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500 x 500mm VS 500 x 1000mm Rental LED Display Panel

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An LED display panel is quite appealing to attract more and better customers towards your business. The appealing and attractive graphical appearance of your business on a LED screen is certainly one of the best ways you can perform the promotion and commercialism. But other than having a fixed display panel, there is always an option of having a rental LED display panel too. Not familiar with it? Let’s discuss it in detail then.

500 x 500mm VS 500 x 1000mm Rental LED Display Panel 1

Rental LED Display Panel:

A rental LED display panel is certainly better than a fixed LED display panel. One of the major reasons for having a rental LED display is to avail a high-quality and easy-to-use result out of it. This is because the fixed LED display panels tend to be more suitable for just a specific location, they can’t be moved, and they take quite some time and effort to be installed. However, a rental one can serve you with just the opposite.

But all this is just about the benefit of a rental LED display panel and how it serves you as an efficient option. Now, what about the size of a rental LED display? That’s also a highly important and critical aspect of promoting your business with an indoor or outdoor LED display. Now to help you understand the different sizes/measurements – let’s go ahead and discuss it below.

Different Sizes of LED Display Panel:

Talking about the different sizes of a rental LED display panels, the most common and widely used le display sizes are either 500mm rental LED panel or 1000mm rental LED panel are some that would surely come your way when hiring a rental LED display panel. The role of either the 500mm rental LED panel or the 1000mm rental LED panel simply depends on how easily viewable these display panels are; according to your installing location.

But that’s certainly not all to it, as there can be more features that differ in both these sizes of a rental LED display panel. This may include the installation ease, the graphical result, the usage of each of the sizes; and much more. So to help you figure out which one is more suitable according to your needs, let’s discuss some beneficial features that come along with a 1000mm rental LED panel and a 500mm rental LED panel.

Beneficial Features of Different Sizes:

500 x 500mm Rental LED Panel

Having a 500mm rental LED panel can be quite suitable for outdoor needs and usages. These rental LED displays are frequently and widely used in indoor led display events,stage, concert, show, banquet, wedding stage screen background, public advertising; and other similar commercial needs. Precisely, you can use these display panels for any outdoor needs including commercial advertising, live broadcast needs, or rental business. Some of the benefits that come along with a 500mm display panel include;

  • Most of these LED displays consist of a wide view angle of 40 degrees for both the vertical and horizontal sides.
  • Frequently, a 500mm LED display panel consists of a 50000 hours life span – which makes it highly suitable for longer commercial usage.
  • You can avail a close view distance of these displays and surely avail a quality performance out of them.
  • The rental design of these displays makes them extremely easy to install anywhere by simply hanging or fixing anywhere without using tools.
  • These display panels serve as a silent LED display option; making them a healthy option for your environment – while also being quick to maintain.

500 x 1000mm Rental LED Panel

A 1000mm rental LED panel is a highly suitable and preferred advertisement option for both indoor and outdoor needs. Now, these can be a bit small in dimension measurements, but they serve as a perfect high brightness LED display panel option that can serve your customers with an extremely clear view under the sun. Some other benefits include:

  • A 1000mm rental LED panel comes with a design of a decent flat appearance; being easy to carry and fit anywhere. This also adds a prestigious touch to the rental LED display panel.
  • Most of these LED display panels come with a die-casting aluminum molding; making them a lot more advanced and a lightweight option for your business promotion.
  • With the help of its ultra-thin rental cabinet, the joint stacking feature, and fast locks; you can easily and quickly set up and install these display panels.
  • Finally, the high definition and quality of display effect of a 1000mm rental LED panel give an appealing and attractive look for a large distance; whether the panel is installed under the sun or indoors.

DOITVISION’s 500 x500 and 500* 1000mm Rental LED Panel Solution

Lite Series ersatile LED panel with 500/1000mm optional are pecially designed for Indoor& outdoor large size LED rental installation.

doitvision lite led rental panel
Panel Size– 500x500mm
– 500x1000mm
MaterialAluminum die-casting panel
DesignModular design featuring LED module, panel, and power box for quick replacement and easy setup and dismantle.
Mix-Match UseBoth types of panels (500x500mm and 500x1000mm) can be used together, both horizontally and vertically, allowing for flexible size configurations including half-height sizes.
Flexible Installation– Built-in curve locking system for concave & convex curves at any pixel pitch.
– 360-degree circle shape installation with a minimum diameter of 2.5 meters using 16 panels.
– 90-degree right angle installation with 45-degree CNC edges.
Hanging & StackingCustomizable stacking for ground installation. Available 0.5m / 1m length iron / aluminum hanging bars for various installation needs.

If you need more 500*500mm rental LED solutions, you can also visit our Matrix series and R500 series.


Now the different sizes of a LED display panel don’t do much difference when it comes to performing the job efficiently, as it all depends upon the quality of a display panel and the led display manufacturer you’re trusting. But when it comes to figuring out whether a 500mm rental LED panel is suitable or a 1000mm rental LED panel is preferred – one can easily determine it according to their usage needs.

Since both of the sizes/measurements of a display provide you with an efficient display in different locations. Hence, you can’t just blindly go with what appeals to you more. So make sure you choose smartly!

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