, LEDs don’t have visible bezels that make line breaks visible. Hence, you can see a clear and joint image on these screens. Other than that, the brightness of an LED display also ranges from 800-8,500 nits. This makes its brightness a lot more than most LCDs.

Altogether, one can easily say that the LED display serves as a better option for outdoor advertising needs; depending upon their specs that are more suitable for such uses.

OLED vs. LED vs LCD Display: Which is Best Display for You?


Type and Applications of LED Advertising Screen:

Now that you’re on the same route and want to better understand how to make the right decision in buying an Outdoor Advertising LED Screen for your business, it’s important to understand the different types of these screens and their applications. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover that below.



These advertising LED screens are installed inside different buildings. They can target specific audiences that are limited to visit that specific building or indoor location only.


These screens can be installed in any outdoor location, i.e. the exterior of a building, a billboard, outside malls, etc. Moreover, these screens can target a wide variety of audiences, making their ads visible to every passerby.


These types of advertising display that can be easily moved from place to place. This means that they aren’t fixed on any specific wall or location, and hence, they can be installed as a stand-alone screen indoors or outdoors locations.


Similar to mobile screens, these advertising screens are also easy to move and manage anywhere. However, you can’t easily consider them as a stand-alone screen. Instead, these screens serve as a poster type LED display that can be fixed on any indoor or outdoor wall; while being small.

LED Poster Screen Vs. Common Advertising LED Screens?

Fixed advertising:

As the name suggests, these screens are often found in medium sizes and can be a fixed advertising source for your business or brand. This means that they can be installed on a specific location, i.e. on the exterior surface or your business corporate building, and they can’t be moved or replaced easily. Hence, they serve as a fixed advertising setting.


The different places where a LED advertising screen is installed are:



Business buildings




Various outdoor locations, etc.

LED Advertising Screen ROI:

While investing in anything for your business improvements, considering the ROI of your investment is a highly important and prestigious step. Since facing loss in business is the last thing anyone would want to do, making investments becomes easier when you first consider the ROI of our investment.

Here, it’s also important to understand the ROI of investing in an advertising LED screen; which is, most profitable for companies/corporations. It’s mainly because digital billboards have advanced technologies to setup up production content through computers, so there’s no production cost. Hence, the only investment here other than the LED screen is the payment for the flights of the display. Once you have it installed, the LED advertising screen ROI is sure to add more value to your investment and business; without demanding any more additional investments (especially in comparison to traditional boards).


How to Become a Successful LED Display Distributor and Reseller

How to Make Money with Digital Outdoor LED Billboards?

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying a LED Screen:

Once we’ve discussed all the important factors on LED advertising display and what you should know before investing in one, it’s time to move further. Here, you should also learn and understand all the questions that you should ask yourself before investing in any LED display.

Now if you ask the right questions to yourself, there are greater chances that you will invest in the most reliable and long-term befitting LED display for your business. To do this, some effective and important questions you can consider include:

Are you earning through your advertising display?

Do you want it indoors or outdoors?

Would a floor display meet your needs, or a corner screen would?

Should it be temporarily installed or permanent?

Should the panels of the display screen be exposed in front of the sunlight?

What optimum viewing distance and pixel pitch will meet your installation area demands?

How much should the resolution and ratio be? (According to the content and location requirements)

What environmental restrictions should be obeyed by the LED displays?

Are you getting the right manufacturer’s commitment and a 24/7 technical service?

Are you fully satisfied with the display screen you have chosen for your business’s advertising?

Why do you need an Advertising LED Screen?

Firstly, when it comes to considering an investment in an outdoor advertising LED screen, it’s highly important to understand why you need to make this investment. This mainly refers to the benefits that came along with an advertising LED screen. This way, when you know the key benefits f this method of advertisement, you’ll know why it is important for your business and brand promotion.

Now for a clearer view on that, let’s go ahead and discover some of the major benefits of LED advertising display below.

They have attention-grabbing displays:

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of LED advertising screens. Since these screens have a bright and vivid display result, they can easily grab every viewer’s attention at first glance. So whether you set your display screen in the corner of a traffic-packed road or any event/festival; the bright dynamic display would surely make each passerby stop and pay attention to the ads you’ll promote on the screen. This is certainly going to make the viewer more attracted to your content and brand; making them remember and invest in it in the future.

Variety of Content Uploading:

The advanced technology of LED advertising screens comes along with unique opportunities for creating and setting video content. This means that you easily choose to display and set various contents for different designated times.

Hence, whether you want to portray your business promotions in two different ways, or you want to promote every single product in your latest brand collection, you can choose the shuffle the ads and messages on the screen throughout the day. This way, every single one of the passerby and viewer of your advertising display will be able to view different content, making them choose what they’re interested in and act upon those messages. Moreover, running the same message or ad repeatedly can make a viewer bored and irritated with your brand messages. So instead, a variety is enough to keep them curious to know what’s more in store for them; especially when you want to target different types of audiences with different content types.

How to Buy and Manage Program Outdoor LED Signs?

You Can Operate Easily:

Since the digital advertising LED screens are an advanced technology used to advertise any brand or product, it’s the method of usage is also advance. Here, what we mean is the ease of operation while using an advertising LED display. Since this technology can be operated only using a Wi-Fi connection, it isn’t hard to remotely control numerous billboards just with a single click (wherever you are). Moreover, if you have specific content that is designed for the audience of a specific region and wants to run it in a different region o target more audiences; you only have to upload the ad in the software and everything’s ready. Sounds like an easy and smart advertising method, right?

Controlling Your Message:

While promoting a brand or event on digital screens, you have the ease of completely controlling the message that is portrayed on the display. This means that depending on the LED screens installation location and the type of event where you set up the billboards; you can easily control the type of content or message that should be portrayed. This way, the right message can be displayed in the right event; making more target audiences get engaged with your business message.

Different Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Led Display?

Least Need of Maintenance:

Since a digital LED advertising display is highly resistant to damage, it may need the least maintenance. This simply means that these LED displays are manufactured with materials that ensure their durability; making them withstand the changes of time and weather. Hence, you don’t have to frequently invest in the maintenance of these screens. This is another huge reason that has made these latest technologies of LED screens more demanded and reliable for advertising in various countries.

Advertising LED Screen FAQS:

Is it possible to purchase a Custom Size giant advertising screen?

Since LED advertising displays are easy to customize in different sizes, you can surely have your own chosen custom-sized giant screen. This simply means that there are no shape, dimension, or even definition limits when it comes to an LED display.

Is it possible to visualize a Video on the LED advertising display?

LED display screens come with the main application field that works forth live visualization. This is beneficial for advertising in concerts, sports events, and even TV shows. All you have to do is understand the criteria of better and reliable video resolution methods so that you can do it on your own.

Can you see the images on both sides of a LED sreen?

This isn’t possible on a single LED advertising screen. Since LEDs are mounted on a printed circuit, which is fixed on only one side of the display, you can only view images on that specific side. However, to view on both sides, you can get two screens that may stand against each other and make it possible to view images on both sides.

With all that we’ve discussed above, there’s hardly anything left for you to re-think or get confused about, right? So what’s the wait for now? Go ahead, invest in the perfect Outdoor Advertising LED Screen for your business, and make the most out of it!

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